Grab a Coffee. This is Our Biggest Photography Link Round-Up Ever


This is a terrific time to be involved in photography with a litany of gear of tools available to create almost any image you can possibly imagine.  Toad Hollow Photography has been busy searching the internet for the best tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone, showcasing some of the best talents and techniques available today.  We really hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.

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Easy Exercises You Can Do To Improve Your Eye For Composition – Tiffany Mueller shares a great article here on Light Stalking that may be brief in terms of content, but is rich with helpful insights on how to improve your natural composition skills.  By utilizing the lessons created by the masters of paint many years back, we are able to learn about framing and light, and the results are always stronger compositions that create very compelling pictures.

10 Wildlife Photography Tips in 9 Minutes – a great video tutorial that is only 9 minutes long, but is full of great tips and tricks for capturing terrific wildlife shots.  There is a subtle difference between good and great shots, especially when it comes to subjects found in nature, and when you are armed with this great information you are sure to catch that next great shot.

Seven Tips For Making Better Photographs – managing compositions and being ready are key components to a great photograph, and this great list of tips from industry leader Joe Farace shares insights that come from a pro.  Joe also shares a pair of great shots in this article, adding context to the concepts he is covering.

No Light, Low Light, No Problem: Environmental Portraiture at Night – the first foundation in great pictures always resides in the light and the effects it has on the subject being photographed.  This great article covers a series of concepts, tips and tricks for shooting in low light situations.  Example photos are included to illustrate the points being discussed, adding context to the article.

Using Light Reflectors in Food Photography – a few short video tutorials and sample photographs accompany this terrific article that discusses using reflectors and diffusers for managing light to make it look as natural as possible in the context of food photography.  The concepts covered in this article are highly applicable to other genres of photography as well, making this a great read for those interested.

Life Before Photoshop: VW Campaign – Joe Baraban shares another segment in his “Life Before Photoshop” series in this post, this time sharing a terrific shot of a car in motion for a major ad campaign.  Back before the advent of digital processing, everything had to be done in camera and although we all have great tools available to us today it’s also still very important to do as much as possible in camera for most photographs.

5 Ways to Use Shadows in Your Composition for Better Images – managing shadows in a composition is key to expressing depth and texture, a technique that I use in my practice for every frame I capture.  This terrific article by Jason Row, a feature writer here on Light Stalking, talks about key aspects of controlling shadows and why, alongside some great sample images that show you the results.



4 Tips for Posing Subjects by Wedding Photographer Lexia Frank – Lexia Frank shares four very short video presentations that are full of great tips for posing that can be applied to any form of portraiture, even beyond weddings.  These videos are brief and very easy to digest, sharing some really great insights.

Go To Light Shapers – industry lighting magician Joe McNally shares some details as to what he carries with him for applications in the field in terms of lighting.  As he discusses each piece in his equipment bag, he also shares some illustrative photos that show you the great results you can achieve without having a semi-trailer full of gear following you along as you work.

Four Tips to Cut Your Dodging and Burning Time in Half – four easy to follow tips and tricks are shared here to help cut down on the time spent post-processing portraits.  By mixing and matching various techniques outlined here, you should be able to streamline your workflow and still achieve terrific end results.

Wratten Filters for Infrared Photography – Joe Farace shares a great tutorial and article here discussing the application of filters on infrared photography.  Joe includes some great technical details to shed some light on this highly complex area of photography, and he also shares a pair of great shots to showcase what can be done with the technique.

Seven Keys to Starting with Flash Photography – Jason Row shares a great primer article on how to use and apply flash photography to your image captures.  This is an area of photography considered by many to be complex and difficult to master properly, and this article will get you well on your way to create images that are much more than just pictures.

Learn the Basics of Food Photography with this Video – this video is just over 5 minutes in length but is packed full of easy to follow tips and tricks to help you captured awesome food photography.  All key aspects of a great shot are covered, and for each tip sample photos show the results.  This is a terrific primer to get you started or to help you take your images to the next level.

How to photograph through windows: my top 12 tips – photographing cityscapes through windows can be a very tricky undertaking, with unwanted reflections having a tendency of making their way into the frame and ruining the shot.  This terrific tutorial covers 12 key points that can help alleviate this issue, with wonderful results.

DIY: An Ultraviolet Flash for Black Light Photography – and now for something completely different!!  Check out this post that takes us through a series of high levels tips and tricks on how to setup and perform a shoot using ultraviolet lighting.  The concepts covered here are easy to follow, allowing you to focus on getting the job done by learning from someone who has successfully completed this in the past.

Four Accessories for Light Painting Photographers – light painting is a terrific genre of photography, often producing really unique and amazing images that are unlike any others.  In this post, we find a series of ideas and tips that show you how to get the most of your own light painting project.

How to Remove Lens Distortion in Your Photographs With Lightroom – the editor of Light Stalking has written a terrific article on how to effectively remove lens distortion in photographs.  He goes into terrific detail about the source of the problem, and covers a great solution that is built right into Adobe Lightroom for dealing with them.  Sample images and surrounding issues are also discussed, creating an in-depth piece that removes a lot of the mystery associated with distortion.

7 Single Flash Portraits Techniques That You Can Apply Right Now – each of the techniques outlined here can produce stunning results in terms of great portraiture, all just using a single speed light and some creative and simple construction.  The processes shared here are wildly different in their approaches, giving you a large variety of ideas and concepts that you can bring to bear on your own work.

