15 Amazing Photographs Of Kingfishers


Kingfishers are just amazing birds.  They are extremely fast and difficult to capture with a camera. If you'd like to get into bird photography, here are three great quick guides from Photzy to get you started. 

Even better, these three guides are by the wonderfully talented bird photographer Tobie Schalkwyk – oh and they are free!

If you don't know Tobie, he is a South African bird and wildlife photographer, who is also regular here on the Light Stalking forums. He can often be found on the forums posting his latest photographs of beautiful birds (including kingfishers!) and helping out fellow photographers. 

If you love photographing birds, take a look at these quick guides from Tobie and, if you have any questions, post them in the forum. 

Quick Guides To Bird Photography

Getting Started In Bird Photography – Here Tobie begins with the absolute basics and walks us through step-by-step on how to become the best bird photographers that we can be.

Starting Bird Photography: Camera Settings – Here you'll learn about camera settings such as active d-lighting, focus tracking with lock-on, and other similar more obscure camera functions that can be super helpful when looking to capture birds.

Bird Photography: Staying Sharp And Focussed – This quick guide is all about getting that bird photograph in-focus, which is a skill in itself. Birds don't sit still for long so developing good camera skills is essential to your success in this exciting genre of photography

Now For Some Inspiration

Here we've crafted a gallery with the most impressive photographs of kingfishers we could find!

photo by boris smokrovic
Photo by Boris Smokrovic
photo by vincent van zalinge
Photo by Vincent van Zalinge
photo by dennis buchner
Photo by Dennis Buchner
photo by alexander morrison
Photo by Alexander Morrison
photo by vincent van zalinge
Photo by Vincent van Zalinge
photo by saeed lajami
Photo by Saeed Lajami
photo by florian van duyn
Photo by Florian van Duyn
photo by ivan heinzer
Photo by Ivan Heinzer
photo by noah rosenfield
Photo by Noah Rosenfield
photo by stefan machler
Photo by Stefan Machler
photo by chris charles
Photo by Chris Charles
photo by dusan smetana
Photo by Dusan Smetana
photo by hans veth
Photo by Hans Veth
photo by mamun srizon
Photo by Mamun Srizon
photo by matthew willimott
Photo by Matthew Willimott

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