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As the Holiday Season is upon us, the Toad has been very busy compiling this weeks list of tutorials, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone.  This final post of 2011 is filled with great works by some truly great photographers and artists, and the Toad hopes you enjoy viewing these as much as he did in bringing the list to you.  At this time, the Toad would like to extend the best wishes for the holiday season to everyone, and he looks forward to returning in 2012 with a fresh list of great works to peruse and enjoy!  Happy Holidays!

Check out the Toad’s special holiday wish “Happy Holidays – From Us To You” on their photo blog, as well as an extensive gallery of 1750+ images on their Canadian Fine Art and Landscape Photography site.


Home Studio Boudoir Part 11 – Erik and Kathleen Kerstenbeck continue their running series on this wonderful style of photography with a new post this week.  Some great tips and tricks are shared in this post, making it one well worthy of a visit.

How to Make Your Own Brushes In Photoshop – a really informative tutorial on how to create brushes in Photoshop.  This technique allows the artist to employ custom and special textures in many ways to help produce unique pieces; well worth the time to visit and view!

Student Work: Vanishing Point and Leading Lines – perhaps not a tutorial in the traditional sense, this post is most definitely something that will teach almost everyone a bit about compelling composition.  Peppered with incredible photography, this post is a true must-read entry from this weeks list.

How to Shoot Product Photography – Part 2 – the second part to a great blog series sharing tips and tricks about performing product photography.  This post is full of great information and is well worth the time to read.

How We Perceive – a wonderful piece by Joe Baraban shares some insider thoughts, tips and tricks into square format photography and composition.  Well worth the time to read, this insightful post is guaranteed to make you approach your photography with a different eye.

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Filters – Part 2 – a comprehensive guide and overview on camera filters is sure to teach the pro a few tricks, and is guaranteed to bring the newcomer to the world of lens filters right up to speed.  A wonderful article, well worth the time to visit.


Terres Rouge – Mission Drive – Mark Blundell once again delivers a dramatic and compelling piece, in this case taken inside an abandoned silo.  A strong otherworldly feel begins to emerge for the viewer as they spend time taking in all the incredible details and textures of this unreal facility so masterfully photographed by Mark.

The Mysterious Charcoal Kilns of Death Valley – mesmerizing and absolutely dramatic are two of the first words that come to mind when viewing this incredible photograph!  Renée Besta uses all her photographic skill to create this alluring image, and the surrounding post adds a layer of texture to the scene.  Guaranteed to delight and amaze everyone who pops by for a visit!

A House Underwater – great, great details emerge in this wonderful photograph by Rob Hanson.  Some boathouses, all that have seen better days, form the subject for this shot.  The natural weathering and wear is all masterfully exposed, creating a strong and compelling picture.

Into The Sun – a sun flare unlike any other awaits the viewer in this truly breathtaking photo by Scott Wood.  This landscape scene is absolutely accented by the wonderful flare, producing a strong and dramatic image to be enjoyed by everyone who visits to view.

Lunar Eclipse – what an amazing photo of this years lunar eclipse, as shared by Hansrico Photography.  Fabulous colors and details emerge in this shot as the viewer spends time taking it in, producing a truly compelling picture.

The Old Book – textures and details are the key points to enjoy in this fabulous shot that seems to come from a time now long past.  Len Saltiel captures and shares a truly incredible photograph, full of character and nostalgia.

The Veil – great landscapes are consistently delivered from Curt Fleenor, and this photograph is a truly great example of such.  Powerful and breathtaking waterfalls form the subject for this shot by Curt, producing a strong and compelling piece.

December Colours – what a truly incredible macro study in flowers, plants and color by Ehpem delivers a set of images sure to delight and amaze everyone.  Wonderful details are all captured and shared with great care in this post, a post well worth the time to visit.

7-11 Delivery, Toronto – great photographers have a wonderful ability to take an everyday scene and bring out the special beauty or interest in it.  This photograph by Ren Bostelaar is a great example of this as he shares a scene in the city of Toronto at night.

Split It Up – this is so very cool and captivating!  A great shot straight from the studio of Steve Beal awaits the viewer here.  Using an abandoned building as a source, Steve masterfully composes and captures a shot that is absolutely mesmerizing in the incredible details held within.