How to Create More Vivid Food Photos – a great primer article that discusses the foundations of capturing and creating amazing food photographs.  Concepts surrounding contrast and color and explored in this piece, sharing some tips that can be utilized and appreciated by pros and amateurs alike.

Photographer Shoots Airplane Flyby with 30 Strobes – if this doesn’t make you want to grab your camera and head on out to have some wild adventure with photography, I have no idea what might.  This is a terrific presentation that gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how 30 strobes were applied to capture some amazing in-flight photographs.  A brief video presentation is also included that reveals how it all came together, alongside the images that were captured at the event.

How to Take Photos Under Various Sun Lit Conditions – this video is just under 6 minutes in length, and is packed full of great tips and tricks for shooting in various conditions out of doors during the day.  I really love how the team utilizes humor to make this presentation unique and enjoyable to watch and learn from.

10 Tips for Photographing Cats – Cats.  Love ‘em, hate ‘em, or be indifferent…  no matter what your take on these furry creatures, they are very popular online in terms of photography.  You literally can’t swing an empty tuna can around the web without finding one.  This fun article gives you a few great tips on how to catch great candid shots of these fur covered friends, and it does this with a selection of awesome cat shots.


On Shooting at f/0.95 for Wedding Photography – Will Chao takes a very large aperture f/0.95 50mm lens around the proverbial block for us, using weddings as the prime source for the pictures supplied in this article. There is a lot of discussion regarding aperture settings and very shallow depth-of-focus issues that come with that, and in this great article Will briefly covers how he overcomes those issues to capture and deliver simply stunning wedding shots.

Use These Weird Lighting Tricks to Add Motion Blur to Your Photos – pushing the limits of what procedures are normally used can really produce very unusual results, as evidenced by the incredibly surreal photography created by using some unusual lighting techniques.  Ben Sasso steps way outside the box with these techniques, and in doing so creates terrific images that form the basis for this brief tutorial sure to give you your own ideas.

Learn The Three Basic Principles Of Light In Less Than 5 Minutes – Lindsay Adler is terrific at sharing her knowledge compiled over years of practical experience in the field shooting and making great photographs.  In this brief 5 minute video tutorial, she discusses at a high level the 3 key factors of light, sure to add to your own knowledge base and give you ideas on how to better manage light in your own work.

Secret White Balance Trick for Photoshop – white balance is an area of post-production that can be confusing and complex to many, and as such is often overlooked.  In this brief video tutorial we get to see a quick trick that appears to work very well within Photoshop.


Tamron SP 35mm and 45mm f/1.8: Pro Prime Lenses with Stabilization – this review covers two new offerings in the Tamron lens family, each delivering terrific image quality alongside professional features and details that make these lenses stand out.  This review includes a few sample photographs captured with these lenses, giving the reader a strong idea of what they are capable of.


Photographic proof that wild animals are way funnier than humans – CNN shares a curated collection of photographs that feature animals in various candid poses, revealing exactly why our world’s wildlife is so amazing and unpredictable.  This feature article is sure to leave you smiling and wanting more.

Colonial church uncovered by drought in Mexican reservoir – this set of photos is sure to leave you with many more questions than answers, sharing a view of a church that has been abandoned since the late 1700’s and was purposely flooded in the 1960’s when a dam was created in the area.  These photos reveal a facility that was lost to time, full of great architectural features along with the voices of those who were lost during the plague that eventually caused its demise.

Kennall Vale Gunpowder Mill – Mark Blundell brings us along on a terrific adventure and exploration, one that features a long out-of-use gunpowder mill deep in the woods.  The remnants of the buildings that are left in the lush growth create haunting scenes that Mark processed as black-and-white to accent the artistic tension and drama found within.

#Earth Art: Astronaut Tweets Startling Views of Australia – this special feature shares a collection of photographs taken from space that share abstract art far below on earth.  This set focuses on various aspects of Australia from miles above the surface, illustrating how nature itself can be the best source of spectacular art.

Fir Falls, Craigellache BC


17 Beautifully Abandoned Places – for the fan of the forgotten and forlorn, this special feature takes a look at 17 locations around the world that are now long abandoned, yet still hold the key to create terrific photographic opportunities.  Each of the destinations is unique in it’s own way, creating a collection of must-visit locations for those who love this genre.

Mary Ellen Mark: “It’s not what you shoot with, it’s the pictures you make…” – this powerful video interview is extensive covering a variety of topics with a well-known photojournalist and a supermodel with a terrific penchant for photography.  The insights shared in this presentation are inspirational and compelling, sure to be enjoyed by anyone who loves the craft.

Brilliant 4K Time-lapse Day in the Life of the Gunhilde, a Maersk Container Ship – this is an awesome example of how perspective and presentation can be everything, turning what many might consider to be a mundane task into something that is mesmerizing.  This 4K time-lapse piece takes us through a snippet of time in a freighters life, including traveling and loading and unloading, full of great details and amazing sights.  This one might just have you hitting the replay button a few times.

Month in Space: Super Moons and Stunning Eclipses – NBC News hosts a series of 19 space themed photographs in this article, each with a unique perspective and subject that focuses on things that lie outside our immediate realm.  These shots are all amazing, revealing a little of the universe we all live within from our tiny perspective.

