Now You Can Mute The Drama On Instagram By Silencing Those Annoying Accounts


Par for the course on social media are fights born out of overblown minutiae and endless drama surrounding people’s lives, beliefs, politics, or what have you.

Whether it is an endless stream of intentionally inflammatory posts from “that friend” on Facebook or the latest Twitter saga, social media is rife with a lot of noise and much of it is no good at all.

But the options for users to drown out all of the vitriol, anger, and inanity are often few and quite extreme, to say the least. Before Facebook’s unfollow option, you usually had to defriend Aunt Debbie Downer or block her entirely.

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Instagram has been slow on the uptake for this feature but has rolled out what they are calling a “mute” function that basically works the same way that Facebook’s “Unfollow” mode does.

Unfollowing on Instagram works a bit differently – that’s the same as Facebook’s “Unfriend” option and, for some people, that’s a bit extreme.

The second way to get rid of an annoying stream of noise?

Block the person, the most extreme option of all on social media (but honestly one that we all probably use a lot more than we’d care to admit).

Instagram’s mute option retains the friendship sans all of that content you just don’t care to see in your feed.

Of course, when you mute someone they won’t know that you have done so. Just go to the user’s profile page that you wish to mute, select the ellipsis, and then choose the option to mute the user.

The mute option is part of a broader set of changes that Instagram has brought to the service of late to improve the experience for its users, Among those changes include a switch from a chronological to an algorithmic display as well as the addition of following certain hashtags.

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