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The photography space has been very busy lately, with tons of great tutorials, special features and great photography shared by a wide variety of artists.  Toad Hollow Photography has been busy searching all over the internet to find the best links to the best pictures and posts, delivering this list that has something in it for everyone.  We really hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.


Aerial Photography: The Definitive Guide To Amazing Aerial Shots – as advertised, this is the end-all-be-all guide to aerial photography, covering all aspects of getting airborne and capturing those incredible shots we’ve all seen.  Light Stalking’s Andy Callan takes us on a comprehensive whirlwind tour of all key factors in shooting in a moving airplane or helicopter.

A Complete 30 Minutes Night Timelapse Tutorial That Covers Everything You Need To Know – as promised in the title, this is a truly comprehensive video tutorial that covers all aspects of shooting and processing night timelapse presentations.  If you are experienced or are new to this genre of photography, this tutorial is sure to reveal some very useful tips and tricks to help you make a terrific exhibit.

Which Mobile Photo Editor Is Right for You? – this article discusses the nuances and differences between major photo editing apps that are currently available on mobile platforms.  As the world evolved and changes to follow trends in technology, the ability to work on your craft on the go is becoming quite popular. The Basics of Histograms for Beginner Photographers – this 5 minute video tutorial covers the basics of reading and understanding a histogram.  The ability to read and correct issues in a histogram either in the field on the camera or in the digital darkroom while post-processing is an important skill in today’s modern digital age. Food For Digital Thought: How I Apply the Use of Gestalt in my Photography – Joe Baraban shares some great insights in his post discussing the application of Gestalt to photography.  Applying this technique to your own compositions is sure to improve them, sometimes in subtle ways.  At the very least being aware of the concept from a high level is important.


How to Fix Memory Card Errors: The Definitive Guide – this is most indubitably the most comprehensive guide I’ve seen to help with common memory card issues that can occur.  The guide covers a wide range of issues that can be encountered, with insights and terrific links to other resources that will hopefully help you access those valuable photographs on the problematic card.

Create Portraits with a Twist by Photographing Body Parts – Light Stalking’s Jason D. Little shows us how to take portrait photographs with a new twist, that is to focus on parts of the body other than the typical face shots we all take.  Jason’s insightful post also includes a great selection of sample photos that will hopefully inspire you to try something new.

How to Make a Long Exposure High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photo – this brief tutorial takes you through all the key elements in capturing a long exposure HDR photo.  The techniques described in this article are spot-on, sharing tips and tricks that are proven for this genre of photography.  The article also include a great sample photo to show you what you can expect.

Food for digital Thought: The Vanishing Point – industry leader Joe Baraban shares some terrific insights and photographs in this great article, all focused on a very powerful compositional tool; the vanishing point.  Joe has spent an entire career in the field, and is now sharing his insights and tips on how to capture that next great “wow” shot, as evidenced by the sample photos.

5 Tips For Better Photography With Any Camera – if you are looking for some easy-to-understand tips on how to take full advantage of the camera you have on you, this is a great article from Light Stalking’s very own Dzvonko Petrovski.  The age old discussion on gear vs. image quality is fully exposed in this post, sharing all the basics that are important in the creation of a terrific image, no matter what gear you shoot with.

A Complete Guide to Retouching Portraits in Photoshop for Free – this is a great tutorial on tutorials, if you’ll pardon the turn of the phrase.  Retouching is an artform in itself and this article covers all kinds of great tutorials that are available online to help you take your work to the next level.

How to Make a Portrait Look Like Wet Plate Collodion Using Photoshop – this video tutorial is just over 15 minutes in length and takes the reader through the entire process of turning a digital frame into a piece that strongly resembles work created using a wet plate collodion medium.  The results are terrific for those who are fans of this style, and this tutorial will take you through the steps used to create them.

How to Shoot and Edit a Day-To-Night Transition Time-Lapse With Your DSLR – for those who love creating time lapse pieces, this video presentation is one you won’t want to miss.  The tutorial covers all aspects of the craft, from shooting in the field, through editing and the entire post-production, each step is discussed in easy-to-understand detail.

How Do You Create the Perfect Skin Tone? – a brief video tutorial is shared in this post that covers the importance of color processing in image creation.  Sample images and footage of the results of this work do a great job of showing the reader exactly why this is important, and the impact processed work can have on the visual story.

