Panasonic’s 21 MP Multi-Aspect Sensor LX100 II Revealed


Today’s a good day for Panasonic gearheads looking forward to the next thing from their favorite Japanese company.

As 43 Rumors reported, the specs for the new Panasonic LX100 II are all over the Internet and has people talking about its 21 megapixel multi-aspect sensor. An official announcement from Panasonic today confirmed much of the rumored specs outlined by Nokishita as the Verge reports which also didn't have the most optimistic take on the unit.

First off, the camera sports a 21 MP multi-aspect sensor that has an “effective” 17 MP “Low pass filterless 4/3 type high sensitivity MOS sensor (total number of pixels: 21.77 million pixels).”

In addition the new LX100 II will have “multi aspect” features in 4: 3, 3: 2, 16: 9 as well as ratio of 1:1 using a Leica DC VARIO-SUMMILUX 24-75 mm / F 1.7 – 2.8 lens with 9-blade aperture.

The camera, of course, will come with modern conveniences including a robust LCD screen, USB charging, baked-in Bluetooth 4.2 compatibility, and a variety of monochrome modes with graininess options that should get black-and-white photographers to give it a once over.

It’s also fairly lightweight coming in at 392 g with the battery installed and 350 without in a black unit body size of 115.0 mm x 66.2 mm x 64.2 mm. The Panasonic LX100 II will also have spatial recognition using DFD technology and 10 Fn buttons.

A price of $999.99 is being bandied about by the Verge which also says that the camera “isn’t a huge update considering how long it’s taken to appear.”

That's quite a steep price tag for a unit that is fairly iterative in its execution rather than revolutionary.

Of course, the market reception for the device will be all the matters and you should be able to get your hands on the new Panasonic LX100 II this October 2018 right in time for the winter season shopping frenzy.

The official unveiling wasn't expected until after August 23 but the company perhaps felt pressured by the new device's specs leaking all over the Internet beforehand.

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