Panasonic Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Announcement Coming September 25


It’s that season again when all of the big names roll out their latest and greatest in the hopes of winning over your hard-earned consumer cash.

And with recent announcements from Nikon, Canon, and Fujifilm taking up so much oxygen in the room, you know Panasonic had to join in on the frenzy with their own earth-shattering news.

Rumors of a full-frame mirrorless camera coming from Panasonic are confirmed to be more than mere musings as the company is planning a September 25 unveiling according to PetaPixel.

Image via Panasonic.

As both 43Rumors and PetaPixel both point out this would be a decade after the release of Panasonic’s first full-frame mirrorless camera. That’s quite an anniversary and one that brings even more competition to a space carved out by Sony in particular.

The official reveal will be on September 25 in Germany, one day before the world’s largest consumer optics convention, Photokina. That’s not really that surprising given that many optics makers use this convention to dazzle the press with visions of the near and far future. This year’s is shaping up to be no different than previous annual gatherings.

Official specs and a release date for the actual camera itself will likely be detailed at the reveal. Of course, gossip surrounding the device are promising everything under the sun but reasonable expectations are pegging its capabilities as being in line with its competitors or even a little bit better.

While that is a vague notion itself, it is probably more grounded in reality than some of the more pie-in-the-sky rumors that always crop up prior to the release of a new device.

News of Panasonic’s unveiling follows word of the specs for the new Canon EOS R and Nikon’s new Z.

You can read all about the upcoming Canon EOS R by clicking here.

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