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It's been a very exciting week in the world of photography, and Toad Hollow Photography has been busy trying to find the best links to tutorials, photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone.  There is some fabulous content in these links, and we truly hope you enjoy viewing the work of some of these gifted photographers as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.

Check out the Toad’s latest post discussing an exciting community initiative “Hope Springs Eternal” on their photo blog, and an extensive gallery of images on their Canadian Landscape Photography site.


Five Basic Lighting Techniques for Studio Portraiture – this video tutorial discussed lighting techniques for studio portrait work.  This video will leave you coming away with some new insight into this type of work and is well worth the time to view.

The Best Way to Learn About Simplicity in Photography – a really great article and overview that takes us back to using photography as a means to an end.  That is, taking great pictures.  This article is wonderfully written and will definitely leave you with a renewed sense of what’s truly important in the realm of photography.

Tips on how to Shoot Manually: Part I – a great and short how-to guide on moving towards the concept of shooting in manual mode.  This is a great article, well worth the time to read.

simplicity by brdonovan, on Flickr


Learning to See (Part 5) – the continuation of a running blog series from a truly talented and inspiring master photographer Tom Dinning brings us another, deeper look into the act of sight.  This incredible series is both astonishing for the wonder of the images and content shared, and inspiring as it leaves us all with a broader sense of the world we live in.  A must-see post for this weeks list.

Beauty and the Flame – our very own @13ftfall here at Light Stalking has a truly awesome shot posted on his Flickr page.  Exquisite colors and tones are all revealed in this flower image, with a truly wonderful shallow depth of focus.  A great shot, definitely a photo worth visiting!

The Tower – Viveca Koh delivers a wonderful image of a castle tower in Kent, in the UK.  Her masterful use of textures adds a period-correct feel to the image and presents a truly incredible picture to enjoy.

1931 Ford – another great set of photos from the studio of Jimi Jones this week, this time showcasing an antique Ford truck.  The two photos presented were captured and processed using HDR techniques, bringing out all the textures and details of the scene.

Life Runs At People – a wonderful photographic tribute to Joe Frazier shares a scene taken in the iconic Central Park of NYC.  Mark Garbowski captures and processed a beautiful landscape with one truly incredible reflection that produces an image that is wonderful to view.

Elliott Bay Landing – an iconic view of the Seattle harbor as a ferry sits parked.  This wonderful landscape photo of the Seattle skyline produces a plethora of details to enjoy, a wonderful photo from the studio of Jay Taylor.

Soft Lighting – another great portrait photograph from the studio of Erik Kerstenbeck.  Augmented with some fabulous insight and tips into lighting for models, this post serves as both an incredible photo to enjoy as well as a overview on lighting techniques.

It’s a New Day – a beautiful, beautiful sunrise is captured and shared by Jimi Jones in this gorgeous landscape shot.  A city skyline produces some drama for the foreground, delivering an image that is sure to delight and amaze all who view it.

Back Alley – absolutely wonderful composition in this image from the studio of Len Saltiel shares an alley scene in Scotland.  Great textures and details in the old city buildings, coupled with fabulous leading lines combine to create something wonderful to view.

Rembrandt Lighting – another fabulous post from the studio of Erik Kerstenbeck, again discussing the use of lighting in portrait photography.  In this post, Erik discusses the application of a specific style of lighting which sheds a lot of light, if you will, on this fascinating topic.

Photographing Waves From A Surfers View – guaranteed to make your jaw hit the floor, this fabulous series of photos taken from the perspective of a surfer delivers a set of shots of waves as they curl.  Great framing results from this style of photography, and the images produced are beyond compelling.

The Mighty Oak – Steve Beal captures and shares a wonderful HDR landscape photo.  A mist envelopes the backdrop producing a sense of drama that accents the inherent interest in his wonderful composition.

Beer Label Friday Week 45 – Chris Nitz does a weekly special on his blog, where he captures and posts an image taken of a beer label.  At first blush, this may sound far less exciting than it truly is, as Chris has a wonderful ability to bring out all the details of the subject and always delivers a powerful photo.

Lily Drops – a powerful and dramatic black-and-white photo from the studio of Aaron Barlow.  A single drop of water sits on the end of a leaf, producing a scene full of drama as the viewer awaits the effects of gravity.  An exquisite picture, sure to delight and amaze all who view it.

