The Secret of Successful Macro Photography

Macro photography can be some of the most fun and rewarding types there is to shoot, but it can also be the most frustrating.  We’ve already covered how to dominate macro photography and have nearly a dozen articles that relate to macro, but what’s the secret to being successful?  That’s what we’ll explore now. Most […]

19 Tasty Examples of Food Photography

Three or more times a day we put food in front of us and consume it, most all of it tastes good, but some of it is really pretty too.  Food photography is generally a rather specialized field, but anyone can do it with a little practice.  Here’s 19 great examples of food photography. Also, […]

10 Tips for Working with Models

Working with people can be one of the most rewarding things about photography, it can also be one of the most frustrating and painful experiences too.  This guide is designed to give you some tips to work with models, but is applicable to anyone you may shoot, so you get the best photos possible for […]

17 Funky Urban Images

Rural areas are being eaten alive by sprawling urban communities.  Each of these urban environments exemplify their own characteristics, featured here in these 17 funky urban images. With most of us living in an urban environment, it goes to show that there is always something worth photographing and that a talented photographer can find beautiful […]

How to Set Your White Balance Manually

In this article we’ll cover how to properly set a custom white balance manually in your digital camera.  First, a little easy to digest explanation of why you need white balance though.  Light sources emit color in different temperature ranges referred to as kelvin.  Without boring everyone out of their mind, I use this following […]

25 Adorable Animal Photos

Twenty five of the most adorable animal photos you’ve ever seen.  Some domesticated and family friends, others are best viewed at a distance with a long zoom lens, but all are incredibly cute! Photo by mandyxclear Photo by cdrussorusso Photo by mathias-erhart Photo by nouQraz Photo by Klaus the BARRACUDA Photo by boxercab Photo by […]

Should I Use a Monopod or Tripod?

Choosing photography gear is all about knowing how you will use it, where and how often.  Choosing a way to stabilize your camera is no different and in this guide I’ll cover monopods and tripods and help you choose the right one for your shooting style and situation. Monopod Photo by artethgray A monopod, sometimes […]

Do You Make These Embarassing Post Production Mistakes?

Last year we covered photography mistakes, but what about post processing blunders that can leave you forever embarrassed?  Here is a collection of common post production mistakes that can turn you rosy red and how to avoid them. Shooting RAW when you shouldn’t be.  For some reason digital photographers feel the need to always shoot […]

Focus on Composition: The S Curve

Concepts and guides in photography are building blocks to creating and capturing wonderful images.  While the rule of thirds is among the most common building block in composition, the S-curve is also one to be on the look out for. The S-curve can lead into or out of a scene, start at the bottom or […]