Quick Photo Tip: The Horizon Line Dilemna – Joe Baraban discusses the ages-old argument regarding where to place the horizon line in a composition.  Joe discards much of the contemporary view on this issue and discusses what really matters, that is the overall balance and composition of the piece itself.


Le château de Chenonceau – Mathias Lucas takes us on an extensive photographic exploration of the castle of Chenonceau in France.  This huge collection of images takes us through the exterior in the form of architectural studies, the grounds, the interior and various vignettes of items of interest.  This incredible catalog is a wonderful way to whittle away some time in a far-off place.

The cafe life in Paris – cobblestone streets and cafes dot the old streets of Paris as Jim Nix takes us on an exploration of this wonderful old city.  Each of the shots can easily stand on its own as a contender for any postcard, but when enjoyed as a catalog this set of photographs takes you away to the world’s most romantic city.

Seattle Fever

Abandoned Catskills, NY – Shoot the Pool | Albert House – A.D. Wheeler is known for his work traveling to various abandoned locations in the US and producing some incredible documentation from his travels.  This pair of wonderful posts features buildings and a pool table he found on a recent exploration of the Catskills in New York, revealing the inherent beauty in that which is forgotten and forlorn as the relentless march of time makes its effects known through the art of decay.

North Beach, Haida Gwaii – friend and local photographer Ehpem shares a fresh set of photographs taken in a spot that is on our must-visit list.  Located off the west coast of Canada fairly far north we find the island and community of Haida Gwaii with thousands of years of history, and in this set Ehpem comes away with wide shots of the incredible landscapes as well as several vignettes that tell a story of life in the area.

Photographing Wild Bears in the Forests of Finland – if you love bears even half as much as I do you will not want to miss this post in this list.  This article features a terrific set of photographs taken while on expedition to photograph these wild bears in their natural habitat.

Photographer Dave Sandford overwhelmed by response to Lake Erie pictures – hours of enduring freezing cold weather pay off for dedicated photographer Dave Sandford who produces a terrific collection of wave photos that seem to take on a life of their own.  The wonderful drama of weather events finds personality in the waves created, and Dave in turn captures some of the most amazing shots of this type I’ve ever seen.

Antti Viitala: Capturing the Aurora Borealis in Black and White – this post features a selection of black-and-white images of the Aurora Borealis dancing across the night sky.  An interview with Antti Viitala gives you a little insight into the concept behind the shoot and collection, adding a great element to the post and giving it some depth.

Juskatla Inlet, Haida Gwaii – the remote area of the west coast of Canada known as Haida Gwaii forms a perfect basis for this collection of photographs shot on film by ehpem on a recent visit.  This part of the world is truly epic in it’s natural beauty, creating landscapes and compositions that really can only be found here, as evidenced by this great set of photographs.

8 Guggenheim Fellowship Recipients Share Their Advice for Shooting Photo Projects – insights into how others work their processes can be a powerful medium for everyone looking to expand their horizons artistically.  This post features quotes from 8 successful photographers in the field, revealing some of their personal insights into performing this type of work.


Grumpy Old Guys – this is, hands-down, one of the best shots I’ve ever seen that features the majestic Bald Eagle in their natural habitat.  Harry Eggens comes across this trio of raptors as they sit on a frozen beach, presumably waiting for their next chance to chase down something to eat.  This portrait is amazing, it combines incredible detail in the birds, a perfect frozen backdrop, and a community of birds that obviously is full of character.

The Ethereal Nature Of Winter’s Fog – this post comes to you from your’s truly, Toad Hollow.  As we are right in the heart of winter now, the fogs and mists that dominate the landscapes in the early morning create unique photography opportunities that just don’t exist other times of year.  This pair of photos we were lucky enough to capture one early morning, focusing on a very old, heritage farmhouse in the valley we live in, enveloped by a moody winter’s fog.

Haida Gwaii Canoe – my friend and local photographer Ehpem shares a fresh set of shots he captured while on the road recently.  Various themes are expressed in the set of photos, but for me the dominant ones are the haunting remains of canoes that were started but never finished, now sitting long forgotten in the forests of the west coast of Canada as the effects of time and nature take their course.

Polar Bears – if you love bears half as much as I do you will be absolutely enamored with this photograph of a pair of bear cubs at play in the middle of a frozen landscape.  The playful nature of these cuddly and cute cubs belies the under truth that speaks to the majestic presence they command in the polar regions of earth.

