NOTICE: You Can Now Disallow Embeds on Instagram


Instagram users just got a major win in terms of request features that help protect photographers’ and creators’ work from misuse and misappropriation through the embedding tool.

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To prevent embedding of content before this update, a user had to make the Instagram account private. Now, public accounts can forbid embeds in what is being hailed by many, including the American Society of Media Photographers, as a huge win when it comes to protecting creative work and the rights associated with it.

You can learn more about turning off embedding on your Instagram account at this link right here.

Readers of this blog will likely recall a court case not too long ago that, in essence, argued the embedding tool was a way for people to use content without compensation or even asking for permission in the first place.

There were also concerns about the wording of the Instagram terms themselves, particularly when it came to embedding and public accounts.

The National Press Photographers Association (NPAA) joined the AMP in praising the changes made by Instagram, with both organizations noting the number of embed-related cases the platform is facing in court and how this will go a long way towards eliminating that issue.

NPPA General Counsel Mickey H. Osterreicher said in a statement: “NPPA believes this change is extremely important given all the lawsuits regarding embedding. We hope photographers will take advantage of this feature. We also expect that publications will cease trying to circumvent copyright protections by claiming they have a right to embed images and properly license images from the photographers who often risk their health and safety to make them.”

What do you think of Instagram finally giving users the option to disallow embeds of their publicly shared content? Let us know your thoughts on this update and if you think it will help protect photographers from people using their work without permission in the comments below.

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