Pay This Instagram Account $1000 and They’ll Tell The World About How Rich You Are


No, it isn’t Rich Kids of Instagram, but it is something seemingly worse depending on how you look at it.

Tobias Dziuba from Pexels.

There’s an Insta account out there charging people $USD 1000 for the invaluable service of broadcasting to the world just how rich they are.

So, it’s kind of like if the Rich Kids of Instagram account decided to monetize its madness into a kind of ad agency for wannab influencers or actual rich kids – the whole thing is kind of unclear.

FStoppers reports that the amount of money that individuals pay to the account, @golden_pricetag, is displayed along with the post detailing just how rich and important the person who is capable of using a credit card is.

This story caught our attention because it is weird but it is also admirable on some level. Don’t hate the player, hate the game, and if someone is willing to pay @golden_pricetag big bucks to tell the world how into conspicuous consumption they are, so be it.

Interestingly, the account doesn’t have very many followers and the posts don’t have very many likes but do feature quite a few comments – I’m sure they are all kind hearted and well intentioned.

Part of a slew of accounts that offer similar services, @golden_pricetag is another example of how Instagram is being used to make a lot of money for some people.

It’s pretty crazy to see how far an app that was initially dedicated to everyday photos has become. Who knows what the future holds. .

What do you think? Do you think Instagram is a bad thing and how so? Where do you see it in the future? In the dustbin of history or still relevant to the world of photography? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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