Instagram Pushing Embedding Copyright Argument to Its Limits in Motion to Dismiss Class-Action Lawsuit by Photographers

Instagram just filed a motion to dismiss a class-action lawsuit brought against it by a group of photographers and the argument it uses could push what has carried it this far to its limits. Basically, the lawsuit is about Instagram’s culpability when accounts steal copyrighted images that are subsequently featured on other websites via the […]

Successful Lawsuit Against Buzzfeed Has Potentially Huge Implications for Photography Copyright Infringement Claims Moving Forward

A recent lawsuit victory for a photographer against online publication Buzzfeed could make it easier for photographers to bring forward copyright infringement claims in the future. Gregory Mango’s photo was initially licensed by a person named Gary Parker who was himself at the center of a discrimination lawsuit against New York City at the time, […]

Photographer Wins Lawsuit Against Company Selling Copyright Infringing Products Featuring Her Photos of Keanu Reeves and Madonna

Photographer Deborah Feingold has won her lawsuit against a company that used her photos of celebrities Keanu Reeves and Madonna to sell merchandise. In what is being called a ruling the shows the limits of the “safe harbor portion” of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because RageOn Inc. did not remove the offending user-generated merchandise […]