NFTs Now Available in More Than 100 Countries on Instagram


The NFT revolution is rolling out to 100 more countries as Instagram expands its support for the new format.

Green On and Red Off slider NFT switches
On and Off NFT switches. Photo by Arthur Mazi

While the broader market for NFTs experiences a downturn, NFTs on social media shows no sign of slowing down although, we have to admit, some of these features are a little bit late to the party compared with Twitter’s aggressive support for the format.

And the features include pretty much everything anyone has ever wanted…with one notable exception.

Users can add NFTs to messages, stories, and on the profile picture as well as feed – all with automatic attribution to the original creator – but Meta has opted to not introduce a marketplace for NFTs on the service…at least not yet.

Could that happen? Some analysts seem to think that is inevitable if the format continues to grow in popularity.

Engadget reports that Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg, to commemorate the occasion, gifted Allie Tarantino, a camp counselor from his youth, that features the young Facebook guru as a young baseball player. Tarantino plans on selling both the card and the NFT.

To make all of this happen, Instagram integrated third-party wallets such as Coinbase as well as Dapper, Engadget reports. In addition to those two, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow, and Flow support is also baked into the NFT features.

We’ve covered the NFT revolution pretty much from the beginning and, even this far on, there seems to be no real consensus about it. Beeple’s massive sale of his digital assets certainly made huge headlines back in the day, but things have certainly tapered off since then as the format has supposedly grown in popularity and gained broader acceptance.

What are your thoughts on NFTs? Let us know in the comments.

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