Days of Night/Nights of Day – Elena Chernyshova shares a photo essay that shows the life and the environs of folks who live in a very remote part of the world located 400km north of the Arctic Circle.  This series of photographs reveals scenes that are foreign to almost all of us, illustrating the challenges and issues encountered living in a mining community that finds itself under constant light or darkness during certain times of the year.

6 Completely Unique and Inspiring Timelapse Videos – the visual power of incredible timelapse videos comes to our screens in this collection of some of the best out there today.  Each presentation shares a wildly different subject from the others, making this a great compendium of timelapses for those who are fans of the genre.

So, What Happens In Vegas… – join Joe McNally in Las Vegas as he shares an awesome video along with some incredible photographs he crafted and captured during the PhotoShop World annual event.  Humor and levity are the keywords for this post which features some epic photos that only Joe McNally can conceive and execute, coupled with some behind-the-scenes shots to give you added context and spur on creative ideas.

Catching up with Copenhagen – Jim Nix shares a comprehensive catalog of shots he has taken while visiting the city of Copenhagen.  The variety of shots he has captured and shared here range from broad, wide architectural studies to vignettes that find the story within the story in this city that is full of rich history and character.

Polperro – this terrific photo collection features various shots captured by Mark Blundell at a quaint little seaside community.  The area is rich with history, and the thoughts that Mark shares with his shots adds a great layer of interest to the photos by adding historical context sure to make you want to visit in person.

Daredevil Snaps From The Tallest Residential Building In The World – prepare yourself for a vertigo inducing series of photographs before clicking on this link.  Keow Wee Loong is both a daredevil of extraordinary courage, as well as a gifted photographer, allowing us to take in views that would otherwise remain secret.

Joshua Tree Pilgrimage Part I | Part II | Part III– this is the beginning of a multi post presentation from A. D. Wheeler that takes us along on an epic mission, should you choose to accept it.  A. D. picks up a group of roving photographers along his route as he heads into the storied location of Joshua Tree National Park.  These three posts are the inaugural posts in this series and feature wonderfully compelling storytelling, along with a terrific and expected selection of stunning photographs.

The Chase – if you are a fan of storm chasing and the incredible imagery that comes from photographers who pursue this passion, you will not want to miss this feature presentation from famed chaser Mike Olbinski.  Mike applies his unique and incredible skills in this realm to create and share a video unlike that of which you’ve seen before.  Give yourself 6 minutes and a suitable space to really take this incredible presentation in.


MOON NIGHT – a very dramatic study in contrast is created here with this black-and-white piece from Isam Telhami featuring the distinctive contemporary architecture of Tel Aviv.  A strong sense of dynamism is found in the moving clouds that linger overhead, created by using a long exposure to capture this detailed image.

A place to find peace – Barry Turner captures a stunning landscape shot that features an old character church sitting in the countryside.  Wonderful details in the old building find harmony with the beautiful surroundings, all gently lit by the tones of a gorgeous blue hour.

inspired photography


Amsterdam – Remo Scarfò shares a wonderful shot of the famous city of Amsterdam at night, revealing the inherent romance of the city that is found in the two people enjoying each others company as the wonderful community moves around them.  Fabulous details in the stone bridge and the city’s architecture comes to life in this shot that finds a full moon hanging overhead to add a touch of interest.

Spirit Island Bound – Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta – the red boathouse at Maligne Lake in the Canadian Rockies is a famous landmark for visitors and photography enthusiasts worldwide.  This great shot from Len Saltiel captures the boathouse against a backdrop of the rugged mountains, making for a beautiful photograph that depicts the majestic Canadian landscape.

Chateau Verdure – this photograph reveals a framed scene found inside a forgotten home that is now falling prey to the fickle hands of time.  Iris van Wolferen composes this very dramatic shot using a wide angle lens to accentuate the artistic tension found in the piano that serves as an anchor into the shot where decay is hard at work in dismantling the remains of the building.

There's something about a Nashville sunset – Jim Nix finds himself visiting the amazing city of Nashville, and heads out to grab some great shots at the same time a beautiful sunset arrives to accent the city’s skyline.  Beautiful colors in the sky work together with great details in the contemporary architecture of the city is this selection of terrific photographs.

The Old Harbor – this is a wonderful harbor scene captured in the heart of the night, featuring terrific boats and old architecture found in this city in the Netherlands.  Strong sepia tones dominate this piece, adding to the old-world nostalgic feel that Herman van den Berge has captured so very well.

A new horizon – photography not only freezes a moment in time forever, it can also punctuate insights and personal thoughts through the process of interpretation.  This wonderful post by Andy Hooker (LensScaper) shares a set of black-and-white photos that can easily stand on their own for their excellence, but when coupled with his anecdotal insights they form an integral part of the personal story being shared.

NYC blue impact – this monochromatic piece explores terrific blue hues in an overhead view of the city of New York below.  This strong photograph is captured from a highly elevated perspective, creating a unique composition that showcases the architecture of the city below, along with some great light that is likely artificially included in the frame to add to the feel.

Portland Head Light – lighthouses create some of the most romantic subjects for photography, as evidenced by this awesome photograph from Michael Criswell.  Mike and his wife visit one of the more famous locales on the east coast and find it full of avid photographers so Mike sets out to find a unique vantage point.

Feel the peace V – Herison Black shares a terrific visual exploration of the city’s skyline in this shot featuring Shanghai at night.  Wonderful blue tones from the late days light drapes the entire scene in great hues, accenting the powerful and dramatic skyline created by the busy city.

