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This has been a very active week online in the field of photography, and Toad Hollow Photography has been busy finding and creating a list of this weeks best links for tutorial, great photography and interesting blogs to share.  We sincerely hope you enjoy going through this list of incredible pictures by talented photographers as much as The Toad did in bringing it to you.

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Dribbling swan[/url] by Steve-h, on Flickr


Creating Panoramas: 180 Degrees of Monaco – Lee Brown shares some incredible tips and tricks on how to go about creating breath-taking panorama photographs.  The images included are simply incredible and this post is well worth the time to read.

The Ultimate Guide to Online Branding and Building Authority Part II – Social Media – another fabulous post from the desk of Kristi Hines shares tips and details on how best to foster and manage your online brand.  A very important step in establishing yourself, the realm of social networking becomes more and more important for business as things progress.

Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943 – a great series of photographs taken years ago is displayed and discussed in great detail, providing us some tips, tricks and learning opportunities to improve our photography.  This fabulous set is amazing to see, definitely worth the time to view.


Learning To See (Part 1) – we find ourselves enjoying yet another just incredible post from Tom Dinning this week.  Fabulous writing combine with incredible photography to paint a strong picture, with the end result being that we all get a chance to learn a little about ourselves and Tom in the process.  If you spend time with one blog post this week, I’d suggest it be this one.

A Maples Decay – as fall sets in the leaves change color and photographers have a limited window of opportunity to capture these.  Andy Gimino shares an image of a colorful maple leaf captured at the height of the fall season; a beautiful and colorful find, well worth the time to view.

Flora – wow, now this is what we call color!  Awesome, vibrant colors are the word of the day with this photograph from the studio of Renee Stewart Jackson.

A Canadian Icon – Edith Levy shares an image of the CN tower in Toronto.  Taken straight out of the camera, this picture is absolutely incredible and perfect in every regard, and actually captivated me for quite some time.

Sunday, Peaceful Sunday – a regular feature for Heather Neil, Sunday’s find us enjoying pictures from her studio that are the epitome of peace.  No words are included in these posts, further punctuating the sense of serenity we get from viewing the photograph.

Twins in the Sun – a fabulous image from the studio of Aaron Barlow shares a picture of a pair of flowers unlike any you’ve seen before.  An almost painterly end-effect is produced creating a picture where the flowers literally jump right out of the screen at the viewer.

WPPI Accolades of Excellence winning images – prepare to be absolutely amazed!  A pair of enchanting images are presented in this gallery by Annette Biggers sure to delight and amaze everyone who takes the time to take them in!!

Fjellstrand elementary school, Nesodden, Norway – a wonderful architectural piece that looks at an elementary school in Norway.  Gunnar Kristian Kopperud shares a really wonderful scene with us all complete with great colors and tones and a dramatic sky.

14 Big Birds Captured in Action in Stunning 1150 Pixel Photographs – prepare to be astonished, and not just a little, either.  This incredible set of images shares pictures of various birds in ways I’ve never seen before.  Rich details in conjunction with the raw emotion of the animals in their natural habitat come together in these photographs to produce something just incredible.


Voice of Autumn (Week 35 / 52)[/url] by Jack Batchelor, on Flickr

Tranquility – a spectacular landscape photo of a waterfall, this picture has it all going on.  Great action in the water is surrounded and accented by the beauty in the details of the landscape.  John Deas delivers a strong and compelling image, an absolutely delightful piece.

Books From Boxes – a highly evocative piece from the studios of Viveca Koh shares a scene from an abandoned power station.  Leaving others to capture the large architectural details of the facility, Viveca focused primarily on the detail work and this picture showcases the emotion and drama of the setting just perfectly.

Mystery Woman – fast motion juxtaposed with some great details in the still areas combine to create a truly alluring image.  Chris Frailey shares a truly emotional piece that exposes the innate curiosity that lives within us all.

Flatiron Detail – an exquisite study in lines and geometry as seen and captured by the lens of Mark Garbowski.  Wonderful lighting further adds drama to specific sections and areas of interest, creating a truly complete work.

