Astrophotography: 13 Awesome Backyard Astronomy Photos

Backyard astronomy photography is probably one of the most difficult types of photography that can be undertaken by the amateur photographer. It is also one of the most equipment intensive and expensive types of photography. Luckily for us, some amateur photographers still take the time to equip and train themselves and so are able to […]

20 Special Effects Photography Tutorials

Learning how to do beautiful photography special effects can give a lot of enjoyment for some of us amateur photographers. The great thing is that many of the techniques that required a large investment in equipment only a few years ago, can now be replicated using a good digital editing program on a home computer. […]

Why Sepia Photography Still Kicks Ass (With Tutorials)

Of all photographic special techniques, sepia photography is one of the most long lasting, and we think, one of the coolest. Even though it’s been around for a long time, the effect can still be dramatic and breathtaking. While sepia used to take skill in the darkroom, these days, you can replicate the effect with […]