Polar Bear Cub – the incredible love shared between a polar bear mom and her cub is captured eloquently here by Ron Niebrugge as he was shooting up north.  This intimate moment is closely framed in Ron’s wonderful shot, sharing a glimpse into the candid soul’s these magnificent creatures possess.

little owl – my deep love for great owl photographs finds personal satisfaction in this terrific portrait of a little owl looking down at the ground under its tiny feet.  B . K . Ahn captures an expressive piece with this photograph, revealing great details in the tiny birds face along with some wonderful natural artistic tension in the yearning to know what the owl is so focused on.

Airshow time! – Derrick Birdsall shares fours great shots featuring old classic propellor airplanes on display at an airshow recently.  Each of the shots is carefully composed to capture the essence of the plane being photographed, completing this four photo set just perfectly.

The Waterfall Kingdom of Godafoss, Iceland – an almost magical natural scene is presented here in this photograph by Patrick Marson Ong.  Vibrant colors in the sky work perfectly with the details found in the icy landscape, further accented by the silky waters of the waterfall captured using a long exposure.

Wilaha – famed storm chaser Mike Olbinski shares a terrific black-and-white composite shot that features a set of lightning strikes in monochrome.  The incredible drama and raw power found in the overhanging cloud formations adds the perfect finishing touch to this piece, showcasing the incredible forces that nature has at its disposal.

Dawn Moment – Jeff Clow captures a stunning shot of what is widely believed to be the most photographed barn in the US.  The early morning light shines a warm hue over the facade of this terrific old character barn, with the watchful eyes of the Teton Mountains in the backdrop posing a dramatic figure in the picture.

The Humble Sunflower – Rachel Cohen shares a set of delightful shots in this post, all featuring the vibrant colors and details that can only be found when studying the beautiful sunflower in it’s natural setting.  Each of the shots reveals a unique take on this wonder, full of great detail and natural shapes that entice and bring joy to all who view.

Natural History Museum – a great shot taken inside the Natural History Museum gives us a good look into the wonderful architectural elements that make this place the dramatic location it is.  Richard Beresford Harris’ shot gives the viewer a glimpse into the scale of the space, as well as guiding us through the frame via the leading lines created by the staircases and arched roof lines.

Petrified Forest Lightning – Scott Wood is at the right place at the right time to capture this great lightning shot.  Tendrils of energy crash their way to earth as a rugged landscape sits below, and if viewed closely you will notice a vehicle driving across the ribbon of highway, adding a great element to the image.

Belém Tower at Dusk – an ancient tower stands tall just as dusk begins to fall, casting a wonderful blue hue over the skies that cover the structure in this great shot from Paulo Costa.  The long exposure times used to capture this piece create a soft feel in the waters that surround the old stone building, adding a terrific element to the picture.

Piscine Art Deco – strong leading lines and geometrical patterns jump out of the screen in this shot that appears to focus on a staircase in an long forgotten building somewhere.  Urban Vagabond’s careful processing of this perfect composition lends itself to be highly sympathetic to the key subject, revealing a scene that is somewhat abstract at the same time as it creates a truly art deco feel from the details.

Autumn circles – strong reflections add so much to this terrific autumn themed frame that features an old stone bridge crossing a still body of water.  Martin Krajczy composes this shot in such a way as to take advantage of three distinct circles that are created in the reflections, producing a compelling shot that shares a strong sense of this time of year.

Above the Glimmer – CJ Schmit uses a tilt-shift lens to capture this terrific cityscape shot that features terrific details and straight lines.  CJ captured two frames and then stitched them together to create this piece that does a great job of showcasing what this type of lens is capable of when shooting architecture.

HypnoFox – sometimes the title for a photograph really says it all, as in this case here.  Roeselien Raimond captures a terrific portrait of a beautiful fox as it stares back intently at the photographer, leaving the viewer utterly hypnotized, as would seem to be the intention on behalf of the fox.

Brooks Range Moose – Ron Niebrugge captures a terrific shot of a trio of moose working their way through the shrub beside a body of water in Alaska.  In the distance we see the majestic mountains that this area is so famous for, creating a terrific backdrop to this candid nature shot.



Sunrise Explosion – vibrant colors in the sky converges with the raw power of nature to reveal an almost mystical scene that envelops the senses with a profound feeling of wonder and peace.  This wonderful photo is brought to us by Marvin Ramos Evasco who captured this piece in Poland.

St.Peter’s Parish Church – an old church first used in the early 1700’s is the prime subject in this post from Mark Summerfield.  Now some 300 years later, this wonderful old facility creates a perfect piece of architecture in this brief study that shares 3 distinct photos of the church’s exterior.

Nore Stave Church, Norway – these wonderful old wooden churches are found in some locations in Europe, this shot captured of a church in Norway by Europe Trotter.  Gorgeous details in this very old building pop to life in this awesome shot, revealing a little of the character of both the location and the building in its natural setting.

Glass Reflections – dramatic contemporary architecture comes alive in this awesome study by Brad Truxell, sharing an image full of great leading lines and shapes.  Wonderful details in the building create many different zones of interest in this modern portrait, making for a picture that shares great details with those who invest time exploring the frame.

That willow – a lonely leafless tree stands sentry in a pool of water with majestic snow covered mountains in the distance providing the most striking backdrop in this wonderful photograph from Edwin Leung.  The soft reflection from the bare limbs of the tree in the waters add a perfect touch to this shot, creating a truly mesmerizing piece that is full of rich artistic tension.