Another Fall – a gorgeous little old house strikes the perfect pose for the lens of Jim Denham in this beautiful photograph.  As the sun rises in the background, exposing perfect tones and colors to the scene, the house creates a striking subject, one sure to enchant all who view it.

La Jolla Portal – a commanding and powerful piece straight from the studio of Jim Nix serves to amaze.  Nature produces the most interesting an compelling artifacts naturally, and when used as photography subjects can produce just amazing results.  This is one such example.

New Born – a fabulous wildlife shot from Marina Cano shares a scene of a baby hanging out with it’s mother.  The photograph is highly detailed, only serving to further punctuate the cuteness factor of the wee little baby hippo found in the scene.  Click the link, you’ll like it.

Tree On Hooper Bald in the Cherokee National Forest – Jerry Denham finds and captures a wonderful tree standing lone sentry.  Great colors in the background sky further add a ton of interest to the already dramatic scene at hand.

My “Bluebird” of Happiness – a stunning little bird creates the perfect subject for photography for the telephoto lens of John Mead.  The colors of this feathered-friend are beyond description, as it sits and strikes the perfect pose…  a top drawer photo of a top drawer bird!

Slammed Caddy – black so black, it’s almost chrome!  Ross Hagen takes a picture of a lowered Cadillac that is so shiny, you almost need a pair of sunglasses to even look at the photograph!

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay – a wonderful and slightly nostalgic photo from the studio of Cathy Ross showcases both the scene and the power of the Instagram technology for cell phones.  A wonderful composition sure to remind us all of the late days of summer, this picture is absolutely incredible.

Bath Time – Rob Hanson is back from his vacation, and he’s back with a bag full of great images!  This iconic shot of Diana’s Baths, near Intervale, NH, really is a breath-taking landscape piece complete with power and beauty of a stunning waterfall.

Ribbons of Mist – a truly captivating scene as captured by Tom Baker.  Wonderful colors and textures are accented by the rising fog as the morning crests.  A beautiful photograph, to say the very least.

Seeing a tarantula in a different light – Kim and Barry Hovland create stunning imagery, and no doubt one of the reasons is the incredible place they live in Costa Rica.  This shot of a massive tarantula spider in it’s native habitat is both absolutely compelling and utterly creepy…  at the same time.

Bolton Emerson Americas: Carbide – a top drawer series of B&W images taken in an active facility really showcases American pride and ingenuity in terms of production.  Bob Lussier really did a wonderful job capturing and documenting this place, well worth the time to view.

Bridge at Blessington – great leading lines in the bridge structure are punctuated with fabulous colors in the sky.  Gerry Chaney really created a wonderful and beautiful scene here, complete with great reflections to add some drama.

Lake Shore Place – a great architectural piece has great drama added with the inclusion of a leafless tree silhouette in the foreground.  Gareth Glynn Ash shares a great picture of an iconic Chicago building created with a wonderful and unique frame.

Green Swallowtail – another gorgeous image of wildlife in it’s natural setting.  This green swallowtail is colorful and rich in detail, and the perfect depth of focus really accentuates the beauty of the scene.

Bug – Doing the Hokey Pokey – another stellar shot from the studio of Kerri Farley shares a scene of a bug so crisp, so sharp, I swear you can almost read it’s drivers license from here!  Sure to amaze everyone, this photo is absolutely incredible.

London – Rooftops – these images are both so amazing each for their own reasons.  Straight from the studio of Mark Blundell, a pair of images taken from the rooftops of London produce a striking nighttime sky-scape scene in one image, and a mysterious and profound self-portrait using the city skyline as a backdrop in another.

Paint Tahoe Purple – beautiful, beautiful colors and fabulous details contrasted against a smokey body of water… producing a breathtaking image!  Edin Chavez shares a truly incredible capture that is just wonderful and mysterious.

