Dry Mud? Cool Photos


Getting interesting foregrounds into landscapes is not always easy. One of the ways to make a foreground look great, however, is to look for dried out riverbeds or lakes. As you can see from this collection, dried mud can make for some awesome shots, whether as part of a wider landscape picture or as the primary subject.

Desert Moon Rising

Photo by Josh Sommers

At World's End

Photo by Code Poet

Salinas Grandes in the morning

Photo by Ostrosky Photos

Vroom Vroom - Racetrack Playa

Photo by Arno Gourdol

Old Age

Photo by Beni Ishaque Luthor

the skin of the earth

Photo by DanielJames

La vida continua

Photo by Uriel Akira

Dusty horns

Photo by DazMSmith


Photo by woowoowoo


Photo by Mr Phil Price


Photo by Anuradha

Dry Wash

Photo by Danny McL

Mud lava

Photo by Zealus

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann


Photo by Travis S.


Photo by Timmy Toucan

Photo by Abhishek Pawar

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Some really beautiful photos here. Especially appreciated as I was having a conversation about the honeycomb effect last night and saw these todays purely by chance.

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