Photographer Snaps Proposal at Taft Point, Yosemite – Internet Search for Couple in Pic Goes Viral


It’s truly the snap of a lifetime for one photographer.

But he’s more likely to remember the picture for the search it inspired seeking the couple at its focus.

US freelance photographer Matthew Dippel was in Yosemite National Park when he happened upon a marriage proposal at the iconic Taft Point. Not only did he stumble upon such an awesome event, but he also had the chance to capture it with a photo.

That picture, itself the pic of a lifetime, has inspired a massive Internet search looking for the couple behind the picture – and made a name for the photographer in the process.

Snapping the picture while on a road tour from Seattle to Los Angeles, Dippel, originally of Grand Rapids, Michigan, said he took the picture on October 6.

Describing the trip to Yosemite as something on his “bucket list,” the trip to Taft Point was particularly special as he told the BBC, “I had seen a lot of really really beautiful pictures from Taft Point and wanted to see it for myself. We planned on going there at sunset and next thing, well you can see what happened after that.”

Being one among many on tour that day, Dippel noticed the proposal occurring and snapped the photograph. He looked for the couple in the picture but, they being two among many, Dippel couldn’t find them. That provided the inspiration behind the Internet-wide search.

Naturally, as this is the web, not all of the reaction is positive with some people wondering if the whole thing is staged. Dippel, for his part, promises the pic is completely organic but admits through the retelling of his story that there were many couples at Taft Point that day and finding this particular couple might be difficult.

Still, the freelance photographer has blasted the picture out on his Twitter and related social media. You can view that here.

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