19 Impressive Landscape Photos of Cliffs

Many landscape photographers will tell you that it’s difficult to get a bad shot of a cliff in the golden hour. While it’s not quite true, we think these photographs of cliffs are spectacular. photo © 2008 Jay Bergesen | more info (via: Wylio) photo © 2008 Ray Devlin | more info (via: Wylio) photo […]

14 Essential Landscape Photography Tutorials

The theme of landscape photography repeatedly shows up in the most popular posts on Light Stalking and if the proliferation of websites and magazines specifically about landscape is anything to go by, then it is very popular among the wider photography community too. Getting started in landscape need not be a huge exercise – there […]

Poll: What File Format Do You Shoot In?

This week’s poll is obviously for digital camera users and revolves around a seemingly endless debate about the merits or drawbacks of each format. While we have expressed some of our thoughts on the RAW vs. JPG debate before, we would love to know what our readers actually use and why. The absolute short of […]

19 unconventional Shots from London

London Calling, the famous song by The Clash, seems to almost be directed towards photographers.  While iconic architecture is abundant within the city limits, going off the beaten path, or looking within the beaten path for the uncommon can often snag you some simply amazing captures.  So, here’s 19 unconventional shots from London that don’t […]

The Breathtaking Colors of Autumn: 26 Photos

Autumn is a time when a lot of different photographers love to drag out the camera. The colors are spectacular and the subjects varied. With the end of the Northern Hemisphere’s Autumn coming to an end in a couple of weeks, we thought we would explore some of the great shots that folks are coming […]

A Guide to Capturing Autumn Mist

A wonderful subject that many landscape photographers go out of their way to shoot is morning mist. Given the popularity of our mist collection, as well as our fake mist Photoshop tutorial, we thought we might also cover the purists approach to capturing a good shot of mist. photo © 2007 Andy | more info […]

26 Very Cool Caterpillar Photographs

Getting down into the world of macro can introduce a photographer to a whole other world of interesting subjects. Following on from our macro tips on photographing insects, we though we would showcase exactly what people can do when they decide to get close-up. This time with caterpillars which are a fascinating and colorful subject […]