Wait! You Nearly Forgot To Check Out These Photography Links

-Wait! You Nearly Forgot To Check Out These Photography Links-
Image by Michael Gaida

Toad Hollow Photography is back at it this week searching for links to tutorials special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone. This weeks list is composed of a wide variety of subjects and topics with something here for photography enthusiasts of all genres. We really hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.


Beginner Photographers. Don’t Fall At The First Hurdle! – this terrific tutorial is hosted right here on Light Stalking and discusses the holy trinity of photography; aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Each of these three settings must be balanced against the others to ensure a proper exposure, and this well-written article shares some great tips on how to ensure a proper exposure.

john mcsporran
john mcsporran

How to Create Fake Shadows Using Photoshop – this terrific video tutorial is just over 7 minutes in length and shows you how to create a deliberate and quite natural looking shadow in a composite image in post-production. The image being worked on is dramatic, and the artificial shadow added accents the image perfectly.

Portrait Tutorial: Eliminating Glare in EyeGlasses – a common challenge when shooting portraits with subjects who wear eyeglasses is the reflection that is often included with off-camera flashes. This brief video tutorial shows us how to nicely light a subject, and also shares a very easy tip on how to avoid the issue of reflection in-camera while on set.

Easily Create Vibrant, Colored Backgrounds In Studio – this easy-to-follow article walks you through the steps of shooting against a solid white or grey backdrop, and then in post-production creating a colored backdrop that suits the subject being photographed. Terrific sample images are included to give you an idea of expected results.

Capturing Digital Infrared in Black & White – Joe Farace shares some terrific tips and tricks on how to shoot Infrared shots in black and white. This alternative spectrum photography concept creates vivid and mysterious pieces, often highlighting aspects of a certain scene that would otherwise be missed entirely. A great sample shot is included in this article to give a visual example.


I Captured the Beauty of the Netherlands in 20 Photos – as advertised, this post features 20 epic photographs all taken by Albert Dros as he features the picturesque country of the Netherlands. Albert features a wide variety of subjects in this article, each showcasing the incredible character of this beautiful country in a frame, and when viewed as a collection they leave the viewer with a deeper understanding of the region and why it is considered to be a photographic mecca to many.

Christopher Cook
Christopher Cook

Capturing Better Landscape Photos with Iwan Groot – this article is created using a Q&A outline, sharing tips and tricks from a terrific landscape photographer with a great portfolio. The questions and answers posed here are all framed by Iwan’s great images, adding to the depth of the interview and revealing what drives this artist.

Here’s What Off-The-Grid Living Looks Like in the Arctic – this special feature takes us to the far north where we share the experience of following folks who live entirely off the grid. The photographs captured in this article feature the dogs that are carefully raised and cared for, along with the incredible stark white landscapes found in these far-reaches of the planet.


Return to Pemaquid – Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Bristol, Maine – Len Saltiel takes us back to one of his favorite photography subjects, a lighthouse on the coast of Maine in the United States. This shot reveals a look at this romantic stalwart that includes a wonderful reflection of the structure in a tiny pond that sits near it.


Vasco De Gama – this haunting shot comes to us from Francisco Haro and features a span of bridge sitting in a thick fog that stretches out towards the unknown. The gentle reflection of the span adds a terrific element to this shot, adding to the overall mood and feel created by the natural conditions.

These Drone Photos Show the Density of High-Rises in Hong Kong – this post features a series of shots of Hong Kong taken from a drone hovering far overhead. Andy Yeung captures mesmerizing photos from this perspective, showing off the incredible density that is found in Hong Kong and producing images that create a bit of a vertigo feel for those who are adverse to heights.

Hallstatt under the snow – a character-filled scene greets the viewer in this wonderful picture that comes to us from Gürkan Gündoğdu. Amidst a thick winter’s snow, the tiny hamlet of Hallstatt sits perched on the shores of a lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

Amass the Congregation – CJ Schmit delivers a new black-and-white shot captured in an urbex location, showcasing the incredible textures and details that are found in spaces like this. CJ’s application of black-and-white with this piece highlights the raw drama of the setting, finished off with a terrific weathered chair that sits in the middle of the frame for a touch of artistic tension.

