Photographer Takes Picture of a Lifetime While Asleep


Imagine taking the picture of a lifetime all while you’re sound asleep? One photographer finds himself in that enviable position after a time lapse camera he set up captured a meteor in all its beautiful glory.

Neale LaSalle at Pexels.

To be specific, he captured a bolide which is an especially vibrant meteor. It all began when Matthew Vandeputt took a vacation to the US state of Utah and decided to set up his Canon 6D Mark II at 1 AM to capture some good time lapse astrophotography.

The Canon used a Canon 24mm f/1.4 lens as well as a Canon TC80-N3 remote trigger to capture the meteor. The camera was set to take pictures every 9 seconds with an 8 second long exposure time for each photo. He retrieved his phone around 5 AM and went back to sleep, not knowing that he captured some truly epic shots. He writes on his blog about the experience,

“Around 5am it was getting too bright outside to still capture the milky way so I got out of bed and grabbed my camera, then crawled back in to my warm bed (it was near freezing outside).

A few hours later I woke up and scroll through the images to see if I had captured any interesting meteors. You can imagine how I felt when I spotted not only the enormous green fireball, but also the persistent train that lingered for well over 30 minutes after the meteor exploded!”

You can view the picture over on his website by clicking here. You can also check out another view by clicking here.

You can also watch a video about it on YouTube by clicking here.

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