New F/1 Lens for Mirrorless Cameras from Fujifilm


Groundbreaking news from Fujifilm yesterday as the Japanese optics manufacturer unveiled its world-first XF33mm F1 R, a f/1 lens for mirrorless cameras and a first for the industry.

Would you expect anything less during one of the world’s premier optics trade shows? Of course not, but no one was really expecting anything quite like this.

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Revealed during Fuji’s presentation at Photokina 2018, Fujifilm’s new XF33mm F1 R was part of the X-Mount series of lenses and lists itself as a 33mm prime lens with a maximum aperture opening of f/1 with autofocus. That’s absolutely bonkers by any standard and the new XF33mm F1 R would exist largely in a universe of its own creation with only one previous example of this kind of lens being previously released to the consumer market.

As The Verge points out, prior to the reveal of the new Fuji XF33mm F1 R the Canon 50mm f/1 lens had an f/1 aperture and it came out all the way back in 1989. It also had an autofocus feature. Naturally, this is off the market now.

In terms of pricing and availability Fuji was largely mum on specifics but hints point to a release time frame sometime in 2020.

And about that price? Well, you know what they say, if you have to ask…

But seriously nothing specific about pricing is out there as of press but we expect it won’t be cheap. After all, when you occupy a market you create for yourself you will either be able to charge astronomically high rates or bottom-of-the-barrel prices depending on demand. Given that this is a Fuji product, you can probably guess where the demand for the XF33mm F1 R will be on the graph. When more concrete details are available we will naturally bring them to you right away.

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