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4 Simple Composition Guidelines for Beginners

Photographic Composition

To many (probably most) photographers, composition reigns supreme when it comes to the most important component of a good photograph. Of course, individual stylistic choices should always be considered, but the general consensus is that composition is often the make or break factor. All the talk about composition — its importance, its varied and sometimes […]

5 More Things Nobody Tells You About Photography

Photography for Beginners

Anyone who sticks with photography long enough will learn certain lessons on their own that they believe could have easily been bestowed upon them by a more experienced photographer. A twinge of resentment is normal and, perhaps, justified as you wonder, “Why didn’t anybody tell me?” In an effort to fill in a handful of […]

10 Useful Tips for Great Stock Photography

Photography as a Business

Stock photography is a popular genre because it offers the possibility of earning more money. To attract clients to your work, you need to look at the world from a designer’s point of view. At the same time, you can use stock photography techniques to improve your own work and learn about new photography genres. […]

How to Use Colour for Creative Composition

Photographic Composition

Colourful photography brightens our collections, social media and websites. Our use of colour influences emotional responses to our images. Colour creates compositional wow! In photography, playing with colour is more than part of our workflow. It’s our statement, our stamp, our view. Our use of colours evolves with seasons, our moods, our subjects. How we […]

6 Indoor Photoshoot Ideas That Will Spark Your Creativity

Indoor Photography

It’s not always possible to go out and shoot outdoors. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid taking photos so we thought we would come up with a few creative indoor photoshoot ideas. You can take creative photos indoors using simple artificial lights that may well be already available in your house. These everyday lights […]

The Best Camera For Beginners To Photography

Camera Bodies

You have had a passing interest in photography for a while. Maybe you shoot with a smart phone and want to step up to a bigger camera. The question is, what camera? The best camera for beginners to photography does not actually exist.  There are, in fact many best cameras, each has it own advantages […]

Catch Up On The Light Stalking Community – Week 20-2020

Cool Photos & Photographers

Here is your weekly wrap-up from Light Stalking – you’ll find some nicely curated stuff from the general chit chat as well as some amazing shots from Tersha’s latest challenge on Black /White Portraits, Human or Pet! And as you’ve already guessed by now, we’ll be mentioning some worth-seeing shots from the Feedback Forum as […]

How to Organise Photos in Lightroom – 5 Logical Approaches


Do you have a large unruly collection of images scattered over multiple hard drives? Are you locked down at home with little to do? If so, this is the article for you.  Adobe Lightroom is probably the most advanced image cataloging software on the market. Its power, however can often the fact that there are […]