Beer Label Friday Week 50 – I love this series from Chris Nitz.  He uses a totally unique subject and captures it in his special way, always producing something full of interest and colors.  Without a doubt, this is one of my favorites from his running series.

Airplane – slightly abstract but full of wonder, this shot is sure to keep everyone engaged.  I share Mike Olbinski’s love for reflective photography, and in this post he really captures and shares a true gem.

Black Skimmer – an absolutely jaw-dropping photograph of a bird mid-flight is absolutely engaging.  Jay Taylor is ready at just the right moment to capture and deliver this truly incredible picture of wildlife in it’s natural environs.  A must-see shot from this weeks list, for sure.

Go with the Flow – Honolua Bay – using long exposure techniques for this photograph, Erik and Kathleen Kerstenbeck really have created a strong and compelling piece.  The silky effect of the moving water captured with long exposure is juxtaposed against the incredible details and colors of the surrounding landscape.

Colored Sky – this incredible, incredible photograph of a sky is coming to us straight from the studio of Helene Kobelnyk.  Breathtaking colors combine with strong interest in the silhouettes evident in this picture, creating a compelling and dramatic piece.

Nearing Completion – at sunset – a truly great architectural study produces a set of compelling images that are full of great lines as shared by Andy Hooker (LensScaper).  The wonderful reflection of the sunset in the new glass structure helps to create these breathtaking lines, which converge to create something that is incredible.

Reflections of Salt Lake – Jim Denham is ready to capture and share this great landscape photograph.  A majestic mountain-range forms the backdrop and the foreground is a marina and truly epic reflection in the water; a piece well worth the time to visit and view!

Low Levels – long exposure techniques using a ND filter are the main procedures used to capture this truly incredible landscape photo by Jerry Denham.  Great colors in the sky are punctuated by the fast moving cloud formations, which all work together to produce a strong and dramatic piece.

San Carlo Square – a compelling piece by Giuseppe Sapori shares a view of a city square and the statue it plays host to.  Incredible architectural details are all captured in the surrounding buildings, further adding a strong sense of interest to the overall composition.

The Forgotten Ship – a truly great picture by Adam Allegro shares a scene of what appears to be an abandoned ship.  Great colors and details are all highly evident in this compelling shot, working together to produce something truly unique and mesmerizing.

Escapada campera – our very own @astoroth delivers a new and compelling post featuring some incredible landscape photography, as well as a small series of macros of a mushroom.  This truly captivating series brings us a glimpse of a part of the world we’ve never had the pleasure to visit, and the pictures posted are all incredible and well worth the time to visit and view.

California Bank & Trust – a wonderfully detailed and very colorful photograph as shared by Jim Nix.  This facility shares really great details and reflections in the polished floor, helping to produce a truly compelling piece to take in and enjoy.

The Gallery – New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art presents the perfect photographic subject for the talented workings of Jimi Jones in this incredible piece.  Great details and architectural facets emerge for the viewer as they spend time taking in this awesome photograph.

Riding uphill on a Chair – a set of awesome outdoor photographs of a ski lift and the resulting scenery are the subject for this fabulous blog post by Andy Hooker (LensScaper).  Some of these shots truly belong on the front of postcards, as they are full of interest and details for everyone to enjoy.

Aerial Landscapes of Moss – great photography allows the artist to share a specific vision with the viewer, and in this blog post we have a truly spectacular set of images that does just this.  A bit of an optical illusion awaits the visitor here, using the natural lines and vegetation of the surroundings to produce a series of top drawer images.

Spirals – Steve Beal captures and shares this utterly dramatic image with us, taken inside the Tarrytown Lighthouse.  Clever framing and composition converge to create a strong picture, full of great details and interest sure to captivate everyone who visits and views.

Rear Windows – a stunning picture by Mark Garbowski delivers a strong composition with incredible lines and textures to enjoy.  A simple back view of a building as captured in a parking lot provides all the subject that Mark needs to capture and process a truly compelling and unique piece.

An Iron Autumn – this is without any doubt one of my personal favorite finds for this weeks list.  A truly compelling set of shots taken of train tracks produces some really incredible details and textures.  Howard uses unique and well planned perspectives in many of the photographs, and carefully captures and processes each one to bring out all the wonderful lines and natural elements of interest he and his wife encountered during this shoot.  A top drawer post, well worth the time to visit and take in!

