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The New “Kodak MINI Shot 10MP” Prints Tiny Instant Photos

By Kehl Bayern / December 11, 2017

Instant film cameras are making a comeback on the market and Kodak looks set to join the game with its new MINI Shot 10MP.

The Kodak MINI Shot Instant Shot 10MP is part of Kodak’s expanded instant film camera offerings and produces small card-sized prints on 4Pass photo paper using a point-and-shoot camera setup.

The device comes in a bright, school-bus yellow, white, or black colors and features Bluetooth connectivity for transferring photos to Android or iOS with the Kodak MINI Shot photo app.

Using the companion Kodak MINI Shot photo app users can make small alterations to their photos such as filters, stickers, use of card templates, as well as previewing images.

Image via Amazon.com.

According to DP Review, “previews are possible in-camera, as well, via the Mini Shot Instant's 1.7-inch LCD viewfinder. The camera offers gamma color control, auto focus, white balance, and exposure control.”

Users will have a selection of two different photo papers to print on: a rectangular 2.1 x 3.4-inch format and square 2.1 x 2.1-inch format featuring adhesive backing.

4Pass photo paper will be available in packs of 50 for $35 a pack and the camera comes with an 8 pack all-in-one print cartridge. The Kodak MINI Shot 10 MP is currently retailing on Amazon.com for $USD 100.

Speaking on the resurgence of print-on-demand cameras, Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke said in a press release: “There is a resurgence for ‘instant-print’ photography, and the demand for affordable and versatile products is massive. The release of the KODAK Mini Shot and recent launch of the KODAK PRINTOMATIC Cameras are a continuation of Kodak’s commitment to instant printing and represent just the beginning of the Instant Print Solutions Kodak plans to bring to market. We are fully committed to growing a diverse product portfolio and investing in the instant photography business.”

Pick up a Kodak Mini SHOT here.

Image via Amazon.com.

Image via Amazon.com.


Pick up a Kodak Mini SHOT here.


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