Nikon’s 100th Year Anniversary Video is.. Well… Epic


While online, it is universally known that Kung Fury is the greatest video ever made, Nikon is laying a serious claim to the crown with their 100 Year anniversary video.

July 25th will mark the big date for the company which was founded as Nippon Kogaku KK in 1917 and few would dispute that the Nikon company has had some amazing achievements in the field of photography.

But did you know they invented the first microscope? Me neither! This – and there is no other word for it – “epic” video has quite a few little gems like that! It goes through a lot of uses of Nikon gear that you may not have known about, from arctic explorers through to astronauts and deep see divers.

The video… you have to watch it, even if you're not a Nikon shooter. Turn up the volume, put it on full screen and sit back.

And after you have taken a look, head on over to the official 100th anniversary site that Nikon has put up – it's actually quite interesting for photography history nuts like us.

In all seriousness though, Nikon's contribution to our field of photography is amongst the most amazing of any company.

Happy birthday, Nikon.

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I may have missed the sarcasm but Nikon designed their first microscope in 1925, there were microscopes for at least 300 years before then.

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