Forgotten Wheelchair – a moldy environment now long forgotten hosts a lone wheelchair in this very dramatic shot from Urban Vagabond.  This shot features an incredible sense of artistic tension in the chair that leaves the viewer with so many unanswered questions and a yearning to know more about the location itself.

Singapore Bay Front Pano – amazing doesn’t begin to describe the wonderful and dramatic contemporary architecture explored in this photograph by Paulo Costa.  The Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Singapore Flyer are brought into sharp focus in this shot that rewards the viewer who spends time exploring all the terrific details.

Better Run For Cover – Jay Taylor captures an amazing photograph of an owl in mid-flight as it actively hunts in the Pacific Northwest for its next snack.  Incredible details in the bird with it’s wings wide open in flight converge with the shallow depth-of-focus that isolates the subject from its backdrop in this amazing shot.

Skyline B&W – this monochromatic piece explores the dramatic skyline of a contemporary city by drawing attention to great contrasts and details in the architecture that appears to reach to the sky.  Mohamed Sabry’s shot also features a soft reflection from waters in the foreground that adds the perfect finishing touch to the overall scene.

Overgrown – Steptoe Butte Foothills, Colfax, Washington – for those that love weathered barns, this is a post you will not want to miss straight from the camera of Len Saltiel.  A bright orange implement creates a terrific anchor in the front of this piece, leading the viewer beyond and into a visual voyage of discovery as you take in the wonderful textures and details from the barn that looks as if it is long forgotten.

Reflection of a fabulous evening… – the gorgeous Russian landscape is revealed in this shot that appears to be processed using painterly techniques, which highlights the rich colors and terrific natural features of the scene.  Aleksei Malygin captures a shot full of beautiful purple hues that are all gracefully reflected back in the still waters that lie in the foreground.

Fighting The Gulf Air – Jim Denham creates a terrific monochromatic piece captured using a long exposure that shares a view of the Gulf of Mexico as the winds tirelessly swirl around.  The waters of the ocean take on a truly silky look due to the exposure time, and a wooden post that sits in the waters just offshore creates a perfect anchor for the shot.

~ (No Light)house II ~ – a strong ethereal feel is explored in this picture that contains abstract elements against the anchor of a truly romantic lighthouse captured on the shores in Portugal.  David Gomes’ creation reveals beautiful colors in both the sky and the blues of the rushing waters that surround the old lighthouse that remains a sentry, albeit without it’s light active on the night the shot was captured.

Summer is Gone – Jimi Jones shares a wonderful selection of a wide variety of images he has posted through some of his social media channels in this terrific post full of great imagery.  This set covers a large set of subjects that includes landscapes, wildlife and photos of an active beach in the height of summer.

* Equilibrium..* – perspective is often everything when it comes to photography, as shown in this terrific black-and-white image by clement jousse.  A dramatic bit of architecture forms awesome leading lines and geometrical shapes to guide the viewer through the frame where high up in the sky we find a solo bird flying across the opening for a touch of artistic tension.

New horizons 4 – one of my favorite contemporary photographers, Tom Dinning, shares a black-and-white piece here alongside some of his profound prose.  Tom’s unique eye in terms of composition, both visually and verbally, deliver some of the most intriguing posts found online today and are well worth the time to explore.

Singapore Merlion B&W II – the waterfront in Singapore comes alive in this terrific black-and-white shot from Paulo Costa.  Crisp details in the dramatic architecture of the city finds harmony within the deep contrasts explored in this monochrome frame that is sure to engage everyone who loves rich cityscape themed images.

Rainier Fog – Len Saltiel visits a foggy area in the Pacific Northwest and takes full advantage of the scene in capturing this ethereal and moody landscape shot.  The still waters of the lake add tension to a scene that finds us following a dark shoreline out into the vast beyond where only mystery and intrigue remains.

Metro – Iris van Wolferen finds the most incredible abandoned locations and she comes away from those explorations with evocative images full of rich artistic tension.  In this piece we take in an underground metro rail line that appears to be long unused, leaving the viewer with many unanswered questions.

Shanghai Looking Up – Jimmy McIntyre does it once again, this time delivering a city themed shot that features two skyscrapers reaching for the sky in the midst of one nasty storm.  Jimmy’s careful post-processing highlights the raw drama of the scene by creating dark contrasts, which in turn highlight the incredible architecture and the way it combines with the storm to create a very strong feel.

Stream – delicious colors and rich details greet the viewer in this landscape piece from Tiger Seo.  A stream meanders through a green and lush forested area, captured here using a long exposure technique that turns the fast-moving waters into a silky texture that add a sense of the dynamic to the frame.

War Birds – the fan of aviation themed images will find much happiness in this post from Michael Criswell that features a trio of shots that focus on a historical plane, the famous P-51 Mustang.  Michael’s compositions use the dramatic lines of the plane’s design to harness natural leading lines that guide the viewer into the frame where the inherent drama of this glorious bird is there for everyone to explore.

Tanjung Kait – sunset paints the sky in incredible colors as a surreal and dynamic scene unfolds under the cover of clouds in this epic shot from Ivan Lee.  The long exposure turns the waters into a softly churning and dynamic entity under the cloak of fast-moving clouds, finding a sense of harmony between still and moving elements.