The Unknown – William Patino shares a shot that exemplifies the expression artistic tension by featuring an opening to a dark tunnel surrounded by thick, green vegetation. The finishing touch for this incredible shot comes in the form of a water stream that falls gently over the opening, adding a touch of dynamism.

Nubble Light – Michael Criswell’s shot here features a famous lighthouse captured on a dreary morning. Michael processes this piece as a black-and-white which accents the rich details found in the frame, and adds a great dash of tension and drama.

Ice Sculptures – what appears to be the last remains of a wooden pier take us through this incredible frame by Susan A. Breau taken in the middle of winter. A thick layer of ice ensconces the wood pilings, surrounded by silky waters that present a muted reflection.

Mind the Glow – Mark Garbowski uses light painting to accent this shot taken inside a long unused mill facility. A cart sits in the middle of the shot here, and Mark’s technique brings it out with artistic tension found in the color and manner in which he lights it.

Chris A
Chris A

Curious poser !! – Zahran CR shares a terrific portrait of a tiny spotted owl staring straight back at the lens as it sits perched on a small limb. The light is perfect in this shot, highlighting a powerful portrait that showcases the incredible character and personality of this tiny owl.

The Clock Tower – Bob Lussier breaks out his natural density filter to capture this shot, revealing a look at a dramatic tower from across a running river that takes on a distinctly silky look from the long exposure time. The brooding clouds overhead create great tension in this black-and-white photograph.

stag toned – a silhouette of a powerful stag with raised head is shared in this piece, showing off the dramatic pose of this gracious creature against the colorful backdrop created during the golden hour. Mark Bridger’s shot features a moody setting that reveals layers of landscape in the distance to add a finishing touch.

The Early Bird – Jim Denham’s shot features a beautiful sunrise with a Great Blue Heron’s silhouette in the foreground as a wonderful added element. As the morning breaks in this spot, a light fog lingers over the water in the far background, adding to the indelible drama captured in this frame.

Thirty years of loneliness – the completely rusted out hull of a ship lies on the shores of the ocean in this dramatic photograph from panagiotis laoudiikos. The long exposure used to capture this shot adds to the ethereal feel of the silky waters and motion-laden clouds that linger overhead.


All is not what is seems – the power of a strong composition comes to life in this terrific shot from Barry Turner that features a still pond of water surrounded by a vibrantly colored rapeseed crop in the backdrop. A strong sense of peace and harmony is captured in this frame that was captured a few feet away from a very busy motorway.

Rådhuset Station – rich textures in the rocks that frame an escalator in a subway station in Sweden are juxtaposed against the shiny steel surfaces of the manmade creation in this stellar shot from Rob Sese. This is a great example of how man’s creations can live in visual harmony with the natural elements that surround it.

The Portholes – Barbara Youngleson shares a terrific textured piece in this post, with the prime subject being a pair of portholes on a small boat covered in fabric to provide privacy for those who live behind them. Barbara’s application of a texture overlay adds a great feel to this piece, turning an interesting composition into a piece of fine art.

Guilin landscape – endless layers of jagged mountain peaks stretch out in the distance in this wonderful natural abstract shot from Wu Zhou. As the layers stack, a strong sense of depth is created, creating a piece that is as timeless as it is mesmerizing.

One Hot Horse – this is an interesting portrait of a muscle car, shared here by Tim Stanley. Tim’s composition features a head on look at this modified Mustang, focusing on the twin headlamps in the front grill and the racing stripe that creates a leading line and revealing a little of the personality and character that is surely enjoyed inside the cockpit.

Mike Beales
Mike Beales

4 siblings on a tree – a gathering of juvenile boreal owls sits on a tree branch staring straight back at the camera of Fotodima in this absolutely delightful shot. Their wide eyes create a sense of comedy and joy in the viewer, showing us all why owls are wonderful characters that are perfect for photography.

American Goldfinch – we wrap up this week’s list with a great shot by Wayne Beauregard of a beautiful bird perched on a twig as it enjoys the day. The side profile captured here by Wayne creates a terrific feeling of joy in the tiny bird as it colorfully expresses itself on a sunny day.


Muhammad Ali: Life through a lens – this slideshow takes us through a visual commemorative presentation showcasing some of the highlights of Muhammad Ali, one of the world’s most famous boxers of all time. With his recent passing, this collection of shots reveals scenes that form part of the fabric of history itself.

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