Sweetest Sneak Peak – finding and capturing the most amazing things is part of the magic that comes from the studio of Steve Beal, and this post is a true example of this.  An old stove is the subject for this photo taken in an old and iconic lighthouse.  This absolutely incredible image is full of great textures and details.

Waves – a wonderful textured abstract image from the studio of Scott Wood showcases an image full of wonderful colors.  This is a slight departure from Scotts typical work and shares a new vantage of life taken through his lens.

Lord Mayors Fireworks – a colorful and compelling photo by Mark Blundell delivers a shot taken high above the London skyline during a fireworks display.  Great colors and details await the viewer in this photo, with a peek at the London city as a backdrop.  A truly wonderful image to take in.

Pandora Street Neglect – a local west coast photographer I have only recently met has created a post discussing a derelict building in the heart of the city.  I, too, have created a blog post (A Mask With No Face) on this iconic old heritage structure in our city.  It’s really interesting to see the two distinct photographic interpretations of this structure.

Roaring Fork – a wonderful and colorful landscape photograph of a running waterfall by Jerry Denham.  Great and rich colors and textures await the viewer in this gorgeous shot, sure to delight everyone.

Sunday – Peaceful Sunday – another great weekly post from the desk of Heather Neil shares a colorful and beautiful picture of a field of flowers.  As winter approaches here on the west coast, these images are a great way to find a chance to revisit a warmer time.

Long Look At East Beach – rich and vibrant tones accent a beautiful city line in the distance as we overlook a water body.  Jim Denham captures and shares a truly dramatic and poignant image, complete with great colors and tones to take in.

Grace Church School – an icon in NYC, this building stands as an example of wonderful old heritage architecture.  Mark Garbowski captures and shares a truly masterful capture of this facility, with great details, textures and lighting to really punctuate the scene.

Flower – absolutely incredible colors and tones create the inspiration for this beautiful photograph from the studio of Helene Kobelnyk.  This gorgeous flower captured in exquisite light makes for a truly wonderful image to take in, well worth the time.

Historical, and Physical, Graffiti – another incredible photograph from the studio of Mark Garbowski shows his photographic interpretation of an iconic building in NYC.  Used by many famous people as a backdrop for music videos, artistic endeavours and many other purposes, Mark shares an image and some of the incredible history that accompanies this wonderful location.

Under the Canopy – Anne McKinnell finds and captures a truly breathtaking landscape image of living oaks.  This picture is absolutely gorgeous and dramatic in nature, both at the same time, and the exquisite composition employed here really brings this scene to life for us all to enjoy.

Stormy Seas – a stunning, stunning image by Steven Perlmutter showcases an iconic lighthouse in stormy conditions in Maine.  Fabulous details of the lighthouse and accompanying out-buildings greet the viewer, definitely guaranteed to delight and amaze all who view.

Outcast – a really great shot taken in the Hong Kong Harbor by Lee Brown.  Great details and tones are captured here, and the contrast of the boat against the backdrop of the city skyline really adds a huge element of interest.

Days End – an utterly dramatic moon sits on the horizon, creating a strong sense of drama.  Heath O’Fee captures and processes a truly beautiful image that is perfectly framed by a dramatic sky full of clouds and the rocky formations of the surrounding landscape.

Great Beyond – a raging waterfall creates a foreground for a painted sky full of bright and vibrant stars.  Marc Adamus captures and delivers a truly breathtaking image, one sure to delight and amaze all who visit.

Another morning in Austin – a commanding city skyline is accented by one of the most stunning reflections I have seen.  Van Sutherland & Chris Cone deliver a truly beautiful skyline photograph, full of great details and tones to enjoy.

The Old Neptune – what a gorgeous and breathtaking image that Chris Maskell captures and delivers in this post.  Worthy of any postcard or image framed for hanging on a wall, this picture is so beautiful, complete with a heritage building that strikes a romantic pose against the skyline, and gorgeous colors and tones in the sky.

Fall’s Fading Light – a truly breathtaking photograph of a wedding in Central Park. Ryan Brenizer captures and delivers a picture that is so stunning in it’s beauty, it’s guaranteed to take your breath away.  As a matter of fact, I now want to remarry my beautiful wife in this location.

Waterfall in Norway – a wondrous and beautiful photograph of a waterfall in Norway, punctuated by a dramatic sky and framed by water.  This picture is full of natural wonder and is guaranteed to delight and amaze everyone who visits.

