35 Colorful Photographs From Down On The Farm


Whether it be wide open fields, the produce itself, animals, or the machinery used to work the land, farms offer up wonderful and colorful subjects.

Indeed, thinking about color can be amazingly creative. Impactful photographs are all about contrast, and this doesn't only occur with black and white, it can perfectly be achieved by using color as well.

So here are 35 colorful photographs from down on the farm to get you thinking about color in composition.

fields on farm
Tim Mossholder
gate farm
Chanita Sykes
aerial photography farm harvest
Tom Fisk
red farm houses green grass
Jonathan Petersson
cows on farm
Matthias Zomer
field and sky
Oleksandr Pidvalnyi
tomato farm
Artem Bali
Chickens in a barn
Brett Jordan
hoe in the ground
sheep in barn
Trinity Kubassek

Composing In Color

Composing in color begins with understanding color. The color wheel starts out with the prime colors. There are several color wheels out there, but since we are working with screens (on computers and cameras) you should keep things simple and just go for the RGB (red, green, blue) wheel.

DanPMK at English Wikipedia CC BY-SA 3.0  from Wikimedia Commons

When opposing colors meet in a single composition, contrast is achieved in the most magnificent ways. When adjacent colors – like an array of warm or cold tones are together without an opposing hue – low levels of contrast are achieved.

Creatively selecting color when composing your images will take them to the next level. It is definitely an advanced composition technique that you should work with.

Advanced Composition And Composing In Color

Getting photography composition right has always been the greatest challenge for the photographer. If you’d like to get better at photography composition and learn concepts that go beyond the basics, you should take a look at Kent DuFault’s guide to advanced composition.

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  • Texture
  • Stacking

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corn in field
grass on farm
Felix Mittermeier
green field
Tim Mossholder
baby chicken
Achim Bongard
tractor at sunset
Tabitha Mort
pumpkin field
James Wheeler
David Bartus
wheat field
Pierre Sudre
green field
Jahoo Clouseau
cow on farm
Lukas Hartmann
sunset field path
Vincenzo Malagoli
aerial photography field
Stephan Müller
corn field
cows in field
Helena Lopes
pigs in a barn
Matthias Zomer
mountain farms
Christian Heitz
farm at sunset
Christian Salwa

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Noel McShane
R Khalil
chicken with eggs
Alison Burrell
Marsh Williams
aerial photo of fields
Tom Fisk
sunset corn field
Adam Kontor
Luiz M. Santos

Advanced Composition Will Make Your Images Pop

If you are looking to improve your photography composition and learn concepts that go beyond the ‘rule of thirds’, do take a look at Kent DuFault’s guide Advanced Composition. With this guide, you will learn all about:

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