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It has been a very exciting week in the field of photography, and here we find Toad Hollow Photography busy searching all over the internet for links to tutorials, special features and great photography to share with everyone.  This week's compendium of terrific links features many different genres of photography with links here sure to please enthusiasts and professionals from all corners.  We really hope you enjoy checking out this list as much as the Toad did himself in bringing it to you.


How To Digitize Old Film With Your Digital Camera – converting film into digital files can be very rewarding for a variety of reasons, and this tutorial posted here on Light Stalking takes us through every step needed to do a good job of it.  Photographs of the process at each step are included here to give you visual clues as how best to proceed with the task at hand.

Kevin Kelley
Kevin Kelley

5 Inspirational Bug Macro Photographs and How to Make Your Own – macro photography can be a tricky genre to master, yet the results are well worth the effort it takes to make a great shot.  This primer covers all the key aspects of macro photography, and includes a selection of awesome shots to inspire you to get out there and explore a garden near you.

The Ultimate Guide to the Sunny 16 Rule – Part 1 – this terrific tutorial covers the concept of the Sunny 16 Exposure rule in fairly good depth.  This method of visualizing proper exposure settings is useful for those shooting with film, and those looking to take complete control of their image create process.

driver Photographer
driver Photographer

Travel Portraits – How to Take People Pictures Like the Pros – taking candid shots of people in their own land can be a bit daunting for those never having tried before.  This great article discusses various tips and tricks of the practice, sure to help you become much more at ease on your travels as you capture photographs that will last a lifetime.

Determining Proper Exposure for Digital Infrared – Joe Farace shares some great insights and tips on how to properly expose a photograph when shooting in the infrared spectrum.  Everything that stands true for conventional photography takes on an entirely different perspective when shooting IR, and these tips will help you get the most out of your pictures.

How to change hair color in Adobe Photoshop – Learn how to cut out the hard work for stylists to change models hair just for the purposes of photography with this fantastic short tutorial (includes video). This Photoshop tutorial also explains how the principles can be applied to many items such as clothes etc, but hair is a biggie!


Vorticity: A new time-lapse film – famed storm chaser Mike Olbinski does it yet again with this incredible time-lapse video presentation that captures the essence of nature as a dance between those who are earthbound contrasts against those who live in the heavens above.  The incredible sequences are created in perfect harmony with the music score as lightning bolts make you jump out of your seat and tornadoes rip across the landscapes, making it appear as if the gods themselves are angered.  This is an amazing way to spend around 6 minutes with one of the leaders in the storm chasing realm.

Susanne Nilsson
Susanne Nilsson


Alaska North to South – Ron Niebrugge takes us along on another of his epic adventures, this time into the heart of Alaska where we get to see a pair of bear cubs acting playful with each other as a watchful mom stands guard in the background.  The wonderful details in the little bear’s faces shows off the terrific character these new additions to our world have, making for a shot that bear enthusiasts will not want to miss.

Learning to see – again. part 5 – one of my favorite photographers, and a personal mentor to me, Tom Dinning shares a new picture of a street scene.  Tom’s compositional eye comes to full life in this black-and-white piece, and he adds further interest in the words he included in the post that frames the image just perfectly.

Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet
Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa/U.S. 6th Fleet

Frankfurt City – Lukas Petereit creates a stunning and slightly surreal looking shot in this cityscape piece that features the bustling city of Frankfurt.  Lukas processes the shot using red and black tones exclusively, highlighting the terrific architectural features of the city and creating a picture that stands alone.

Grand Prismatic – gorgeous and vibrant natural colors come to life in this terrific landscape piece from Michael Criswell that features the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.  The rich colors we see here are a result of natural effects produced by the mineral rich waters that the geyser produces, creating a tapestry of hues that can only be found in nature.

Chicago fog – this shot from Alina Tsvor captures a frame of the city of Chicago from an elevated position as a thick fog swirls around the city streets below.  Alina’s application of a nostalgic processing technique creates a feel circa 1970 that is very sympathetic to the overall composition.

Schwabacher Landing – a beautiful dawn brings with it wonderful purple hues that dance across the skies as the majestic Teton mountains stand ruggedly below.  This breathtaking shot comes to us from Bob Lussier and truly exhibits the wonder that can be found for the avid landscape photographer in this region.

joey zanotti
joey zanotti

Journey of Fog II – an extremely foggy morning in Dubai creates the perfect setting for Sebastian Tontsch to photograph.  This shot exudes a strong sense of the surreal and mystical as the ambience mingles with the dramatic peaks of the skyscrapers the city is so well known for.

Light Display – Two Jack Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta – Len Saltiel shows us just why the Canadian Rockies are considered a mecca for many landscape photographers, sharing a shot captured in the early morning as light begins to cover the scene.  A beautiful reflection in the world-famous lake adds a rippled texture to the mirror effect, adding a perfect element to this photograph.

Places to go, people to see… – Austin Thomas’ shot of a wild Little Owl in full stride does a great job of capturing the true essence of it’s spirit and personality, making for a delightful image to view and enjoy for wildlife enthusiasts.  The terrific detail in the tiny bird brings out the raw determination it appears to have as it moves from point to point, obviously on a very important mission.

muah . . . – my love for toads comes to life in this wonderful image from ƊƦคƓ๏ƝŦlץƊгєคɱʂ88, a Vancouver Island photographer with a penchant for the wonderful.  This image features a delightful toad looking at the camera, and a textured overlay on the image creates a feeling of looking at a painting, making for the perfect compliment to the capture.

