Phase II Trials of Fujifilm’s Potential COVID-19 Drug Avigan Start in the USA


As you may or may not know, Fujifilm has a drug subsidiary that makes a product called Avigan that may have some potential benefit in helping fight the novel coronavirus pandemic that has brought much of the world to a stop.

selective focus photo of black fujifilm camera on ground
Photo by Gabriel Ambrosio from Pexels.

We’ve reported on the drug in the past, and now we’ve got news that the second phase of clinical trials of Avigan will begin in the United States.

Fuji’s not the only optical firm in the fight. Canon is rolling out some testing kits as well. While Phase II trials are starting in the United States, over in Fujifilm’s home of Japan, Phase III began on March 31st.

Though the drug has shown promise so far, these trials are about pinpointing that down. For the second phase of the US trials, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, will administer the drug to some 50 COVID-19 patients.

In the photography world, the virus has led to the cancellation of shows, the delay of products, and even the delay of product announcements. Basically everything feels like it is on pause and any solution to this problem is a welcome one at this point.

It’s also another reminder of just how gigantic these optical firms can be. Who would have thought Fuji would be actively fighting against a global pandemic?

How has the novel coronavirus impacted your life? Are you currently under any kind of lockdown order? Let us know your story and thoughts in the comments section below if you like.

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