23 Perfectly Timed Shots

Photography is all about capturing the moment but sometimes you get lucky, or have planned out your shot to absolute perfection.  In these cases you get some photographs with perfect timing, being in the right place at the right time with the right eye to push the shutter.  Enjoy these 23 perfectly timed shots. Photo […]

Why You Shouldn’t Say Yes to Every Offer of Photography Work

Starting a career in photography can be an exciting, exhilarating move.  Most photographers have freedom unlike any other traditional job and can book appointments as frequently as they want.  Amateur photographers, that is to say those who don’t get compensated for shooting, usually do so because they enjoy the hobby.  Regardless of where you stand, […]

10 Easy Tips for Great Travel Photography

Travelling is all about the experience, but for us photographers it’s also about capturing the experience and being able to show others and relive the trip ourselves.  Here are 10 tips to to get great photography while you are traveling. Gear Photo by KhE 龙 Less is more, so for DSLR shooters look for a […]

25 Spooky and Creepy Black and White Photos

Black and white photography has always had an appeal and is often referred to as more artsy.  I don’t know why, maybe the lack of color and increased attention to contrast makes black and white photos more broadly appealing, but this set of 25 are just plain spooky. Photo by karlequin Photo by HuTDoG83 Photo […]

23 Images That Make Forests Look Magical

Of all the landscape photography, shots of and within forests seem to be almost forgotten about, or at least take a back seat to other more desirable landscape photography.  There are a few key elements to make a magical forest shot, as seen in these 23 great images below. Sunrise / sunset shooting into the […]

25 Unconventional Animal Shots

Animals are perhaps the second most photographed subject matter behind children and families, perhaps because they are so engaging and bring us so much joy.  Or perhaps it’s just because they can be funny, make us laugh or just help keep us entertained, animals are a wonderful subject to photograph and to admire in photographs.  […]

The Easy Way to Get Rid of Red Eye

I think everyone has seen the dreaded red-eye in photos, mostly effecting those with light eyes and animals.  The red eye effect is caused when the camera’s flash is very close to the camera lens, most commonly seen with point and shoot cameras, this effect is purely a photographic one and never occurs under normal […]