Colors of Sunrise and Sunset – four renditions of sunrises and sunsets are shared here by Rachel Cohen, each with its own distinct character.  All four images use bodies of water as an anchor with dramatic clouds hanging overhead, and yet each one is as unique as a snowflake, making for a beautiful post full of vivid colors and wonderful prose.

The Organ – the choice of monochrome processing for this shot by Claus Cheng is the perfect way to finish off a very dramatic image.  A pipe organ in the vast interior of a fascinating church finds the viewer enjoying the natural lines created by the architecture on a journey into the heart of the frame where the pipes for the grand instrument grace the walls.

Woodhaven Subway Concourse Mezzanine – this great shot comes to us from Mark Garbowski who serendipitously came across this subway mezzanine at a time when no people were there and he happened to have a camera with him.  Mark’s shot was captured with a film camera using black-and-white film which creates terrific artistic tension in the empty space that finds accent in the natural grain of the film, adding a nostalgic feel to the frame.

MAJESTIC II – the world famous Burj Al Arab luxury hotel is featured in this nighttime shot from Mohamed Raouf.  The hotel stands out from the surrounding city in glorious fashion in this composition, showcasing the incredible man made beauty found in contemporary modern architecture.

MacDonald Bay – my friend and fellow photography enthusiast Don Barton takes us along as he checks out the wonders that can be found in the northern regions of Vancouver Island.  This shot features a terrific water scene with a muted reflection, an endless forest of trees that serendipitously create perfect natural leading lines and gorgeous colors in the sky to top it all off.

Mystical Haifoss – join Trevor Anderson as he shares a truly stunning photograph featuring the dramatic landscapes and endless vistas of Iceland.  The prime subject in this piece is the incredible waterfall and the mist it generates, but it also really serves as an anchor into the piece where the viewer finds themselves immersed in a landscape so beautiful it defies description.

Luz dorada – beautiful warm and golden light dances across this scene in this shot from jose orozco that looks to me to be focused on a terrific street scene from an old place somewhere in Europe.  The eye wanders down the cobblestone streets through an archway where in the distance a vanishing point is created that leaves the viewer yearning for more.

Water Lily Reflection, Minnesota – gorgeous colors and beautiful natural details that can only be found in the heart of nature come fully alive in this vibrant image by Mark Paulson.  The flower gracefully touches the still waters with one of it’s petals, creating a lovely feel that is truly sympathetic to the subject explored.

When Night wakes up….!!!. – blue tones are explored in this awesome cityscape shot predominantly featuring the Bay Bridge in California, as captured and shared here by Jay Sabapathy.  Terrific details in the bridge and the surroundings are brought to life in this shot that has a distinct cold feel to it due to the primary tones.

Lenticular Lighthouse – incredible cloud formations linger overhead in this shot from Stefan Hefele taken in Iceland.  We find a limitless supply of romance within the lighthouse, and when coupled with it’s surroundings we get a terrific chance to explore a remote location that is mesmerizing to take in.

Hidden – beautiful details are found in a wooden chair adorned with terrific items amidst lush surroundings in this terrific shot by Lisa Gordon.  The incredible inviting feel of the location and the chair itself create a strong feeling of tranquility and peace, inviting the viewer to literally step into the frame and into a moment of personal solitude.

I miss you – a winter Norwegian scene is exposed in this wonderful photograph captured in the heart of the cold season.  Lorenzo Riva composes this image to include red buildings sitting atop wood pilings reaching out into the frozen waters of the ocean.

Moselschleife Bremm, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany


Fleeting Solitude – The Church of the Good Shepherd comes into distinct focus in this great landscape piece straight from the studio of Iso100 Photography.  This composition really delivers a vision that includes the terrific character of this very old, and often-photographed, location in New Zealand.

Lago di Braies – Giovanni Chiossi finds a beautiful landscape scene that includes blue waters with soft reflections, a rowboat moored in the foreground, and jagged snow-peaked mountains in the backdrop.  This beautiful image does a great job of showcasing the epic beauty that can only be found in the Alps.

Finally! On Top Of The Zenith – Jimmy McIntyre creates and shares another of his highly distinctive shots captured from the some of the highest points in today’s contemporary cities.  In this piece, Jimmy leans out over the edge of an utterly amazing view, coming away with a vertigo inducing image full of wonderful details, reflections and natural leading lines.

St. Anthony of Padua Church – Bob Lussier guides his lens in the direction of a wonderful Catholic church, sharing shots of both the inside and the outside.  Bob’s attention to detail in his compositions really pays off as we enjoy shots full of architectural details, exposing the rich history and character this wonderful place of worship has.

Owl – a terrific black-and-white portrait of an owl mid-flight greets the viewer with this shot by Stefano Ronchi.  The monochromatic choice of post-production really accents the spirit and character of this incredible bird, highlighted by the great details in the face and eyes of the bird.

Stone Mill – Michael Criswell captures an awesome shot from inside an unused mill that features a strong sense of scale alongside the rich textures found after a space has been actively used for many years.  A lone chair sits on the floor, creating a perfect touch of artistic tension that adds a great element to a strong composition.

Evening in Paris – dramatic clouds linger overhead in this wide shot from Tomáš Vocelka featuring the elegant city of Paris below.  Captured from the roof of Montparnasse Tower the wonderful details and features of the world-famous destination are all revealed to those who spend time visually wandering about the frame on a personal voyage of discovery.

Boats at Rest – Barry Turner shares a beautiful sunset image featuring a collection of boats under a vibrantly painted sky as the last light of day fades.  The boats, all perched near the shore, appear to be waiting for the next day to arrive and a new adventure to unfold.

