10 Inspirational Photography Sites Every Aspiring Photographer Should Read


Here are some of the most awesome photography sites on the internet. We love them. We think you will too. Click on the titles to visit the sites and let us know what you think of them in the comments!

Smash and Peas

They don’t post that often, but when the guys at Smash and Peas post about photography, it’s worth waiting for. An incredibly beautiful site with awesome tutorials and incredible photography, this is one that needs to be on your RSS feed. Hell, you should check this one out just because it’s such a beautifully designed site.

The tutorial section of S&P is great, but they also offer a great little area for inspiration that will take your breath away. The only thing we wish these guys would do different is to post more often!

RSS Feed: Smash & Peas


Pop Photo

Another great photography blog with tutorials and reviews all for free (remember, a lot of photographers make a living making people pay for stuff like this).

If you’re into learning about photography by competing with others, Pop Photo also holds a series of photo contests and events for their community members that are well worth checking out. You might also win something cool. Their photography forum is also incredibly well used and a great source for community tips on photography.

RSS Feed: None! (gasp, wheeze)



This site is aimed specifically at the DSLR user (if you hadn’t figured that out by yourself) and should also be high on your list of online reading.

The site is also full of great lens and camera reviews so if you’re not sure on which gear to get, head on over and they will certainly set you straight!

RSS Feed: DSLR Tips


Digital Photography School

A site run by Daren Rowse, DPS has daily posts including tutorials as well as product and camera reviews and a section dedicated to post-production. One of the best things about DPS is the thriving community that has sprung up around the site including on their forum.

Maybe the best thing about this site is the community, but the sheer amount of awesome content on the site means if you start reading, you should put a few hours aside, because you will probably lose half a day immersed in great photo tips.

RSS Feed: Digital Photograph School


Photo Critic

Doing cool stuff with photography is their motto and they seem to live up to it too. The site is run by Haje Jans and has been around for quite a while. The tutorials are to the point, but incredibly detailed and full of great examples and the community surrounding the site is always ready to weigh in in the comments which is great.

One great little resource that sets Photo Critic apart from the other sites is the great little Photographers on Twitter database that is very useful for finding other photographers on the social net. In fact, you might even be able to find Light Stalking in there somewhere!

RSS Feed: Photo Critic


Geoff Lawrence

This site by professional photographer, Geoff Lawrence, is incredibly detailed and full of incredibly useful information for the novice photographer as well as the more experienced.

There is also a good little community which has grown up around Geoff’s site which includes a great user contributed photo gallery which you can spend hours going through! There’s also a great little photography quiz if you want to really test your knowledge of the art.

RSS Feed: None! Eek!


Camera Dojo

Ok, we have to admit that we didn’t know about this one until one of the Light Stalking twitter community folks told us about it, but boy are we glad they did. This site rocks. The gear reviews alone are worthwhile and they have some fantastic photographers writing for them.

Camera Dojo was originally built by three photographers who wanted to give something back to the community – something that we can really relate to.

RSS Feed: Camera Dojo


DIY Photography

DIY Photography has so many practical experiments and ideas that it is pretty easy to get sucked into the site for an hour or 10. With lots of different photography projects you’re sure to find something that interests you and suits your photographic experience.

DIY also has their own Flickr group for people who want to submit and discuss their own photos with the community.

RSS Feed: DIY Photography


Photo Jojo

Photo Jojo is an elegantly simple website with a lot of awesome articles on photography. It is quite a bit different from most of the sites above in that it is heavy on content about specific products that they sell in their online store, but there are still plenty of other practical articles such as theft-proofing your camera.

In short, there’s enough great tutorials and content on this site to keep you interested for a long time.

RSS Feed: Photo Dojo


Photo Focus

Photo Focus is a cool little blog by Scott Bourne, Rick Sammon and Co (note: I own Rick Sammon’s book, Exploring the Light – a great read if you get the chance) about almost everything you could care to know about photography. These guys REALLY know what they’re talking about so be sure to check it out.

There are also a few photography podcasts by Photo Focus so download them to your iPod!

RSS Feed: Photo Focus


So what sites do you go to to get tutorials and information on photography? We’re sure we’ve missed a heap of great sites so please feel free to list any you think of in the comments!

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I’m a fan of the Earthbound Light Photography Tips which covers a variety of subjects, updated weekly. I also recently launched a frequently-updated website called Social Photo Talk which discusses the use of social and new media for photographers.

One of the first photo sites I ever visited was photo.net back when it was Phil Greenspun’s personal blog. A few of these sites are new to me — getting bookmarked now.

I'm a fan of the Earthbound Light Photography Tips which covers a variety of subjects, updated weekly. I also recently launched a frequently-updated website called Social Photo Talk which discusses the use of social and new media for photographers.

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