Photography Lighting Equipment Manufacturer Cactus Shutting Down, Remaining Retail Inventory All That’s Left – Report


What started out as rumors are now being confirmed as photography lighting equipment Cactus has confirmed its closure, a process that allegedly began back in December 2020.

Photo by Wireless Flash RF60 from Cactus.

PetaPixel reports that a Cactus rep confirmed to them in an email that the company was shutting down.

“I’m sorry that Cactus has closed its photographic equipment business since Dec 2020. All inventory has been sold out and no more new products will be available for sale. We operate in a very limited scale now to focus on servicing the in-warranty units, and offering technical assistance to the Cactus users. We are sorry that we can no longer serve this community,” a representative told PetaPixel.

Word started to circulate late last month as DIY Photography reported that the lighting manufacturer was rumored to be exiting the market. A quick glance at its website reveals that the company hasn’t kept the most active presence through that outlet with the last blog posts in 2018. Moving beyond that, we noticed that the last Facebook activity was way back in 2019, and 2020 for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram respectively.

As for why the company is closing down the representative that contacted PetaPixel didn’t give a reason. Retailers were similarly unaware of the situation over at Cactus with many of them reporting that things have seemed pretty normal in the four months since the company closed its doors. Per the rep’s response to PetaPixel, the inventory currently in stock is the last we’ll ever see from the company.

Were you a Cactus customer? Will you miss their products? Let us know your thoughts on Cactus’ closure in the comments section below.

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