Christmas at the Caswell House – Santa and Clock – Dave Wilson captures and shares a truly iconic Christmas scene, shot in HDR to bring out all the details possible!  Fabulous colors and details are all evident in this picture, which truly rewards the viewer who spends time taking it all in!

A Moonlight Flight – a truly spectacular image of an owl mid-flight at night, as captured by Bev.  Her wildlife photography is some of the very best to be found, and this photograph is a prime example of why.  A truly incredible shot, well worth the time to visit and view.

Using His Tail – what a wonderful photograph, as captured and shared by Kerri Farley.  Kerri is second to none in her area of expertise, and this detailed and wonderfully composed photograph shows exactly why.

Sweet Holiday – I love candy more than most, but wow, this shot is so full of sugar, it’s dripping on my monitor!  A great set of shots of a candy land by Dave DiCello awaits the viewer in this post, producing a piece that is well worth the time to visit and enjoy.

Sunrise at Radnor Lake – another breathtaking image captured during sunrise by Jim Nix awaits the viewer in this post.  Incredible color is contrasted by truly fabulous cloud formations, bringing this landscape image to life for all to enjoy.

Winding Down The Year – an antique book is the subject of this jaw-droppingly awesome shot by Mike Victorino.  A gentle shadow drapes the front of the book, shot in black and white to bring all the drama and emotion out of the scene, producing a piece that is absolutely stunning.

Tilting At Windmills – the Blonde Coyote delivers a great set of images, all of various types and forms of windmills.  The accompanying blog post is both informative and engaging; a post well worth the time to visit and see!

Colorado State Capital – Rick from Hansrico Photography delivers a strong and commanding image in this shot of the infamous Colorado State Capital.  The nighttime shrouds the facility in great light, producing a very dramatic picture sure to delight everyone who pops by for a visit.

Pozzuoli Ruins in Mono – truly incredible light and shadow plays over this scene as shot and presented by Adam Allegro.  The ruins are masterfully captured and processed in black and white, producing a truly dramatic image.

Calm – a wonderful blog post and set of images as shared by Stéfan.  Wonderful imagery has the innate ability to share a sense or feeling at a glance, and when accompanied by some meangingful words can result is a truly powerful piece.

A Post, A Wall, and a Ceiling – incredible details and textures are captured in this totally unique image as shared by Jim Denham.  Jim’s masterful photography when combined with his skills in post-processing converge to create an image that is so different, so unique, it’s captivating in it’s own right.  Well worth the time to visit and view.

Not So Fast – you have simply got to see this post from Rob Hanson.  A very old and highly historic bridge is the subject of his masterful photography here, which is accompanied by a truly wonderful background story on some of these types of bridges in the area.  A must-read for this week.

Trinity Steps – Bob Lussier, also known as the “Stair Whisperer” dons his magic cloak and brings us a truly breathtaking installment in this post.  Absolutely exquisite gentle lighting drapes the scene, bringing out all the wonderful tones and textures that are inherent in the scene.  A truly top drawer post from Bob.

Leopard at Waterhole, Namibia – a strong composition brings this powerful creature to life for all to enjoy, as captured and shared by Mark Paulson.  The subtle reflection in the pool of water adds another element of interest to the overall setting, a dramatic picture well worth the time to visit and view.

Do You Have The Time? – a wonderful long exposure black-and-white photo of Big Ben in London.  Charles captures and shares a truly unique expression of the iconic feature, producing a strong and dramatic piece that can stand on it’s own.

On Soaking It All In – in this great post, Brian Matiash shares a truly epic landscape photograph with everyone and sheds some insight into a condition I’ve noticed in myself as I go about my photography.  Well worth the time to visit, this is a great post for this weeks list.

Empty on the Inside – a wonderful and profound post by Jacques Gudé shares some insight as well as a truly breathtaking image of what appears to be an abandoned room in a building.  Incredible textures and details await the viewer with this shot, which continues to deliver as the viewer spends time taking it in.

Something Lost … Something Found – a truly dramatic piece, as captured and shared by Gareth Glynn Ash reveals a scene that is both dramatic and highly emotional.  A wonderful photograph, well worth the time to visit and view.

San Frederico Gallery – a stunning architectural and detail study of a gallery in Turin by Giuseppe Sapori.  Wonderful details and textures are all here, producing a compelling image that is sure to delight and amaze everyone who views it.

