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How to Get The Cinematic Look In Your Videos


If you are a photographer that also dabbles in video, you may well have heard of the “cinematic look.” For many videographers it is a technique to aspire to. It can, however be quite elusive to achieve. There are a number of reasons for this, but in general, your camera is not one of them. […]

More Practical Exercises to Master Your Camera

Photography for Beginners

In a recent article we showed you how to wean yourself off of program mode using shutter and aperture priority modes. We also took a look at manual exposure mode and how and when to use exposure compensation. In this next article we are going to look at understanding your camera’s focus modes. We will […]

Check Out What Our Community Has Been Up To!

Cool Photos & Photographers

Here is your weekly wrap-up from Light Stalking – you’ll find some nicely curated stuff from the general chit chat as well as some amazing shots from Tersha’s latest challenge on High-Key! And as you’ve already guessed by now, we’ll be mentioning some worth-seeing shots from the feedback forum as well! Photo Of The Week […]

The DJI Ronin SC Gimbal Reviewed


Seeking to upgrade to the latest technology I have recently invested in the DJI Ronin SC Gimbal, a three axis gimbal specifically designed for mirrorless camera. (Regular readers of Light Stalking may recall that a few years ago, I wrote a review of my very first gimbal, the Zhiyun Crane). Time and technology waits for […]

How to Choose the Correct ISO Setting for Your Shot

Camera Craft

First published June 2010 Co-authored by Dahlia Ambrose ISO can be confusing, especially to everyone just starting out in photography. To put it simply, the ISO setting in your camera affects how sensitive the sensor is to light. If you love mathematics, you can immerse yourself in the technical information on Wikipedia – it is quite […]

Photographing Fireworks that Sparkle and Shimmer

Landscape Photography

Photographing fireworks captures bright, sparkly lights that last oh-so-briefly. In the next few days, evening sounds will include popping and booms from fireworks from holiday weekend events. The sky? The dark sky serves as a velvety backdrop for the big lights dancing in the night. When photographing fireworks, all you need is a few tips […]

4 Ways Any Photographer Can Speed Up Their Lightroom Workflow


Who wants to spend all day editing photos? I don’t know anyone who does. Post processing is an inescapable element of being a photographer — we just have to accept it and make the most of it. Part of making the most of the editing phase means being as efficient as possible. If you’re doing […]