The Stunning Beauty of Iraq: 20 Spectacular Photos

Unfortunately, the contemporary western view of Iraq has been shaped by the terrible events of the last several years. One of the shames of that is that Iraq is such a diverse country with stunning natural beauty – a natural destination for photographers! Even so, a few fantastic shots manage to make it to us. […]

16 Stunning Long Exposure Rock Pool Photos

Combining long exposure and moving water often produces haunting images, if you can get it to work. Whether it be streams, rivers, lakes or oceans, the effects can be spectacular. There are a group of photographers mainly centered around Sydney (but also a few other places) who practice long exposure photography on the beaches and […]

15 Unique Photos of the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic and photographed buildings in the world. Yet, despite its massive popularity as a destination for tourists and snappers, it is amazing that people still manage to grab original images of it. As these photos of the Opera House show, it is still very much possible […]

15 Extreme Close-ups of Ants

Macro photography that is well done can introduce a whole new world of subject matter to photography fans. As these extreme close-up photos of ants show, there is a beauty that exists at such a level that we rarely get to see it. These are some of the best macro shots we have seen. Don’t […]

9 Surreal Photos of Spiders’ Webs

The great thing about photography is that a good photographer can turn almost any object into a thing of beauty. While most people are keen to clear away old spiders webs from their home or garden, this collection of photos of spiders’ webs shows that even common things can be beautiful. This collection is especially […]

Twitter Photography Book Competition. Check It Out!

Update: Twitter user @radityopradipto has won this competition! We’re giving away a copy of Digital Photography School’s forthcoming book! If you haven’t seen Digital Photography School’s last book – ‘Essential Guide to Portrait Photography’ then you should certainly consider checking it out. It’s a full 78 pages long and packed with some awesome information such […]

22 Dazzling Bird Photos

Bird photography can be among the most rewarding and stunning photography that many of us will ever try. While it requires the patience of a saint, the resulting shots, in the right conditions will often make all of the pain worthwhile. While a lot of bird photography is done with specialist equipment such as telephoto […]