Keep Going Guys!! – this shot shares a delightful story frozen in a frame of a Grizzly Bear family at play in their natural habitat.  The wonderful personalities these huge creatures all exude is captured and shared in this perfectly timed photograph that features a pair of cubs and their mom as the young ones play and develop hunting skills.

The Salisbury Cathedral Font Full View – Art Hakker Photography visits this incredible cathedral and comes away with a highly detailed interior shot of the space and the water themed font.  Beautiful details in the grand architecture come to life in this shot, making for a mesmerizing piece to be enjoyed by those who love architecture and grand spaces.

Treading old palisades – Blai Figueras captures a wonderful shot that has several great elements working in harmony within a strong composition.  Wood piers lead the viewer through the frame and out into the great expanse, highlighted by the terrific effects the long exposure technique used to capture this piece has on the body of water that surrounds the scene.

Must be the Season of the Frog – this is an absolutely delightful post from our very own Canadian west coast photographer, Laurie MacBride.  A trio of photographs is shared in this article, all featuring the character and personality of the tiny little frogs that live in this general area.  Laurie couples the great shots with some personal thoughts, adding a great dimension to the piece.

London Natural History Museum – join Roland Shainidze on a wonderful architectural study where we get to enjoy the dramatic interior of this world-famous museum.  Incredible details, lines and shapes are all explored in this ultra-wide shot that really stands on it’s own.

Double purpose – a very striking portrait of a man dressed in what I believe to be regalia is captured and shared by Vicente Concha.  The deep blue eyes of the man find visual harmony with the details in the costume and the intense expression on his face.

evening at the lake – Maligne Lake remains a place that is dear to my heart, a place I visited with my family growing up countless times.  In this iconic shot captured by Frank King, we see the world-famous red boathouse sitting in the heart of the rugged Canadian Rocky Mountains.  This shot is absolutely breathtaking, and really reveals the inherent beauty found in the Rockies.

Chateau Rouge – time weaves it’s decaying tapestry upon this scene captured inside a long abandoned home in this intense image by Iris van Wolferen.  Scenes like this leave the viewer with many unanswered questions, creating a strong and palpable sense of artistic tension for those who find distinct beauty within natural weathering.

Lysefjord (from Kjerag) – Norway – for those who love endless expanses and rugged landscapes, this shot is most certainly for you.  Giuseppe Milo captures an amazing landscape shot taken from a very high vantage point, revealing a landscape that feels as if it goes on forever.

Humpback Whales Breaching – beauty in nature can be found in many forms and in this post from Anne McKinnell we find it in a pair of Humpback Whales that are having the times of their lives here on the west coast.  Anne comes away from the experience with a great set of photographs that do a great job of visually expressing these amazing creatures living in their natural habitats.

Neuschwanstein Castle – a truly magical castle in the heart of Germany dominates the landscape in this awesome shot that takes the viewer through the dramatic building and out into the landscape in the distance.  İlhan Eroglu’s shot also features incredible colors in fall colors and what looks to be an element of a rainbow in the distance.

Shipwreck – Cape May, New Jersey – this awesome shot from Len Saltiel shows us a scene from the coast featuring a sunken transport ship just off shore.  Len’s use of long exposure to capture this piece creates an ethereal feel in the swirling waters, adding to the wonderful drama and artistic tension found within the frame.

The Rainbow Bridge – an often-photograph location, this shot features the vibrant colors and dramatic architecture of a bridge in Arizona.  The bridge forms a perfect natural leading line to guide the viewer through this image, as captured and shared here by The Blurred Lens.

Old Montreal at Night – Montreal is famous for it’s culture and nightlife, all under the twinkling lights of a bustling city living among incredible heritage buildings that speak of their history and the area they call home to.  In this post from Edith Levy, we visit the old city of Montreal at night time, enjoying the ambience and wonder of this city from the comfort of our chairs.

10 Guys and a Crop Duster – Michael Criswell takes a photography vacation with a group of photographers, and while out adventuring and looking for the next great photo opportunity a crop duster makes an appearance.  Needless to say, you can imagine the firestorm of activity that follows as the group jumps out of moving vehicles and does their best to capture some frames.  In doing so, Michael grabs a few really amazing shots of this one-man plane in action.

Peaceful evening – Jørn Allan Pedersen shares a wonderful rendition of a sunset in Norway, featuring all the great elements you’d hope for from this beautiful area of the world.  This shot features great colors in the sky from the pending sunset, dramatic clouds, a lovely seemingly endless landscape and a terrific red house in the foreground of the shot for a dash of color.

Upwaltham Church – Barry Turner delivers a terrific shot of a church that is around a thousand years old sitting near an open field in the United Kingdom.  The wonderful old facility is full of great character, and in this shot Barry captures the essence of that to be enjoyed by everyone who views the image.

Powered by nature – the midnight hour in Iceland reveals a stunning landscape, delicately captured and processed to share online by Gonzalo Navarro Photographs.  A truly powerful waterfall falls over the edge of a cliff, landing in a pool far below, while the incredible landscapes of Iceland go on forever in the backdrop.

In the Morning Light – Rachel Cohen delivers a delicate and beautiful post that features a set of wonderful flower themed photographs.  Each of the pictures can easily stand on it’s own for an inherent sense of beauty, but when taken in as a set these shots tell a story of nature that is amazing and mesmerizing.