Couchiching Sky – Robert Snache shares a picture with such incredible color bouncing off a truly jaw-droppingly awesome sky that is sure to delight and amaze everyone.  The colors and tones in this photograph are some of the best I’ve seen, and the floating and dramatic sky just creates the touch of drama needed to complete the scene.

Badlands – Edith Levy captures and processes an autumn scene that presents a picture reminiscent of a painting.  A beautiful landscape scene with rolling hills and colorful autumn leaves, this gorgeous scene is absolutely well worth the time to view.


DSC06343[/url] by sgmillionxu2000, on Flickr

Icelandic Waterfall – a stunning landscape photograph of a powerful and commanding waterfall in Iceland is sure to amaze all who see it.  Dene’ Miles shares a compelling image with just fabulous colors, tones and details.

Deep Orange – another fabulous flower shot from the studio of Aaron Barlow hits our list this week.  Fabulous colors and details merge in this incredible photo, creating something absolutely beautiful and unique.

Maple Tree – CJ Schmit captures the stunning colors of a maple tree as the leaves turn color for autumn.  A great landscape photo with bright, vibrant colors, this is sure to please!

Lucky Charm – a wonderful, wonderful photograph of a boat docked in Gloucester produces a striking subject for Steve Beal’s photography.  Great colors and textures add drama to an iconic seaside scene, well worth the time to view.

A Rough Call – candid outdoor photography takes a knack all it’s own, and Chris Nitz shines in this realm.  A great photo of a girl talking on the phone produces strong emotion and drama, a truly great photograph.

Pumpkin Patch Bullies – the strangest things can make for the most wonderful photography subjects.  In this shot we’ve got a bunch of pumpkins, but when taken in context of the surroundings and the composition that Renee Stewart Jackson has used, we’ve also got a highly interesting and dramatic image!

Face Time – a wonderful photograph taken from inside the clock assembly in the Grand Central Terminal’s clock from the studio of Bob Lussier delivers a wonderful and unusual scene.  Bob braved personal injury to obtain this image and we think it was well worth it.

Sunrise in Brooklyn Bridge Park – as the sun rises on the horizon, Mike Olbinski is there and ready to capture the beauty of the NY cityscape.  A great photograph taken with just perfect composition, the lines of the boardwalk and the bridge really creates a series of leading lines to guide the viewer through the frame comfortably.  What a stunning image.

Bye Bye Revisited – another great shot from Jason Hines taken in the abandoned dog track.  Graffiti covers the walls and great textures await us in this fabulous image.  Truly fabulous processing brings the scene to life, well worth the time to check out.

Exit Rear – a train graveyard provides the perfect place for Scott Frederick to perform his special photography techniques on.  This image taken inside an old, abandoned rail car is absolutely dramatic and mysterious, guaranteed to amaze all those who view it.

Great Grey Owl Spreads His Wings – a fabulous capture of a beautiful owl in flight is masterfully captured and shared in this post.  The power and grace of Mother Nature is all around us, and fabulous photographs like this one really serve to bring this sense home for us all.

Up Way Too Early – Tim McMurdo shares an image captured in the wee hours of the morning as he is the only soul wandering the city streets.  A nostalgic black and white picture, this is a wonderful scene, definitely well worth the time to view.

Thistle – a wonderful and poetic photograph straight from the studio of Barbara Youngleson.  Beautiful composition is accented by the wonderful use of textures to complete something absolutely wonderful and unique.



Believe[/url] by Gemma Stiles, on Flickr

Dance With Me – a powerful and evocative picture from the studio of Marina Cano.  This black and white image of two zebra’s is something so unique and special, words cannot truly describe it.  It’s one of those must-see images you encounter periodically.

Dodge 100 – once again Jim Nix shares something just off the charts with us!  A fabulous picture of an old truck full of texture and details to enjoy, this picture is one of my personal favorites!

Hike With Me – an absolutely wonderful and beautiful photo from Steve Beal shares a scene of fall foliage, punctuated by a brooding and dramatic sky.  This gorgeous photo immediately takes us somewhere peaceful and is well worth the time to view.

