OM Solutions Former Parent Company Olympus Reportedly Considering Sale of Scientific Solutions Division


We brought you news not too long ago about how Olympus’ former consumer camera division finally made the change to OM Solutions.

black and gray Olympus mirrorless camera
Photo by Goh Rhy Yan

Now under new ownership, OM Solutions is already starting to make headlines, giving some Olympus fans some hopes for a bright future under the new moniker.

And now we’re starting to get a clearer picture of the former parent company that still bears the legendary name as Olympus is apparently considering spinning off or selling its Scientific Solutions division.

Photo Rumors reports via a Nikkei article that:

“Olympus announced on the 5th that it will consider selling its scientific business such as microscopes and industrial measuring instruments. Although it is a founding business, it concentrates management resources on its main medical equipment such as endoscopes and treatment equipment. In January, it sold its video business such as digital cameras, accelerating structural reforms.”

What does Olympus Scientific Solutions do?

The website says that the division “provides imaging, instrumentation, and measurement solutions to meet the evolving needs of professionals in the industrial and life sciences sectors. Olympus is a leading supplier of optical and digital microscope systems for life science solutions. Olympus also offers a wide array of industrial solutions, including industrial microscopes and videoscopes, nondestructive testing technology, and x-ray analyzers.”

So, related to camera technology no doubt but towards different application scenarios.

Naturally, we’ll bring you an update on Olympus’ future plans for its Scientific Solutions division when things change.

Are you a fan of Olympus? Will you continue to be so now that they are OM Solutions? Let us know your thoughts on Olympus cameras’ new company and the fate of the broader parent company in the comments below.

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