NVIDIA and Adobe Detail Collaboration on AI Technology for Photoshop


We’ve discussed AI technology a lot on this blog recently, and for good reason.

Photo by Nana Dua from Pexels.

It is not only changing the way photographs are edited but it is even capable of generating scenes that look real but are not.

There is also AI technology capable of identifying and assigning metadata to media images. In other words, AI is learning how to look at and interpret objects in photographs. It is even moving beyond this conceptualization of objects within photographs to being able to generate its own composite of that object using its learned examples.

So it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that NVIDIA, one of the world’s leading chipset manufacturers, and Adobe, the company that has made its name in digital media editing and production, teamed up to develop some of Photoshop’s newer features such as Neural Filters, Photo Focus reports.

Part of a raft of changes coming to Adobe with its latest round of updates, the features (which include something called a smart portrait filter as well) utilize NVIDIA’s StyleGAN2 technology. Naturally, this optimized to run on NVIDIA’s own products like their RTX graphical processing units (GPUs). NVIDIA has also worked with Adobe on their GPU-accelerated decoding in Premiere Pro that helps make everything faster when using systems that have the aforementioned RTX GPU.

None of this information came as a surprise to anyone working in digital media as NVIDIA is quite aggressive with their AI technology deployment and it only makes sense for Adobe to latch onto that.

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