Not Again! Huawei Caught Using DSLR Pics to Show Off Smartphone Camera Capabilities


The upcoming Huawei P30 flagship smartphone has dominated a lot of the talk about upcoming headsets of late.

So you would think that the company would feel quite secure in its marketing efforts to both get the word out about the phone as well as convince a skeptical public that it is worth their time.

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But, if you’re Huawei, dominating the trendlines isn’t enough and you have to go that extra mile with your new smartphone’s camera. In this case, as in times past, that involves using a DSLR image that marketing then tries to pass off as a smartphone capture.

And each and every time, they get caught. Why are they doing this to themselves?

That’s what everyone is wondering after reading The Verge’s report, “Huawei caught faking photos again, this time for the upcoming P30 Pro.”

Although the compulsion will probably remain a mystery, the hype behind the smartphone is very real. What this means in translation is that a lot of people are paying attention to its marketing. It was only a matter of time before someone noticed that, hey, that looks like a DSLR photo…

It’s actually a little more sad than that, though.

As The Verge enumerates, “To make an embarrassing situation even worse, it turns out some of the photos uploaded to Huawei’s official Weibo account were stock photos and not their own original DSLR shots.”

Continuing, “As GadgetMatch found out by doing a reverse image search, a photograph featuring a young child that was supposedly shot on the P30 Pro is eerily similar (i.e. identical) to a photo originally from someone’s portfolio posted back in 2009. Another fake image sample that featured an erupting volcano turned out to be a stock image from Getty Images”

As we reported in the past, Huawei is no stranger to this practice.

Nonetheless, the controversy hasn’t dented interest in the upcoming smartphone which promises to be one of the premier launches of the year.

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