Photographers Raising Money for Earthquake Victims in the Philippines


The Batanes islands in the Philippines are recovering from two earthquakes, a 5.4 and a 6.4, which has left 3000 people homeless.

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According to FStoppers, some 8 people are reported dead in the wake of the two quakes. The tragedy has called forth some of the best in the photography world with photographers in the Philippines banding together for a project called “Bayanihan Para sa Batanes” that aims to raise money for the recovery efforts. To do this, the photographers are offering some photos for sale on their Facebook page which you can view by clicking here.

As FStoppers points out, Bayanihan has the meaning in Tagalog of “working together hand-in-hand.” Given the Batanes location some 400 miles from the capital of Manila, this concept couldn’t be more realistic given the isolated location of the islands. It is so filled with natural beauty, in fact, that UNESCO is considering it for the list of world heritage sites.

A post on their Facebook page reads,

“Bayanihan para sa Batanes is a collaborative effort by photographers to provide monetary and in-kind assistance to the victims of Itbayat earthquake. The rich culture of Batanes has inspired and nurtured countless photographers through the years. This is their way of giving back to the loving and resilient Ivatans who have welcomed them with warm hospitality.

For interested buyers, kindly leave a comment on the photo album and contact the respective photographers mentioned in the post.

Thank you and let's continue to help the Ivatans!”

The photos on sale on the Facebook page run the gamut of photographic genres which means there’s probably a little something for everyone on offer here. It is really worth checking out. If you missed the link, you can check out the photos by clicking here.

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