New Algorithm Transforms Blurred Photos Into Moving Videos


Some of our favorites stories are about all of the new photo manipulation techniques that are becoming possible because of research and development.

Alex Powell from Pexels.

Whether it is transforming the weather in a photograph or generating a fake real person’s face from hundreds of thousands of composites, the ability to computers and photography to generate exciting – even scary – new things is just an irresistible topic for us.

That’s probably why this algorithm that transforms motion-blurred photographs into moving video caught our eye.

Not only has this team developed something that turns motion blurred photos into video but also they think that it has application in generating 3D models from the photos as well.

In a paper to be presented at the International Conference on Computer Vision, researcher Guha Balakrishnan says that the algorithm developed helps recover two “lost” data points inherent in every photograph which he says collapses four major points of data, including time, into two.

The algorithm helps recreate the pattern that resulted in the photograph which in turn recreates the motion that led to the end result.

The example offered by the team shows a person walking which is extrapolated from a motion blur image of the same action. As PetaPixel points out, the second application that the team discussed – the option of generating a 3D image from a 2D photograph – might have some application in medical imaging.

One referenced is a 2D X-Ray as opposed to a very expensive CT scan.

As referenced in the opening, we have covered other reports about technology of a similar nature to this so it seems like this is a major area of interest for research at the current moment.

What is still left to the imagination is just how photographers might make use of this one day.

Do you have any ideas?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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