Olympus Patents for High-Performance Drone Cameras Uncovered


Olympus does a great job of grabbing the headlines and, this time, it isn’t to deny rumors that they’re getting rid of their cameras.

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In fact, it’s somewhat the opposite of that. The press has uncovered patents that point to Olympus possibly developing a drone with a camera on it. That’s quite far away from getting rid of cameras as many people have worried, and it might also point to that new direction the company was hinting at when it rebutted those rumors.

From the patent filing, “The photographing device improves stability in the moving body [drone] and stability of photographing. Information related to influence on the moving body based on a change in an outer shape and a change in a position of the center of gravity of the photographing device mounted on the moving body is shared by the moving body to improve the stability in the moving body and the stability of photographing.”

In short, the camera and the drone body will work together to make sure the camera gets the best shot possible. All of the component parts described in the filing are described as “high performance” which might be the route that Olympus takes to distinguish their drone from other consumer options on the market. The drone market is extremely competitive and Olympus could meet with some of the same resistance that eventually drove GoPro to abandon the segment. Still, what the patent describes sounds quite interesting.

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