New 8-Core MacBook Pro Chews Through Photoshop Like Never Before


It’s a rare moment when working with any Adobe product on a laptop is a pleasant experience – let alone using Photoshop (or forbid Premiere Pro).

That’s all about to change according to early reports about the new 8-core MacBook Pro coming from Apple.

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Photo by Caio Resende

From what we can tell, people are saying that it is at least 75% faster at PhotoShop than the quad-core MacBook Pro. Apple also said that Adobe users will see at least a “50% performance increase when doing RAW image imports in Lightroom Classic CC with Smart Previews” according to PetaPixel.

“Apple updated MacBook Pro with faster 8th- and 9th-generation Intel Core processors, bringing eight cores to MacBook Pro for the first time…MacBook Pro now delivers two times faster performance than a quad-core MacBook Pro and 40 percent more performance than a 6-core MacBook Pro, making it the fastest Mac notebook ever,” Apple said of the new laptop.

Of course, the laptop doesn’t deviate from previous generations in terms of design but does come with a host of features that might be of interest to photographers. That includes their Retina display, Force Touch touchpad, and SSD storage, among other things.

Being an Apple laptop, though, all of this isn’t going to come cheap.

And at a starting price of $USD 2,799 this laptop is anything but inexpensive. Body colors include Silver and Space Grey which, while not as exciting as the various iPhone shades, are pretty much standard Apple at this point.

Nonetheless, it seems to offer a major speed boost over the previous generation is most likely a de rigueur purchase for hardcore Apple fans.

Do you use Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup? What do you think about this upgrade? Is it something that would appeal to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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The only problem is that PetaPixel did not do any bench marking. They just grab the data which Apple provides on the marketing page for MacBook Pro.

I would like to see some real use stats from an independent publisher. I wonder how the CPU would handle a large Lightroom import. Would there be any thermal throttling?

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