Portfolio 2 – what an amazing set of images!  This is a large collection of completely unique and stunning photographs taken of people in various places and poses doing different things.  Words can’t truly describe this set, so at this point I’d just highly recommend clicking on the link to see yourself!

Eiffel Tower is in Paris, TN not Paris, France – a totally unique and captivating image from Jerry Denham.  This great photo shares a shot of a copy of an icon, so exquisitely photographed and processed it’s sure to amaze everyone.

More Fall Color – a great landscape photo from Tom Barnett shares a colorful and detailed image of a rolling vista.  Wonderful composition and details in this picture make it truly stand out, well worth the time to view.

Need Air – who knew that a pair of carburetors could be so compelling!!  Leave it to Erik Kerstenbeck to show us how to capture and process a shot like this, creating a true icon of the automotive industry and a wonderful work of art, too!

Split Rail Autumn – a compelling photo from Curt Fleenor shares a vision of a landscape in autumn.  Complete with wonderful leading lines from the fence composed in the shot, this image also has plenty of detail and texture to take in.

Storm Clouds – clouds can make for fabulous and dramatic photography subjects, and in this image Scott Wood shows us why.  A wonderful landscape scene is accented by some really incredible storm clouds on the horizon.

Crystal Mill – an absolutely incredible photograph of an old mill showcases the history and heritage of the area.  A must see image from Rick, this architectural study of a time now long past is a real show-stopper in our books today.

Alien Landing – oh my word, this is just fabulous!  Rob Hanson delivers a shot of something you just won’t see in a typical day!  Great composition and details in this photo add further interest, sure to delight and amaze everyone who checks it out.

Sign Of The Times – this post and accompanying photos from the studio of Mike Victorino truly speak to our personal passion of photography.  This set of iconic shots of a classic wooden barn are all that remain of this wonderful and beautiful structure and today we only have Mike’s incredible photography to remind us of it.  What a great series, and a great blog post to go along.



Welcome autumn[/url] by Un ragazzo chiamato Bi, on Flickr

Visiting the Loire Valley and Château de Chambord – Lee Brown takes us all away to a place of history and beauty.  A fabulous blog post accompanied by a great set of images, this set is absolutely incredible and well worth the time to view.

A Handful Of Dreams – a truly ethereal and mystical photo from the studio of Abby Elliott shares an unique image.  Without any doubt, this masterful piece is unlike anything you’ve ever seen and will amaze all who check it out.


My first magazine cover!! – a top drawer photographer local to our area has her first image selected for use on the front of a magazine, and we couldn't be happier for her!  Anne McKinnell’s latest success only serves to inspire me with her career goals, and we hope that seeing this will do the same for you.

10 Things Every Creative Person (That’s YOU) Must Learn – Chase Jarvis delivers another strong and foundational blog post that speaks to the inner artist in us all.  No matter where you are in your career or hobby of photography, these points are absolutely valid and well written.  Without any doubt, this is a top drawer post and well worth the time to read.

Street Art that Points Old School Cameras at Passers-By – I love original ideas, especially when it comes to the realm of art.  This set of photos is of a painting of photographers taking photographs in Europe.  Say that 10 times real quick.  Either that, or visit the site and be absolutely amazed, I know we were!

National Geographic – leading storm photographer Scott Wood has been very busy all year and one of his pieces was featured on national news, and word is will be also included in an upcoming National Geographic feature.  If this doesn’t inspire us all to get out there and make art I will be downright surprised!  Congratulations are in order for Scott, that’s for sure.  Job well done.

China Beach Exploration – an incredible blog post showcasing an area just a few short miles from where we live!  No matter how large the world is that we live in, it seems to shrink when we connect with everyone online.  This is a great set of photographs that depict typical west coast landscapes and scenery and is sure to delight all those who take the time to peruse it.

Corrugated Artwork: Recycled Cardboard Into 3D Art – a totally different and unique set of photographs displays a whole new art form that is masterfully executed.  Absolutely incredible, you won’t be disappointed if you take the time to view!

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