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Time flies. Before you even realize it, a week has passed. But it's the day of the week you've all been waiting for (or so we think). It's the Wonderful Wednesday – the day we bring you awesome photography deals and freebies! This week's list contains links to some great deals on photography education, gear and software presets. But that's not all, there are some really cool freebies to grab too! We hope you like them. 

Photography Education

Mitchell Kanashkevich Bundle of 4 Fabulous Guides

mitchell kanashkevich bundleIn this mega bundle, you’ll receive 4 of award-winning photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich’s best-selling photography. Being offered at a 50% discount, the 4 guides are: Understanding Post Processing, Powerful Imagery (case-study breakdowns of 15 powerful images), Seeing the Light (tips on making the most of natural light with minimal equipment), and Rabari (an insider series into travel documentary photography).
Price – $70   $35 (50% off)

The Complete Digital Photography Course

photography basics udemySo you have purchased a DSLR camera recently but have no idea how to make the most of it? Don't worry, in this online course at Udemy by photographer Steven Riley, you will learn all the basics of photography from picture-taking techniques to understanding composition. Use the coupon code CRB765T to avail a 75% discount.
Price –  $20   $5 (75%off)

Photography Gear

Case Logic DSLR Camera/Laptop Backpack SLRC-206

case logic backpackIf you have been in situations where you had to decide whether to carry your laptop along in your trip because it would mean carrying an additional bag apart from your camera bag, it shouldn't happen again. This backpack comfortably accommodates your laptop as well as your photography gear. It also has a place for your tripod.
Price – $119.99   $77.99 (35% off)

Yongnuo Flash YN560-III

yongnuo flashAvailable at a fraction of the price of its first party equivalents, this external speedlight has made flash photography affordable to many. But that does not mean it sacrifices quality for low price and in fact, it is used by many professional photographers. If you haven't experienced it yet, there is no reason you should deprive yourself of the thrills of flash photography. 
Price – $99.99   $69.99 (30% off)

Presets, Actions, and Texture Overlays

Enhancing Natural Light Preset Pack

enhance natural lightA set of 12 stunning Lightroom presets, they can instantly improve the natural light in your photographs with one single click. These presets are subtle yet powerful in their work. Not too flashy or glitzy, they can beautifully transform your nature or landscape images into extraordinary.
Price – $30   $17 (43% off)

200+ Photoshop Actions from 14 Different Sets

PS-actionsThis is a huge collection of Photoshop actions that is being offered at an astonishing price. With so many actions from different sets to choose from, you will surely find something that suits your needs. The different sets include wedding actions, vintage, winter, color pop and many others. Use coupon code BIGBANG within the next 3 days to get an additional 30% off during checkout.
Price – $243   $12 (95% off)

127 High-Resolution Texture Overlays

texture overlaysThese texture overlays can make your images pop. From flare, light effect and rainbow flare to bubble, sparkle and bokeh texture overlays, the 127 choices can very easily tire you. With so many options at your fingertips, you have complete control over the wow-factor of your image. Use coupon code BIGBANG within the next 3 days to get an additional 30% off during checkout.
Price – $122   $10.5 (92% off)


Short Guide to Landscape Photography

landscape-guideA beginner’s guide aimed at helping you create beautiful images of the world around you. The guide will cover: elements of composition, leading lines, shadows and highlights, diminishing contrast, scale of known objects, use of a focal point, color temperature changes and much more.


Getting Started with Photoshop CC – Online Course

photoshop cc udemyThis is an introductory course on Photoshop CC that explains you everything to get you started with image editing and much more. This may not be the place for those who have already learned the ropes of Photoshop but a great place for absolute beginners. 


Introduction to External Flash Photography – eBook

external flash photographyThis is a very concise guide on external flash photography. The book is barely 9 pages long and it gets straight to the point. From using flash indoors to using bounced flash, it covers all the important areas. It has dedicated sections on explaining the use of flash outdoors and how to achieve great results. 

How to Liven Up a Dull Image in Lightroom – Video + Presets

liven up a dull imageIn this free video tutorial, photographer Jason Row explains how to use Adobe Lightroom to add life to a dull image. Also included are two presets (plus how to create them) for a Graduated Sky and Corrected Curves. 



What We Recommend to Improve Your Photography Fast

It's possible to get some pretty large improvements in your photography skills very fast be learning some fundamentals. Consider this the 80:20 rule of photography where 80% of the improvements will come from 20% of the learnable skills. Those fundamentals include camera craft, composition, understanding light and mastering post-production. Here are the premium guides we recommend.

  1. html cleaner  Easy DSLR –  Friend of Light Stalking, Ken Schultz has developed this course over several years and it still remains the single best source for mastering your camera by identifying the main things that are holding you back.
  2. Word to html  Understanding Composition – As one of the core elements of a good photograph, getting your head around composition is essential. Photzy's guide to the subject is an excellent introduction. Their follow-up on Advanced Composition is also well worth a read.
  3. Word to html  Understanding Light – Also by Photzy, the other essential part of photography is covered in this epic guide and followed up in Understanding Light, Part 2. This is fundamental stuff that every photographer should aim to master.
  4. Word to html  5 Minute Magic Lightroom Workflow – Understanding post production is one of the keys to photographs that you will be proud of. This short course by one of the best in the business will show you how an award-winning photographer does it.

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