Choir of the Cathedral of St. Stephen

Tread Lightly – so much texture, so much detail in this great shot taken by Michael Criswell from inside a long forgotten distillery.  The rich character that is found in Urbex themed shots is perfectly expressed in this piece that Michael carefully processed as a black-and-white to really accent the inherent drama.

The Billiard Room – Edith Levy shares a wonderful shot of an old billiard room in a historic building in her area.  Antiques fill the room, including a terrific old billiard table, creating an old-school feel that leaves you feeling as if you can smell the bourbon and cigar smoke as an active game is underway.

Banff – Griffin Lamb’s shot features the incredible majestic beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, accented by the rich blues found in the mountain lakes that dot the entire range.  The snow capped peaks show off the rugged nature of the region, and the cold blue and white tones find harmony together in expressing the frigid environs found here in the heart of winter.

Follow the Light – a dark and haunting space with light streaming in from a window at the far end of the composition jumps out of our monitors in this terrific shot from CJ Schmit.  CJ processes this shot in black-and-white to accent the core drama found in the shot, adding to the overall feel and mood of the scene.

New York: Skyscraper National Park – wonderful and vibrant colors work off the incredible details found in New York’s dramatic architecture in this great photograph.  Emil captures this shot looking across the water, adding a great layer of reflection to the picture and making it one that is sure to captivate the imagination of everyone who sees it.

Ely Cathedral Lectern – for those who are fans of the very old in terms of architecture and history, this is a must-see photograph.  David Stoddart Photography shares a shot of the inside of a very dramatic cathedral with this image, full of rich details that were likely designed and created hundreds upon hundreds of years ago.

Ponts Couverts
Nicolas Vollmer

Rush Valley Sunset – a vibrant sunset overlooks the skeleton of a barn that is over 105 years old, now in the process of slowly decaying and returning to the elements that created it.  Christopher Wray’s composition features great textures in the old and weathered wood, highlighted by the dramatic cloud cover overhead that is perfectly accented by the approaching dusk.

Quarry Fog – Adam Taylor captures and shares a wonderfully moody and ethereal piece with this photograph, creating an almost abstract piece in the soft focus and thick artistic tension that is so strong in this shot.  An abandoned quarry, now flooded, is the basis for the image, but it goes far beyond that into something almost mystical.

The Frozen Mountain – this awesome landscape shot features predominantly cold hues in the white and blue spectrum, accenting the frigid feel that you get while looking at the shot.  Daniel’s photograph features a great scene with a beautiful lake in the foreground and snow-covered mountains in the background to deliver a truly mesmerizing image.

the barn & the hills – a wonderful photograph from Frank King that explores an old wooden barn in a frozen field, against the backdrop of rugged mountains for a touch of drama.  The textures and details in the old barn are terrific, sharing a bit of the personality of the forgotten building while leaving us wondering about it’s story.

Shipwreck – this shot really highlights the effect that can be had by combining crisp details in a subject against the backdrop of a dynamic environment captured using a long exposure technique.  In this picture from elber we find a long forgotten ship lying marooned on the shore, with the sands of time taking their effect in terms of rich rust and patina.

Broadway Art That’s Design Fun – colorful, vibrant and fun are just some of the words that pop to mind while enjoying these two images from JayJacy Photography.  These two HDR shots were selected to hang in select places, and the sheer feeling of joy they produce shows us exactly why transforming photography into art can be so meaningful to so many.

Tredegar Iron Works – the early years – Mark Summerfield takes us back in time on a visual history lesson checking out an original iron works factory in the US that was built in the mid 1800’s.  Mark’s photos and accompanying details paint a real picture of the early times of the country, and reveal glimpses into the businesses that made up the backbone of development and advancement.

Let's play – this delightful photograph by John R Ward features a lioness and her cub in a truly heartwarming setting.  A mom peers off into the far distance, always vigilant and alert, her cub grabs her tail and gives it a good old fashioned yank.

CMU School of Fine Arts – this terrific architectural study shows us exactly why HDR is terrific for photographing interiors of buildings.  The incredible details and rich colors used in the design of this facility literally pop to life in this wonderful photograph from Brad Truxell.

fisgard lighthouse victoria – this wonderful composition features a well-known lighthouse right here on Vancouver Island.  Will Datene’s epic shot takes advantage of the natural cloud cover and colors in the sky to add a perfect dash of drama to the scene, making for a truly compelling shot to view and enjoy.