By Your Side – a study of lines and geometry by Thomas Hawk produces a compelling image.  Processed in black-and-white, further adding drama, this is an amazing picture.

Tree – a lone tree stands sentry on a hilltop producing a strong and dramatic image.  Helene Kobelnyk finds and captures a scene that is purely magical, full of drama and interest for the viewer to enjoy.

Looking Up – a great perspective of a tree grove, straight from the studio of Jimi Jones, delivers an awesome photo with a great sense of scale.  The second image in the post features a beautiful sunburst, shining through a bright patch of fall leaves, an absolutely gorgeous photograph.

Storm’s Approach – a true icon of Jasper National Park in Canada, Maligne Lake presents landscapes that are just not to be found elsewhere.  In this incredible photograph, Len Saltiel captures the well-known Maligne Tours building with a dramatic sky, producing a beautiful image to enjoy.

First Floor – wow, an absolutely amazing shot by Steve Beal gets us a first floor inside look of a historically important lighthouse.  Great details and textures await the viewer here, which are all punctuated by the fabulous peek of the Tappan Zee Bridge through the open door.

Al Capone’s Cell – HDR Collaboration – absolutely guaranteed to amaze everyone, this set of images is a collaborative effort by some of the most talented HDR photographers I know.  Eight different results from the same set of brackets, and each has a touch of the personal to them.  This is a truly amazing set, if you check out one great post from this weeks list, this has to be it.

Tangled – a sweet, shallow depth of focus creates an image that jumps out of the monitor at the viewer in this picture.  Steven Perlmutter delivers a compelling picture, with a great lighthouse in the backdrop to provide a lot of interest, but the focal point being what it is really produces something special.

Four Four – what an absolutely astonishing capture from Bob Lussier in this post.  Industrial equipment can make for the most compelling subject matter for great HDR photos, and this image is a picture-perfect example of why.

Plantation Homes – a truly compelling set of images from Anne McKinnell shares several scenes of a time now long past.  The accompanying storyline to this post adds some serious depth to it all, and combined produces something incredible to enjoy.

Mastering Splash to create a beauty – an absolutely breathtaking piece from the studio of Alex Koloskov delivers a picture of such incredible beauty.  The process required to produce such an image is very in-depth, and the results are well worth the efforts.

Wonder – a beautiful photo of a church spire with an awesome cloud formation behind it to add character.  Mike Victorino really delivers something compelling in this shot, well worth the time to pop over for a view.

Red Velvet – astonishing might begin to describe this image, but certainly does not completely do so.  Bob Lussier delivers another truly incredible photograph, this time of an abandoned building…  the lighting and tones here are jaw-dropping, and the accent of the light on the chair at the far end of this composition adds further drama.  This one leaves you asking as many questions as were answered.

Endless Tracks – this picture literally goes forever.  In both reality and in the perspective shared with the viewer.  Jim Denham captures and shares a picture with great composition that truly shares the strong sense of scale he was going for.  A great and compelling image, to be sure.

Duggers Creek – Curt Fleenor captures and shares a great shot of a beautiful waterfall.  The juxtaposition of the fast moving fall combined with the crisp details of the surrounding environs truly creates a masterful piece, sure to delight and amaze everyone.

Smokin’ – a colorful image, full of interest and details, is presented here by Edith Levy.  Graffiti can sometimes produce powerful imagery, and this is a great example of such.  Well worth the time to visit, to say the least!

Bird – slightly abstract, totally colorful with great tones, this shot of a bird in flight with the backdrop of a beautiful natural sky is compelling to say the least.  Giovani Oliveira delivers a powerful image that has captured a small piece of the wonder of nature, and is a truly wonderful photo to take in.

Bali, Indonesia – a truly jaw-dropping set of photographs taken in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Natural and stunning landscapes await the viewer with this series by Helminadia Ranford, creating a post that is sure to delight everyone.

Top Of The Rock – a great, great shot of NYC taken from the top of the Rockefeller Center delivers a powerful and compelling image.  Edin Chavez shares a wonderful view of this really amazing city, absolutely worth the time to visit.

A Woman In The Forest – Ruslan Sitarchuk shares a really wonderful photo of a woman posing in the forest.  The backdrop and composition used to create this image are both highly sympathetic to the subject, and the result is a great picture.

