A New Manual 35mm SLR System? Meet the Reflex I Camera


Reflex has promised to bring back the analogue SLR camera with its new Reflex I Kickstarter project.

The Reflex I camera system is what DP Review calls the “first new manual 35mm SLR design in decades” and what Reflex claims is “the first update on a manual 35mm SLR camera system in over 25 years.”

Bold claims, so what exactly does this Kickstarter project offer for backers and prospective customers?

The Reflex I is a modern redesign of the classic SLR 35mm camera, utilizing a modular form factor that amalgamates current mechanical and electrical engineering with the timeless execution of the analogue cameras of yesteryear.

The camera’s modular system offers the photographer a range of customization options including an interchangeable film back and lens mount. The Reflex I camera will be capable of using legacy lenses as well as new, 3D-printed custom components and third-party accessories.

To facilitate customization, Reflex plans on releasing the electronic and hardware designs for the camera once it is available on the market.

Reflex I Image via Kickstarter.

The design includes an I-Plate as well as a universal M42 lens mount.

Reflex promises that other mounts compatible with Nikon F, Olympus OM, Canon FD, and Pentax PK lenses will also work.

The interchangeable I-Back will allow for preloading film as well as quick film swapping while on a photo shoot. Other modern features will be added as funding for the project increases, according to the Kickstarter page.

The Reflex I, in a first for analogue cameras, has an integrated flash and a continuous LED lighting source with three different levels of intensity available.

If funding goals are achieved, Reflex plans on creating a companion app for the camera system that will log each photo’s information for the photographer to recreate in future shoots.

Early adopters who pledge at least $USD 458 will receive a Reflex I camera unit, with shipments estimated to begin in August 2018.

Here is a list of the Reflex I camera system’s features from its Kickstarter page:

Type: Single Lens Reflex Camera
Format: 135 film, 35mm/FF
System: Reflex RM
Lens Mount: Reflex I-Plate (in M42, Nikon F, Canon FD, Olympus OM, Pentax PK)
Focus: Manual
Film Loading: Reflex I-Back
Film Advance/Rewind: Manual
Exposure: Manual – Aperture Priority (+ 4 stops EV)
DOF inverted preview
Shutter Speeds: 1s – 1/4000th, Time and Bulb
Metering: AV + Spot + 4 stops EV
ISO: 25-6400
Controller: Arduino based modular design
Connectivity: Bluetooth (BLE) enabled
Body: Magnesium Alloy
Weight: 490g
Dimensions: 134mm x 74.5mm x 34mm
Electronic system: 5v Ion Lithium rechargeable via USB-C
Resolution: Zero Megapixels

You can check out the Reflex I Kickstarter page by clicking here.

Reflex I Image via Kickstarter.
Reflex I Image via Kickstarter.
Reflex I Image via Kickstarter.
Reflex I Image via Kickstarter.

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