Nikon Shutters Two Lens Factories As Realities of Modern Camera Market Continue to Hit Home


More sad news from Nikon as two more factories face closure due to shrinking demand in the consumer market.

Photo by Irina Iriser from Pexels.

Nikon will close a plant in Yamagata prefecture and Fukushima prefecture, in Nagai City and Tadami Town respectively, the produce interchangeable lenses for the company’s digital cameras. Employees of the two plants will be asked to consolidate with the Otawara City factory. 

In a statement, Nikon said, “We will ask 108 employees working at the Nagai factory and 54 employees at the Aizu factory to move to the factory in Otawara City, and if it is difficult to move, we will support reemployment. The site of the Nagai factory will be sold, and the site of the Aizu factory will be returned to the local government.”

As PetaPixel points out, these actions are likely part of the company’s drive to reduce overhead costs by some 59%

This news also follows reports we brought you that the company would be shifting its production from Japan to Thailand, ending an era for both the company and its fans. While Nikon is not unique in its struggles, its story has nonetheless garnered a lot of attention simply because so many people are speculating on the future of the company in general and whether or not the camera division will be spun off entirely. 

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