Paris on water – the world famous city of Paris prepares itself as the sun sets, revealing a view of the city featuring it’s incredible architecture and personality.  The long exposure that Fred Concha used to capture this shot also turns the waters in the foreground into a silky, smooth surface, creating soft reflections that add to the composition just perfectly.

Another Philadelphia Sunset – beautiful details in the architecture of this city are explored in a shot that takes advantage of the fleeting light of day.  Scott Wood does a terrific job of composing this piece to showcase the great sky that lingers over this dynamic city as it busily scurries about below.

Optimus Prime… – no one expects this to transform itself into anything beyond the long forgotten hull of a truck that it once was.  This great shot from Iwanna Gerontzou reveals an abandoned truck surrounded by the remains of the building that once housed it when it was active.  Terrific textures and details are explored in this photograph.



Weber House at Dusk – incredible purple hues drape the skies above in this shot from Steven Perlmutter that takes us on a visual exploration of a very famous abandoned wood farmhouse.  No straight lines can be found in this weathered old house, and Steven’s shot finds all the character and personality of the home that he in turn shares here with everyone.

Runway Lights – a terrific shot taken just before a plane takes off is shared here by Azul Obscura.  In the backdrop the incredible Osaka International Airport creates a colorful and very interesting setting for the composition, leaving the viewer hungry for travel and adventure.

What You Didn’t Know – this is a truly heartwarming piece as presented here by Lisa Gordon.  A doe in her yard has apparently recently become a new mom to a pair of twin does.  In this post Lisa shares a truly wonderful trio of shots of these beautiful little creatures as they go about exploring this new world they find themselves living in.

Rustic Rorbuers – sitting high atop stilts, a collection of old fisherman’s cabins pepper the waters edge in this vibrant photograph from Janne Kahila.  In the distance we see the jagged and snow dotted peaks of the rugged Norwegian landscape, adding context and drama to the picture.

Lightning Over the Superstition Mountains – the dynamic power and drama of a raging storm is captured in a fleeting second to be enjoyed here forever in this awesome photograph from Chris Frailey.  Beautiful blue hues in the sky on the left side of the frame create a perfect contrast against the bone-chilling storm that is creating an incredible lightning strike and a rain downpour unlike that seen almost anywhere else.

Good Night Shanghai XXVI – the square crop of this great shot from Herison Black highlights the terrific symmetry of the city of Shanghai from this perspective.  This nighttime shot is perfectly balanced, with deep contrasts to highlight the mood and feel of the piece.

Buncombe County Court House – Michael Glover uses a monochromatic process to create this terrific architectural study of a court house.  The clouds lingering over the building high above add a sense of artistic tension to the overall scene, and the terrific contrasts explored expose all the details and textures of this dramatic building.

S curve – light trails of fast moving cars snake their way down a curvy hill towards the ocean in the distance in this mesmerizing shot from hsinkui ho.  The trails of light form a perfect leading line in this shot, guiding you right through the frame and into a personal voyage of discovery.

With a Heart that is Free – this wonderful photograph comes to us from Rachel Cohen as she captures a gull flying off as the morning’s sun makes its first appearance.  The simply gorgeous colors in the sky work in perfect harmony with the silhouette of the bird, leaving the viewer with a strong sense of freedom and joy.

weathered ***** – a great shot full of raw drama and artistic tension finds us looking at an old wooden abandoned farm house in the middle of an endless field.  Aaron J. Groen takes advantage of the existing dirt road to create a perfect natural leading line to guide you into the frame where brooding skies and a long forgotten home await.

Black-headed Hoverfly


estrella al amanecer – this is a breathtaking shot that shows off the vibrant colors created by nature at times of sunrise and sunset.  In this shot Xavier Salutibonallum captures a gorgeous color palette streaming over the scene, adding a great element to the natural rock formations that produce the great drama we find here.


Growing Up, Growing Old…– one of my favorite photographers working in the field today is Joe McNally.  Joe has a wonderful way of looking at life, combining his artistic skills and passion for a great photograph into a lifelong career that many would long for.  In this post, he shares some of his special insights that can really only come from him…  and in doing so he inspires us all to be the very best we can with our chosen work.

How NatGeo’s Traveler Photo Contest Proved that the Camera Doesn’t Matter – this is an often discussed topic here on Light Stalking with a myriad of opinions and thoughts sure to follow.  This post features a winning photograph for National Geographic that was captured with a point-and-shoot camera.  This is definitely a case where the equipment doesn’t really matter as much as the subject and composition.

Understanding Copyright and Licensing for Photography – this is a great primer article that discusses the nuances and applications of various protection paradigms in place that are designed to protect the creating artist.  All the key types of protection are discussed in brief in this article, arming you with enough information to dig further if you have interest in the topic.



Food For Digital Thought: Copyright Protection – this article is an excellent followup piece to the one noted above.  Joe Baraban has been working professionally in the field for quite a few years and has a lot of experience in dealing with copyright infringements.  This article provides some great and practical advice on how best to protect yourself.

Making Photographs & Magic – this is the perfect way to wrap up this weeks list, with a message of inspiration from one of the most profound photographers working professionally in the field today.  David duChemin has terrific skill behind the viewfinder, that is no secret to those who follow this craft, but his words are equally as compelling as his imagery.  In this post, full of personal insight, we find encouragement to just get out and do what we all love to do…  make pictures that please us.

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