One App to Rule Them All: Leica Consolidates Their Smartphone Software


If there’s one thing that is more annoying than lugging around multiple bags of gear, it’s fishing through a bunch of different apps to get the full functionality out of your smartphone-connected camera gear.

Photo by Paul Volkmer from Pexels.

Leica has heard this complaint and, in the best interests of its consumers, has decided to consolidate all of that into one big app.

Naturally, as people who work in software development will tell you, the reasons behind a myriad of apps often range from making them easily downloadable to also making them optimal and efficient to run.

Still, that doesn’t stop many of us from asking the question: Why can’t this all be in one app?

The new Leica FOTOS 2.0 app replaces all of the companies current apps and will be its universal hub for this moving forward. FOTOS 2.0 handles everything from data transfer to uploading photos to social media and works somewhat seamlessly with Leica cameras.

Even though the company is consolidating its ecosystem, it will still offer a bifurcation of its audience through the addition of a Pro version of its FOTOS app.

The Pro version includes support for DNG RAW, remote video mode, and integration with Adobe’s Lightroom.

In addition, SLR Lounge reports that it is a “fully integrate app for iPads.” Currently, Leica is offering support for a wide range of cameras and will expand this compatibility over time.

It is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

What do you think? Do you think Leica’s consolidation of its apps is a smart move? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Horrible rip off charging an annual fee for software that should come free with a camera and a huge mistake people may be willing to pay for hand made German quality but software that doesn’t warrant anything resembling something you can charge an annual fee for editing features ?and or cloud features ?”not “BMW just learned that lesson for charging an annual fee on software that wasn’t even made by them I guess greed sometimes takes over rational thought and can cause allot of damage to your brand before you even realize And it makes me want to sell my Leica stuff cause it pisses me off

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