Don Miller
Don Miller

Prague Of the Dark – a thin veil of fog envelops the city as evening encroaches, with ancient dramatic architecture creating compelling silhouettes that draw you into the frame.  İlhan Eroglu’s also takes distinct advantage of a pair of photographers busy about their work, creating a great sense of artistic tension within the frame.

St Marys Church Interior Badley Suffolk – the wonderful textures and decay that can only be found within the confines of a church that now sits long forgotten are captured and displayed here in this great photograph from David Stoddart Photography.  The details are so crisp in this picture you can almost feel the spirits of those who worshipped within these walls, likely many years ago now.

Hellnar kirkja – Sus Bogaerts delivers a dramatic shot in this post, featuring an old wood church in the middle of what appears to be nowhere.  Bright red accents on the roof and windows draw the viewer into the picture, where a voyage of discovery that is very personal awaits those who take the time to explore the frame.

Golden Sunrise – exactly as promised, Brad Truxell shows us a beautiful sunrise captured from an elevated park location overlooking the city of Pittsburgh below.  The wonderful hues of the rising sun work perfectly against the backdrop of the architecture of the city awakening below in this detailed shot that also includes a natural leading line in the form of the river that cuts through the city.

Luca Sartoni
Luca Sartoni

Barn In The Fog – Jim Denham captures an ethereal scene that features a fog enshrouded barn sitting in the middle of a field in dull, lifeless light.  This natural setting creates the perfect conditions to capture this bucolic barn, bringing a feel of the rural to our screens in a beautiful image.

Moraine Lake Sunrise – Canada – the raw beauty of the Canadian Rockies is rooted in rich blue hues in this beautiful landscape shot taken in the early morning by Luke Austin.  The finishing touch comes in the form of a still reflection in the deep blue lake, creating a wonderful point of interest.

the spinning circle – Frank King turns a carnival ride into a circle of color and life in this terrific shot captured during the blue hour one evening.  The cascade of color Frank has captured here are a direct result of the slow shutter speeds used during these low-light conditions, making for a dynamic and beautiful image.

Precession – a wide angle panoramic of a rugged mountain range capped with snow covered peaks delivers a classic image worthy of the old painters.  Timothy Poulton’s landscape shot is an instant champion in the realm of photography, with a light kiss of early morning light dancing across the jagged mountains, greeting the beauty that lies in anticipation below.

Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Land Management

202 – the blue hues in the evening sky find us following the stern of a boat that creates a perfect leading line out into the expanses of the sky where a bright orb casts light reflections on the waters below.  The sense of intrigue created in this composition delivers a strong feeling of artistic tension, making this photograph a mesmerizing piece to view.

Invitation – Girolamo Cracchiolo’s beautiful shot focuses on a still setting with a wood pier creating a natural leading line to guide you into the heart of the frame.  Gorgeous colors sift through the light fog that drapes the setting, creating a beautiful landscape full of color and artistic tension.

Ghostly Figures – a sense of abstract and query join forces in this silhouetted photograph from Andy Hooker (LensScaper) that uses a frosted pane of glass as a key compositional feature.  Figures on the other side of the glass create the key feature that draws you into this frame, leaving the viewer with many more questions than answers.

Susanne Nilsson
Susanne Nilsson

Field geometry – undulating lines creates divisions of contrast in this landscape shot that features rolling green hills captured in the Czech Republic.  A strong abstract feel is created with the square composition, dulling the lines between the pure artistic and delightful landscape settings.

Anna Inlet – Vancouver Island photographer Ehpem takes us to one of the most magical places known to exist on the west coast of Canada, the Gwaii Haanas.  This dark composition features the still waters of the inlet that cut the picture in half, creating a perfectly mirrored reflection of the incredible landscape that finds itself draped in a light cover of fog created by low hanging clouds.

Howard Soo
Howard Soo

Sunset Path – Scott Wood shares a great shot that uses a pathway as a leading line that carefully guides the viewer through the frame.  Wispy clouds lingering overhead add a sense of the dynamic to this shot as a vibrant sun in the distance creates dashes of color against the landscape.

What We Recommend to Improve Your Photography Fast

It's possible to get some pretty large improvements in your photography skills very fast be learning some fundamentals. Consider this the 80:20 rule of photography where 80% of the improvements will come from 20% of the learnable skills. Those fundamentals include camera craft, composition, understanding light and mastering post-production. Here are the premium guides we recommend.

  1. html cleaner  Easy DSLR –  Friend of Light Stalking, Ken Schultz has developed this course over several years and it still remains the single best source for mastering your camera by identifying the main things that are holding you back.
  2. Word to html  Understanding Composition – As one of the core elements of a good photograph, getting your head around composition is essential. Photzy's guide to the subject is an excellent introduction. Their follow-up on Advanced Composition is also well worth a read.
  3. Word to html  Understanding Light – Also by Photzy, the other essential part of photography is covered in this epic guide and followed up in Understanding Light, Part 2. This is fundamental stuff that every photographer should aim to master.
  4. Word to html  5 Minute Magic Lightroom Workflow – Understanding post production is one of the keys to photographs that you will be proud of. This short course by one of the best in the business will show you how an award-winning photographer does it.

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