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Awe Inspiring Moon Photos

A full moon sends everyone a little crazy, but capturing good moon photos is an extremely difficult photography art to master. A well done photograph of the moon can add atmosphere to a photo like nothing else, but most shots of the moon tend to be bland and disappointing.
So we decided to go and see what we could find in terms of fantastic moon photography.
Once again, the good Creative Common folks from Flickr have produces some exceptional photos of what is really an over-done, but usually poorly-done subject. They certainly seem to buck the average trend with these awe inspiring moon photos.
As always, you can find some more information at the end of the post about photographing the moon and how it should be done to produce results like these.

The bird and the moon II[/url] by Luz Adriana Villa A.[/url], on FlickrFull Moon Over Xi'an[/url] by Dave Morrow's Custom Creations[/url], on Flickr
Starry Night [Explored][/url] by Dave Morrow's Custom Creations[/url], on Flickr
the bird and the moon week[/url] by Luz Adriana Villa A.[/url], on Flickr
Moon Rise behind the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm[/url] by Caveman Chuck Coker[/url], on Flickr
Buddha Moon – Buddha Stones[/url] by h.koppdelaney[/url], on Flickr
Pilgrim with Donkey[/url] by h.koppdelaney[/url], on Flickr
harvest moon ducks[/url] by joiseyshowaa[/url], on Flickr
the sun's out in the night on my request[/url] by notsogoodphotography[/url], on Flickr
Desert Moon Rising[/url] by Josh Sommers[/url], on Flickr
Reach[/url] by aussiegall[/url], on Flickr
Destination[/url] by James Jordan[/url], on Flickr

We're sure you will agree after seeing these photos that moon photography is a facet of this skill that you might like to learn someday!

Tutorials on Lunar Photography (Note – Some are on moons as part of a landscape and others are on moon photos exclusively):

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