Should I Use a Monopod or Tripod?

Choosing photography gear is all about knowing how you will use it, where and how often.  Choosing a way to stabilize your camera is no different and in this guide I’ll cover monopods and tripods and help you choose the right one for your shooting style and situation. Monopod Photo by artethgray A monopod, sometimes […]

7 Books No Photographer Should Be Without

Photography is a visual form of art that is presented in many different ways and books are no exception.  Books also offer a way for learning the craft, reference and furthering your knowledge.  Here’s a look at 7 books no photographer should be without. 1. The manual that came with your camera. You’d be amazed […]

Finding Your Perfect Photography Niche

Photography is a wonderful, amusing, entertaining, though-provoking and emotional medium of art, but it’s also one of many facets, each one different and requiring a specific amount of training to truly excel at.  Recently, a friend asked me to shoot their upcoming wedding, which I politely declined and suggested some friends of mine who are […]