Phoney Photos: The Battle Begins – master photographer Chris Nitz delivers a new post in his humorous and entertaining series.  Using Lego’s as the main characters and subjects for his work, and weaving these objects with truly entertaining prose, Chris delivers a truly unique experience for everyone who visits.

A Day in the Country – Edith Levy captures and shares a truly wonderful image of a landscape which is accented by an old and weathered building.  A true gem, this image is definitely one to delight and amaze everyone who visits.

Loading Dock 1 – a great architectural study, complete with truly wonderful textures and details awaits the viewer in this post by Steve Perlmutter.  Top drawer colors and tones help to punctuate the message in this photo, producing a truly compelling shot well worth the time to visit.

A Star In The East – right on time for the season, Mark Garbowski captures and shares a picture of an iconic Christmas decoration in New York City.  I do agree with him, it would make for the perfect Christmas card.

Mason R – tell Me About It – this is a perfectly composed and highly emotional piece straight from the studio of Mark Blundell.  A chair sits in the middle of a room in an abandoned mansion, and Mark is ready to capture this breathtaking image to careful process and share with everyone.  A masterpiece, to be sure.

Out Of The Dark – a colorful and dramatic image of a brooding sky forms the subject for Curt Fleenor in this incredible image.  The minimalistic aspect of this shot only serves to accent the drama that Curt has visualized and captured here.

2011 – in this great post, Heather Neil shares her favorite shots from the year as well as some personal thoughts.  This is a truly wonderful post, sure to delight and amaze everyone who pops on over for a visit and a view.


Danger at Daytona – How I Helped Rescue an Old Sailor – this is a heart-wrenching and absolutely captivating blog post by Anne McKinnell that not only contains some super incredible photography, but is also a story of peril on the seas.  Anne, through the act of photographing a scene, notices something is amiss and calls the Coast Guard to save a sailor in trouble.  The rest of the story is described in the dramatic and compelling post she has made; a must-see entry for this weeks list!

Wildlife Photo Exhibit – this wonderful blog post details an exhibit that is currently on display here in our hometown, as well as many others.  The post contains a great review of the exhibit and several photos of, well, photos.  More-so the displays than the actual photographs themselves, but nonetheless this is a truly great blog post, well worth the time to read!

And he knew that it was good… – a stunning collaboration project by some of the most talented HDR photographers I know!  Jacques Gudé provided an iconic set of brackets to the group with instructions to “go nuts”, and go nuts they did!  You’ve got to see this set to believe it, my words here cannot begin to do it justice!

The Year in Volcanic Activity – an unbelievable set of images of volcanic activity forms the subject matter for this compendium.  Even the most stalwart of spirits will be amazed at the power and beauty of Mother Nature as she unfurls her anger.  Each image is a work of art, well worth the time to visit and view.

Two Photography Tips – Scott Hovind shares a bit of insight into the world of photography with everyone in this post.  Two small but very thoughtful and important tips are shared.

China’s Fake Disneyland: The Park That Never Was – sometimes truth is far stranger than fiction.  And if no one is there to photograph it, these things can be lost forever.  In this case we are lucky to have David Gray photograph and share this incredible facility with the world.  A truly melancholy series, full of drama and emotion, this is a must-see post for this week.

Featured Artist – Chris Maskell – a true friend and master photographer is interviewed in this fabulous post exploring his work in the field of UrBex photography.  We get a glimpse into the inner thoughts of the artist, and a peek at some of his truly iconic works.

The Silence of Black and White Photography – one of the best black and white studies I have ever seen, this incredible series of images by Tomasz Gudzowaty is sure to create an emotional response in everyone who visits to view.

Surprisingly Unusual: Photographs of Small Worlds – every once in awhile you encounter something that captivates you.  At first glance the scene is picture perfect, but something just isn’t quite right…  in this case we’re captivated by the art and photography work of Frank Kunert who creates miniature scenes and photographs them, creating truly incredible pieces.

The Best Way I Know To Avoid Photographic Boredom & Grow At The Same Time – a wonderful and inspiring piece, as written by Scott Bourne delivers a poignant message.

Stanley Kubrick’s Photographs of New York – a jaw-droppingly awesome series of photos taken by the iconic Stanley Kubrick shares a wonderful peek into his vision of the world around him.  This is a truly incredible series of black-and-white photos, well worth the time to visit!

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