Outsourced Editing Leads to “Crazy Eyes” Wedding Photographs


Wedding photography continues to provide us with some of the best – and most bizarre – stories out there.

Photo by Asdrubal luna

And today’s tale is an excellent example of just that, as well as a warning about outsourcing and failing to check the final product before delivering it to a client.

That said, everything has a happy ending with the client and wedding photographer working together to find a solution to this issue; otherwise, we would have had a pretty tragic, albeit viral, story of wedding photography gone awry.

What happened exactly?

Anaya Ramos-Bridgeford and her husband Jaylen Bridgeford hired a wedding photographer who worked with them throughout their 12-hour-long big day. Everything seemed to be fine, at first, until the couple received the wedding photographs and noticed that something was off with some of the guests’ eyes.

In short, someone had edited the faces of guests with closed eyes, giving them comically dead, cartoonish blinders that completely killed whatever vibe the photograph was capturing.

PetaPixel quotes Anaya’s account where she tells us about the discovery: “

“I then blew the first photo up of me and my bridesmaid and she had edited fake eyes [added] onto her face because she had accidentally blinked!” Ramos-Bridgeford says. “I burst out in laughter because I couldn’t believe my eyes (literally)… my eyes were huge. …I went on to find an additional 10-15 photos with what I called ‘crazy eyes.’”

As we let you know in the beginning, everything here has a somewhat happy ending, with PetaPixel telling us that, according to the newlyweds, even the wedding photographer had a hard time not laughing at the pictures.

“We sat on the phone as I sent him each crazy-eyed photo. He sounded like he was holding back laughter as well.”

You can check out some of the pictures over on PetaPixel’s website at this link right here.

Have you or someone you know had a wedding or event photography snafu? Let us know your story in the comments below.

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