No More Cropped Photos on Web-Based Twitter Feeds!


Twitter’s made a raft of changes to make its platform more appealing to photographers, and their latest move is just more in that vein.

gold Apple iPhone 6s displaying Twitter logo
Photo by Sara Kurfeß

Now users will no longer find cropped photos in their feed when using Twitter on the web. If you’re thinking “hey didn’t they already do this?” you would be correct but, apparently, the change was never applied to the web format and now it is.

Of course, the earlier update to the app was more squarely aimed at Instagram as that platform is just now enabling some pretty basic web-based functions. Still, the changes came right on the heels of Instagram’s brass making waves with their proclamation that video, not photography, was the future of the platform. Twitter stepped in during this period and started to present its bona fides as well as long-term potential as a replacement service.

Of course, as many people are noticing, this kind of convergence isn’t really strange in social media. Instagram, for its part, is quick to pick up on popular features that competitors offer and Twitter looks like it is no different. Whether people start using it for photography is another thing entirely but it’s great to have the option.

And, for the most part, Twitter has largely avoided the controversies that bedevil Facebook currently, not least among which include hosting harmful content and even accusations of human trafficking.

What do you think of Twitter as a platform for photography? Have you used it to showcase your work? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter as a platform for photography in the comments below.

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