Now You Can Manage Your Instagram Account Directly from Your Desktop


Instagram just got a little friendlier for photographers to use with a recent update to the way users can interact with the social media platform via a web browser.

Photo by Cottonbro
from Pexels.

While you could view photos and content in the past, you weren’t able to upload it from your web browser. You needed your phone to do that.

For most photographers who don’t use their smartphone as their primary method of capturing the world around us, this meant a workflow that involved sending photos from a camera to an intermediary device such as cloud storage and then back to their smartphone from which they could post the photo along with whatever caption they could come up with on the spot.

Those days are now over. You can do pretty much everything but schedule or post an ad or fundraiser on Instagram’s web-based portal. Hopefully, those two features are right around the corner.

You should notice the addition of a “+” sign inside of a square at the top of the screen when you visit while logged into your account. That’s how you start the process of uploading photos from your hard drive to Instagram. You’ll have access to all of the filters and options you would normally have on the app just in a web-based format.

Thanks to FStoppers for making us aware of this recent change!

Does Instagram’s new web-based functionality make you more likely to use it? Which method of uploading pictures would you prefer to use? Let us know what you think of Instagram’s recent changes in the comments below.

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Hi Kehl, thank you for the interesting insight. I’ll test that asap. Just a comment about not being able to upload in Instagram from the web-browser which is not entirely correct. True is that you e.g. can’t when using the browser in Windows with it’s native user agent. But already now you could use it with a little trick, in my case, the Firefox add-on User-Agent Switcher, switch to Android and have the possibility to create IG posts like on your phone and then switch back again. That’s how I do it for a long time already…

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