NEMO is a Drone Capable of Underwater Diving Up to 100 Meters


We bring you plenty of tales of drones conquering the air but what about drones under the sea?

NEMO hopes to make that next frontier a reality with its underwater-capable drone that can dive up to 100 meters deep according to the Kickstarter behind the project.

But that’s not all – the NEMO hopes to marry these capabilities with photo and video capture devices in a real tour-de-fore in a completely unique and competitively priced offering in the consumer drone category.

Image via NEMO Kickstarter.

It promises stable shots, so no need to worry about the waves messing up your video as well as a 4K camera to capture it all. Another awesome feature sure to have diving enthusiasts salivating is the VR Goggles which allow the user to see exactly what the drone sees underwater. How’s that for a unique drone?

Of course, the team is also promising a long battery life as well as a modular system for swapping out power packs.

Bold claims, to be sure, so what is the Kickstarter promising will deliver on these capabilities?

For backers of the project, the basic kit, costing $USD 999, will get you a smartphone app to use for controlling the drone, the private WiFi connection, the NEMO drone, 1 battery and a 30m tethering cable, the retail cost of which will be an estimated $1799.

That’s pretty expensive, but don’t worry – this isn’t some pie in the sky dream project without testing or prototypes. NEMO has videos of real-life usage and reactions from those same users so you can judge for yourself if this is something for you.

The team behind NEMO is shooting for a delivery date of July 2018 pending the successful completion of their Kickstarter project this May. You’ve got a few more days to support it if you’d like to do so and you can do that by clicking here.

Image via NEMO Kickstarter.

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