Old Edsel – rusty cars make for perfect photography subjects in my world, and this wonderful shot from Tim Stanley shows us why.  A rare old Edsel sits in a field today, once the source of joy and freedom for a family today it idles away the days under the relentless onslaught of time and the effects it brings.

Coastal evening – beautiful blues from the last vestiges of light on the day find harmony with the vibrant colors and details of the character houses and buildings in the town in this great shot from Santo Banerjee.  As the waves crash against the rocks under the tiny town perched on the side of a cliff, life goes on in the homes above, creating a wonderful sense of artistic tension.

In the course of a day – this incredible mountain sits just around the corner from our house and is a location we find ourselves near quite often as we are out looking for photography opportunities.  My friend Joseph de Lange shares a great set of very moody shots taken on and around the mountain, focusing on the eerie feel that can be found when the fogs of winter surround it.

Overholt & Co Distillery – Michael Criswell shares another pair of shots from an abandoned facility, a forgotten distillery in this case.  The shots he has posted feature a large room with a huge cement vat in it as well as an outside shot that really showcases the character of the building in its current state of decay.

Majestic Flight – this ethereal shot by Josep Sumalla features a bird in flight over a patch of water, processed in black-and-white to truly accent the rich drama of the picture.  The silky smooth waters contrasted against the crisp details in the bird are likely the result of countless hours of post-production, and the entire scene benefits from the efforts.

Weber House Evening – Mark Garbowski is in the perfect spot at the perfect time to compose this wonderful photograph of a somewhat famous abandoned house in the Palouse region.  The last vestiges of light dance across the facade of the old house, leaving the viewer with a distinct sense of wonder found in the natural artistic tension of the overall scene.

Creepy White House – Aaron J. Groen delivers exactly what is promised in the title of this dramatic photograph, showcasing an abandoned home under a blanket of stars in the dead of night.  Light painting brings the house to life in this piece, creating an eerie glow on the facade of the building to accent the forlorn feeling of the frame.

Tundra Swans – Ron Niebrugge shares a wonderful shot, composed to take advantage of the majestic mountains that form the backdrop and naturally leading the viewer right into the heart of the frame where we discover the true treasure.  A pair of swans leisurely make their way across the body of water in this shot, juxtaposing the jagged majesty of the mountains against the soft textures of the birds in their natural habitat.

Eagle Owl v2 – beautiful colors and details come to life in this side profile shot of an owl in flight by Ronald Coulter.  The lighting is exquisite in this piece, highlighting the details in the feathers and the features of this majestic bird.

Iceland: Budir Black Church and Lava Fields – I really love this set of photographs from Anne McKinnell that features the rugged landscapes of Iceland as well as a really unique black clad church.  The landscapes of this part of the world take on a different feel than most other landscapes, creating an otherworldly impression on the viewer, and Anne’s work takes advantage of this as it exposes a not-often seen glimpse of this wonderful place.

A Different Angle II – a tiny red house sits in the middle of a mesmerizing landscape scene in this wide shot by Ole Henrik Skjelstad.  The red color of the house finds perfect harmony with the crisp reflection in the waters in the foreground with this shot, creating a picture sure to draw the viewer in.

No Sign of the Monster – Inverness-Shire, Scotland – this shot from Len Saltiel is highly satisfying from the perspective of sharing the ruins of a castle that is centuries old.  The only drawback to the shot is the distinct lack of the Loch Ness Monster we are all so avidly craving.  This is a terrific photograph of the remains of an ancient piece of architecture against the back setting of incredible landscapes of Scotland.

Island – Jerm Cohen shares a unique composition of one of my favorite spots in the world, Spirit Island on Maligne Lake in the Canadian Rockies.  This remote little island sits in the cradle of the rugged Rocky Mountains, creating an alluring and mesmerizing spot that is so very special, regarded by photographers and artists for many years.

Sunset Rain – for those who love vivid colors, this is a shot you will want to see, as captured and shared here by Chris Frailey.  Storm clouds over the Arizona landscape are accented in this photo by the beautiful colors streaming in frame left from the waning sunlight of the day as dusk quickly approaches.

