15 Awe-Inspiring Photographs of Dunes


Although desert photography is quite hard to achieve due to sand and strong light from the sun, it is always a delight.

These magnificent bodies of sand have been with us for various centuries (even thousands of years in some cases) and they are always shifting, making them mystical and very photogenic. Today we bring you a special collection of dunes from all around the globe!

If you are interested in landscape photography, don't forget this page here on Light Stalking is our shrine to landscape photography collections and we hope that it will encourage you to invest more time into the wonder that is Landscape Photography.

So please enjoy these 15 awe-inspiring photographs of dunes

Photo by Breanna Galley
Photo by Nick de la Force
Photo by Ariel Pilotto
Photo by Louis Hansel
Photo by Bou Abdellah Bou

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Photo by Savvas Kalimeris
Photo by José Martín Ramírez
Photo by Kal Visuals
Photo by Frida Aguilar Estrada
Photo by Savvas Kalimeris

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Photo by Randy Tarampi
Photo by Lionello DelPiccolo
Photo by Zack Woolwine
Photo by Max McKinnon
Photo by Fábio Hanashiro

Further Reading

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Further Learning

Do check out Kent DuFault's The Complete Landscape Photography Guide. It is comprehensive in its training and the illustrations give you the visuals to help you grasp the concepts of great landscape photography. Better still are the assignments that help you put your learnings into practice.

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