Orange light under the bridge – a stunning bridge photograph by Miroslav Petrasko delivers one of the best reflections I’ve seen this week.  Punctuated with great tones and colors, this image is mesmerizing.

Ballintoy Rainbows – a pair of rainbows is captured at this iconic harbour in Ireland.  Stephen Emerson delivers a beautiful and compelling photograph, well worth the time to see.

Lake Abraham in Winter – a very popular picture on 500px this week, this shot of a frozen lake in Canada is absolutely incredible.  Long Nguyen captures and shares a truly dramatic and fascinating scene of Canadian landscape, complete with incredible cracks in the ice, producing strong drama.

Back in the saddle – a great series of images of a new stadium.  Dave DiCello delivers a series of truly compelling shots of the new facility, including sunrise and sunset shots.  Great compositions and unique perspectives await the viewer, creating a set well worth the time to view.

Meerkat Cuddle – a truly wonderful photograph of two Meerkat’s in an embrace.  Incredible composition creates a strong picture, one sure to evoke emotions in everyone who takes the time to view.

Where The Buffalo Roam – Rick delivers a masterful photo of a herd of Buffalo in their natural habitat.  The accompanying blog post really gives the reader a sense of the power and habits of this incredible animal, and when combined with the awesome picture, this creates a wonderful post.

Smith & Bell at Dusk, Houston, Texas – Dave Wilson captures and delivers a truly wonderful architectural photo, of a landmark in downtown Houston.  Incredible tones and lines are created with this image, producing a strong image that is full of interest for the viewer.

Landing Gear Down – a capture at just the perfect time!  Kerri Farley delivers such an incredible photograph of a Monarch butterfly just as it’s approaching for a landing.  All the right elements converge at just the right time, and Kerri is ready and waiting with her camera to capture this awesome photo to share with us all.

Dragon Face – a wonderful macro shot of a dragonfly close-up gives the viewer a chance to see some fabulous details.  Great composition and framing are evident in this fabulous image, sure to amaze everyone who takes the time to visit.

White Winter Hymnal by Jack Batchelor, on Flickr


Have You Ever Ridden A Bike Up A Tree? – a truly unique set of photos and videos that showcase the stylings of a talented bike rider.  Sometimes you need to see something to believe it, and this is one such example.

Little French World – Chinon, France – another mesmerizing post from the studio of Lee Brown, showcasing a series of images captured in old France.  The pictures and post combine to create a truly compelling read, sure to delight and amaze everyone who drops by the post for a visit.

Not a Petroleum Refinery, Silly, it’s an Aquarium – a truly interesting set of photos taken of a now unused aquarium from the studio of Jeffrey Friedl.  This is a wonderful series with a truly interesting accompanying blog post.

Play Around with Macro Photography Using a Magnifying Glass – a technique to perform macro photography without an actual specialized macro lens is discussed in this fascinating blog post.  Complete with a few examples, this article is sure to teach everyone a new trick.

Circus Nostalgia – a truly compelling story accompanied by some fabulous photos, all taken in a circus in India.  As times change, so does societies methods and forms of entertainment, and it might seem that these old circuses may one day come to an end, too.

SoCo on a Saturday afternoon – a unique and interesting look at a shopping mall in Austin, Texas.  This truly wonderful series of images really showcases the area and the highlights in a compelling way.

Marketing Campaigns for Photographers – Sell a Non-Photography Product – an extremely well written article on value-add propositions for your customers.  This not only has the added benefit of bringing in more business, but also provides a great service to your customers.

The Photographer’s Toolbox: Gaffer Tape – sometimes the simplest things produce the most value.  Doug Pruden shares some thoughts with us about the applications of Gaffer tape in the wide world of photography producing a quick but informative read for those interested.

Dekotora Trucks: Lighted Chariots of the Night – a really interesting post that discusses the culture on this topic, and includes a short video.

Geoff Ridenour: Photographer – an absolutely wonderful blog post by Jason DeWitt showcases another brilliant photographer.  A great bit of writing on behalf of this great photographer is punctuated with some GREAT images, this is one post you don’t want to miss this week!

9 Amazing Apps for Night Photography – Jim Goldstein shares his list of favorite, must-have apps for the night photographer.  Sure to help everyone with planning and executing night shoots, this comprehensive list is absolutely fabulous.

Canon Powershot S100 Serious Compact Review – a comprehensive review of the latest offering from Canon.  This is a well written article with several great example photos to showcase the results available from this new model.

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