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25 Photographs of Notre-Dame de Paris

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Religious or not, everyone will agree that Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral is an architectural treasure. Declared to be as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, sadly the cathedral caught fire on 15 April 2019.

People around the world have been moved by this sad event, but we all share the hope of the French people that the Notre-Dame de Paris will once again be restored as the heart of Paris. 

Here are some photos of the aftermath – the cause behind the fire is still unclear, but today we wanted to give a little homage to this magnificent building with photos prior to the fire.

Photo by Robin Benzrihem
Photo by Priscilla Fraire
Photo by KaLisa Veer
Photo by Stephanie LeBlanc
Photo by Maxime Naillon
Photo by Daniele D'Andreti
Photo by Pedro Lastra
Photo by Satya Prem
Photo by Tama 66
Photo by Iankelsall1
Photo by Lode Van de Velde
Photo by Leif Linding
Photo by 139904
Photo by 35069
Photo by Bogitw
Photo by Ddouk
Photo by Edmondlafoto
Photo by Corina Benesch
Photo by 35069
Photo by Ddz Photo
Photo by Adrienn
Photo by Petite Louve
Photo by Kkolencik
Photo by 139904
Photo by NakNakNak
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