Persecution – the raw power and drama of nature is explored in this photograph from Harry Eggens that showcases a pair of Bald Eagles in competition for a meal.  As the pair of birds fly amongst each other in a duel for the reward, Harry captured this stunningly detailed piece that is sure to be enjoyed by wildlife enthusiasts everywhere.

Fallen Pier – this awesome haunting shot comes to us from photographer Jim Denham.  Jim finds himself serendipitously taking in a wonderful scene that features an old wooden pier in a serious state of disrepair.  The results of the effects of time are that the pier itself is slowly receding into the water, but today it leaves behind a terrific feature that creates a perfect natural leading line and vanishing point that Jim captures and shares in this black-and-white piece.

Amsterdam – this photograph features deep contrasts as a means of expression, sharing a view of the world-famous canals of Amsterdam as the city settles in for the evening.  Remo Scarfò’s shot focuses on the wonderful colors of the lights from inside the homes that are nested in the canals, leaving the viewer wanting more.

Fall Color – this great set of shots comes to us from Derrick Birdsall, showcasing the various and wonderful colors of fall.  Derrick’s shot are all anchored by beautifully toned leaves, and each composition is delightful on it’s own but when taken in as a collection they really tell a wonderful story of nature.

Lake Louise, Alberta – Lake Louise in the heart of winter as a snowstorm rages on around it comes into focus in this terrific photograph by Md Zabedul Akbar.  A cabin by the side of the shore creates a perfect anchor into this shot, accented by the natural beauty of a snowfall that peppers the entire setting.

Foggy Morning – early mornings on Vancouver Island in the winter take on an eerie feel as thick fogs roll in and drape the island in ethereal beauty.  This shot from Randy Hall explores this phenomenon at one of our local marinas, combining various elements of the island together into a wonderful composition.

Neuschwanstein Castle – a fairy tale castle peers through the thick fog, creating a haunting and majestic outline against the backdrop of the natural beauty of Bavaria, Germany.  Snow-capped trees high above the castle’s roofline add a beautiful element to this shot.

The Vacuum – super-storm chaser Mike Olbinski shares a capture he made a few years back that features a volatile supercell in action.  The incredible drama found in the storm clouds finds amazing harmony in this piece with the beautiful colors in the sky that encompasses the system.

Aurland – the beautiful Norwegian landscape pops to life in this wonderful photo from Richard Beresford Harris.  The silky waters in the foreground of the shot draw the eye through the frame where we find some character filled homes dotting the setting for a touch of artistic tension.

Keep Out – Michael Criswell visits a terrific spot in the Pacific Northwest that features a famous old abandoned farmhouse sitting in the middle of a lonely rolling landscape.  Michael composes this shot by featuring a Keep Out sign that is posted with the forlorn house in the backdrop, creating a strong sense of irony in a visual presentation.

Lanthanum – a sweeping black-and-white architectural study captured by Holger Glaab creates an abstract piece with a haunting undertone to it.  Natural light striking against the face of the tall structures in this shot draw the eye into the frame with leading lines, sharing a unique and very compelling shot.

Bodie Ghost Town ~ Bodie, California – the ghost town of Bodie, California, is on every photographers must-visit list for those who love all things old and all things rusty.  This once thriving town is now a living museum that allows visitors to walk the deserted streets and take in the eerie ambience.  In this post A.D. Wheeler shares the story and a set of photos of the town sure to wet the whistle of the any enthusiast who likes this sort of thing.

Kasteel H van Hogemeyer – the eerie remains of a long abandoned home reveal a scene full of artistic tension in this terrific photograph from Iris van Wolferen.  Natural decay and patina created over a period of time and neglect makes wonderful textures that leave the viewer wanting to know more.

Sun Voyager in Reykjavik Iceland – Anne McKinnell brings us along as she explores the famous city in the heart of Iceland, featuring a terrific sculpture in this particular shot.  The artist created this piece as an ode to the sun, and it reminds me strongly of the shapes you used to see in the region in the times of the Vikings as their ships sailed to far-off lands.

Games of Nature – a wonderfully detailed landscape scene presents itself to the viewer in this terrific image by Legends of the Winter.  A thin fog hangs over the scene that finds forests and mountains covered by a dusting of snow to add a beautiful element to the overall picture.

Lurking close at hand… – a gorgeous shot full of soft and beautiful colors graces our screens in this post from Sherry Galey.  Sherry takes advantage of wonderful pastel colors in the sky to offset a stunning shot that finds us following a beach that turns a corner and heads out into the great unknown.

