Ohio to Allow Wedding Receptions with 300 Guests Beginning June 1


As the world slowly starts to emerge from the lockdown imposed by governments around the world because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, many people are starting to wonder how the rituals of life will be impacted by the virus.

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There is little doubt that shopping and restaurants are going to be different for some time, but events like weddings and others are not so clear.

The US state of Ohio is reportedly allowing weddings and receptions with up to 300 guests starting on June 1.

The guidelines released by the state include social distancing of up to six feet where possible and barriers being set up to help guide people.

In addition to this, frequent-touch surfaces need to be cleaned frequently and employees need to wear face masks while performing their tasks. Guests are also asked to wear a face mask if possible. Open areas where guests could gather in large groups are to be closed off.

“We recognize that there are a lot of weddings and events that are important to people’s lives that can and should go on…We are just asking that it be done safely—as safely as possible—to avoid the spread of the virus,” Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted said in a briefing on the reopening.

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What do you think of Ohio’s plan to allow for large wedding receptions starting on June 1?

Smart move (and desperately needed) or too soon (and dangerous)? What’s lockdown like where you are? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below if you like.

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