How to Photograph Your Christmas Dinner For Great Results

With Christmas soon approaching, our thoughts might be turning to food. But if you’re a mad keen photographer, then your thoughts might be turning to food photography and how to get that perfect shot of your Christmas lunch or dinner. With that in mind, we decided to write up a few guidelines for food photography […]

13 Examples of Concert Photography that Rock

The lighting conditions in most concert photography are among the most difficult you will ever have to shoot as a photographer. Low light with weird exposure challenges being thrown out by the stage setup in combination with moving subjects and the likelihood that you are standing among 3000 sweaty moshers is never going to be […]

One Way to Get a Perfect Portrait

Portraits are one of the most popular types of photography from amateurs through to pros. Unfortunately, they can also be tough if you’re looking for a really good shot. But there is a simple “trick” you can use to dramatically increase the effectiveness of portraits. It usually doesn’t require any extra gear and you can […]

Enter Our Photography Competition

Light Stalking is holding its first photography competition! We’re giving away five of David DuChemin’s photography guides. In fact, the winners can even choose which of David’s great books they would like. If you’re not familiar with David, he’s a prolific photographer and author of five ebooks on improving your camera craft without spending any […]

7 Tips for Incorporating Trees Into Your Photos

Incoporating trees into a landscape photo or even as the main subject of a photo can be an easy way to add a nice compositional element to the image. Here are a few things you might like to consider when thinking about putting a tree in your shot. Don’t forget the rule of thirds – […]

11 Extraordinary Black and White Landscapes

Landscapes can be a tough subject for any photographer. Black and white landscape photos can be particularly tricky to make interesting. This collection, however, manages to bridge that gap and create some astonishing images. If you would like to try your hand, then check out our list of tutorials at the end of the collection. […]

The Amazing World of Cat’s Eye Macro Photography

When you combine the natural beauty of a cat’s eye with good macro photography, the resulting photos can be quite remarkable. And believe it or not, there is a quite large community of photographers who are into this facinating niche. Here are some of the more interesting images from Flickr that we found in this […]

10 Incredible Photos of Antarctica by Fiona Hall

Light Stalking has been blessed by the continued support of wildlife photographer and Antarctic specialist, Fiona Hall. In addition to kindly allowing us to raid her notes on light direction, Fiona has also agreed to allow us to display some of her incredible photos of Antarctica. Fiona’s images have been used in magazines and newspapers […]

Photography: What Everybody Ought to Know About Exposure

Getting correctly exposed images doesn’t have to be difficult. But to get it right, there are a few things you need to remember. To avoid under and over exposure, it’s important to understand how to use the two controls that adjust the amount of light reaching the film or sensor, the aperture and shutter speed. […]

21 Stunning Shots of Urban Decay

Urban decay is one of our favourite subjects here at Light Stalking, as it shows us that no matter where you live, there is always something worth shooting. While urban decay has become fashionable over the last few years, the pioneers of urban decay photography really showed us that the real skill in photography lay […]