LUMEN – Beno Saradzic captures a breathtaking shot of the Dubai Marina in the early morning as wonderful natural light dances across the scene, highlighting the drama found in the city’s architecture.  Beno processes this shot as a monochromatic piece, accenting the rich shadows and creating a compelling sense of depth and texture.

Eye of the Heron – Heron’s are somewhat regular sights here on the west coast of Canada, spending most of their time fishing for dinner from calculated vantage points.  This post from Laurie MacBride features a trio of shots of this beautiful bird as it fishes, with the final picture in the set being a portrait with wonderful detail.

Our Lady of Paris – this stunning display of French Gothic architecture pops to life on our screens in a shot posted by Claus Cheng.  The blue hour adds a wonderful glow to the picture, with the majestic church finding itself lit externally to draw the eye right to it.

road through the foothills – leading lines are powerful compositional elements in photography, as exemplified in this great photo from Frank King.  Frank’s composition features a ribbon of roadway that leads the viewer into the frame and out through a terrific vanishing point, with the snow-peaked Canadian Rockies in the distance for a dash of drama.

Architecture – the wonderful character of a cobblestone street and the lovely buildings it brings traffic to are explored in this ethereal photograph from Fabrice Kurz.  The streetlights and blue hues from the blue hour work together to deliver a piece sure to draw the viewer right in on a delightful voyage of discovery.

Beautiful Morning, Majestic Skies – oranges, reds, purples and blues pop to life in this wonderful image from JayJacy Photography.  Trees standing in the foreground create powerful silhouettes and add an element of artistic tension to a shot that instantly exudes peace and beauty for the viewer.

Bluetiful Jay – this portrait shot finds a lovely blue jay in profile, perched atop a stump with a seed in it’s mouth.  The terrific details in the bird highlight the great colors of nature, and showcase a bit of the great personality this feathered creature has.

Polar Bear Play – a pair of delightful polar bears play in the frigid waters of the north in this great photo from Ron Niebrugge.  The expressions on their faces really tell the story of pure joy that these immense bears find in the habitat they live within.

f i r e b i r d – a wonderful natural abstract shot that features the curling edge of a raw and dramatic wave as it crashes against the dynamic motion of the ocean waters that created it.  Warren Keelan captures a breathtaking shot with this piece, showcasing the intrinsic beauty of the world we all live in.

Fluffy – this portrait of a tiny owl reveals a picture sure to touch the heart of everyone who sees it.  Max Rinaldi’s shot uses a shallow depth-of-focus that in essence isolates the tiny owl from its backdrop, creating a truly compelling image.

Sharp Edges – Brad Truxell takes full advantage of the power of a great HDR image in creating this very cleverly framed piece.  Brad’s shot is taken from inside an abandoned building, using the old weathered and broken windows as a frame to the outside world where the beautiful city of Pittsburgh sits juxtaposed against the decay.

Shipwreck – as ambient light streams in from frame left, a ship lies prone in shallow waters, evoking a sense of eerie wonder as we all wonder how it got here and what it’s story is.  Mikko Lagerstedt’s composition also takes advantage of a small crescent moon lingering in the sky for an added dimension.


Polar bear photograph taken by Manitoban named one of the world's best of 2015 – the adage “a picture tells a thousand words” has never been immortalized as it does with this shot that features a Polar Bear rolling around in a field of colorful flowers.  Canadian photographer Dennis Fast had no idea his photo would become so popular when he took it.  It has since been selected by a prestigious online publication out of New York as one of 2015’s very best shots.

Photos show 10 of the worst weather disasters – while human misery is far from wonderful, the photos captured during and after a natural disaster can be powerful and evocative.  This collection of photos features a set of very dramatic images taken from points all over the world and features a compelling collection of images.

The Absurd Side of Christmas in America – with this year's holiday season now behind us, this post takes on a truly interesting aspect in how it showcases the odd side of the time of year.  This post features a fascinating alternative look at the overall holiday season and how some people celebrate it.

National Gallery of Canada to launch Canadian Photography Institute – in a day and age when the entire practice of photography is going through paradigm shifts, it’s terrific to see that there is still public and corporate support and understanding of the importance of the craft.  I am thrilled to see this large investment in maintaining strong links to the history that brought photography to where it is today as well as having an eye towards the future.

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